Kurayami Gatari ~Youen Ibun~


Company: Team Entertainment
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.07.25
Official Site: http://www.team-e.co.jp/sp/krym/

In Kurayami Gatari you visit a particular story teller to get rid of something that is possessing you. By telling his stories whatever has possessed you will be dispelled. However these stories are no happy fairytales but talk about the darkness in people their hearts. The CD labels itself as an "horror situation CD" uses the dummy head mic for some truly scary effects.

The story takes place during the Taisho period (1912-1926), not that this really effects the story much. The first story could have just as well taken place in the present. The story teller you are visiting is Rokujou Yuuya (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou). His attitude is a bit disinterested, but he is very good at his job. But also a bit eccentric in some ways.

When you visit his shop he immediately knows that you are being possessed by something. You've been seeing strange things lately, ghostly people covered in blood or without heads walking the streets, those kind of things. He promises you to help you and initially asks a kiss as payment, although he says that it will be fine if he receives it afterwards.

He first tells your own story. You had a lover called Shinichi with whom things were going great. Unfortunately another woman called Sakura also liked him, and Shinichi his good-for-nothing half-brother Shingo fell in love with you. The two of them make an agreement: Shingo will rape you, hopefully causing Shinichi to break up with you and giving Sakura a chance to grab him.

Things don't end as they were planned though. Things turn ugly fast and all three of them end up dead. Rokujou tells you it is no wonder that you became possessed by something with all this happening to you.

He then switches to a second story. One that took place about 20years ago. It is the story about a young girl named Haru, who moved to the city. There she met a man named Souji and fell in love with him. Unfortunately his parents already arranged a marriage for him with a woman named Yae. To make things more complicated he also had an older brother, who had his eyes set on Yae for a while now. As you can guess this story follows an eerily similar path. At the end it is up to you to realize what has been possessing you, and I have to admit that they managed to surprise me there.

Rokujou 'tells' these stories to you, but several parts are acted out. Including both rape scenes, which aren't pleasant to listen to. It is not like everything is shown told but it is unpleasant enough. Especially the second one where I was already spooked by the events of the first story creeped me out. That aside, Tsuda-san acts out several very different characters in this CD, with remarkable skill. All of them sound completely different. and it left me in awe of his skill.

The use of the dummy head mic was very effective as well. It is used effectively during the storytelling as well, but probably the best (and scariest) effect is when you hear a certain ghost speak. The first time you hear it I almost wanted to scream. Hearing voices right.next.to.your.ear has one hell of a scare effect.

The free talk is very normal. Although Tsuda-san does play around with the mic a bit, and him blatantly stating that he doesn't believe in ghosts is kind of a nice change of pace after such a scary story.

Considering how bad I am with horror stories it is kind of a miracle that I listened to this, but it sounded too interesting to pass up on. And it is a very good story, both overall and as a horror story. My only complaint is that -to put it blatantly- you get raped twice in this CD. Yes it serves the story and no the scenes weren't that bad, but they did make me feel very uncomfortable. But that was probably the idea anyway.

I posted some more details about the story on tumblr, in a post that is so long it nearly became a second review (^-^;;)


iPhone App: Noboseru Schedule ~Misasa~

A little while ago an android app appeared for the Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD series. By now it has been ported to iOS as well so you can play around with it on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Moreover, they now also released apps for Noboribetsu and Misasa, and I got the Misasa (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) one to review.

 If you start the app you are taken to your room, and Misasa (or whichever character you got the app for) will be standing there. The room slightly changes depending on what time of day it is. You can poke the character to get some reactions, although they are limited in the beginning. You'll have to use the app more often to raise affection and get more reactions. You can see the level of affection in the top left of the screen. By the way, the character will react no matter where you touch the screen.

The second option from the left is the calender. Everything that is in your normal iphone calender will show up here (and visa versa) which is a great bonus if you ask me. If you touch the little plus in the upper right you can add an event just like in your normal calender. If you link the app to your twitter you can also tweet about what you have in your calender. It also has a function where it automatically adds the release date of new CDs in the series to your calender.

The middle option is the alarm function. You can set different alarms. There are only 3 different voice options (wake up, reminder, and good night). No idea whether you unlock ore ones if you raise the affection, but it doesn't look like it. I currently have a wake up and good night alarm set.

To set an alarm, click one one of the alarm slots and you'll be taken to the screen on the left. There you can select on which days the alarm should be repeated (it starts with Sunday, and then the rest of the days of the week). Just tab the buttons to turn them on or off. Below that you can select which message should be played, and below that you can select the time using the two reels. Just remember that you won't be able to hear the alarm if your phone is on manner mode/ mute.

The fourth option is the help option, it explains the entire app. In Japanese of course. The final option are the settings. The top one just displays the name of the character, but there is nothing that you can select there. The second one is a voice on / off option. You can enter your birthday in the third one, so I'm guessing the character will do something special on that day. The forth one is the information on /off option. Turn it on and the app will automatically add release dates of the other CDs and other apps from the company to your calender.

Then fifth one gives some basic info on the app, the sixth one links you to the EM2 official site, the seventh one to the app official site, and with the final option you can submit a review. Judging from the app site, it looks like they will eventually release apps for the other CD's as well.

This is the first schedule app like this that I got that actually synchronises with my normal agenda, and to me that is a MAJOR bonus point. I use the Bisei Hisho (Okiayu Ryoutarou version) as well, but that doesn't synch with my normal calender (with synchs with my laptop) and I don't feel like adding everything twice so in the end I only use that one as an alarm clock (not that I have complaints about being woken by Okiayu Ryoutarou). But with this calender properly synching, I feel like I will actually be using the calender function.

I'm kind of sad that the alarm option only has three different voices, but I'm just spoiled by the Bisei Hisho app, which has a bazillion options. On a brighter side, all three of them are incredibly cute. As are the sounds that Misasa makes when you poke him (or the room behind him). I haven't been able to raise his affection yet, so I'm curious to what other reactions he has.

The app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPad, and requires iOS 4.0 or later. It costs \350 / $3.99 / €2,99. Here are the links to the US and Jap iTunes stores, for other countries, search for 'noboseru' or the onsen name and you should find it:

Schedule Noboseru - Kusatsu [JAP]
Schedule Noboseru - Noboribetsu [JAP]
Schedule Noboseru - Misasa [JAP]

I'm really happy that it synchs with my normal calender. The reactions when you poke the character are a bit limited though. On the other hand, you can have one of your favourite seiyuu wake you up in the morning and wish you good night. That is worth something.

(I now have both Okiayu Ryoutarou and Hirakawa Daisuke talking to me in the morning. I am one happy girl).




Company: Twofive inc.
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.08.08
Official site: http://www.twofive.co.jp/cd/fugitive_01.html

Toubousha is a CD in which a fugitive is on the run from someone. He uses you to get away, and as a result you are forced to do what he says. The CD uses the dummy head mic for the entire length of the CD (and does so very effectively). There are two endings; a good and a bad one.

The character on the run is Daiba Yuuki (CV: Morita Masakazu). He grabs you while you are walking home from work, pretending that he was late for a date. But a few threats right next to your ear make it very clear that this isn't just him mistaking you for someone else. You've got no choice but to play along. After walking for a while you are close to where you live, so he demands that you take him there.

Once there he asks/demands to stay there until the next evening. It does start to show that he isn't all bad, especially after you start to cry and he has no idea how to get things right again. It also appears he is really sleepy, and to ensure you don't run away while he is sleeping he falls asleep while keeping you pinned down to the ground.

After he wakes up the atmosphere really changes to far more light-hearted. Yuuki obviously isn't all bad and has no idea how to handle the situation, and you manage to get in a few demands as well (like him taking a bath because "he smells like a zoo)". Of course all of this is brought with more than enough humour. This part really had me laughing at multiple moments.

You're hungry and there is nothing in the fridge (leading to a couple of hilarious comments about whether you were trying to grow onions in your fridge because they had sprouted) so eventually Yuuki agrees to buying something if you go together. You go to a nearby convenience store (cue more hilarious conversation) to buy something. All seems to be OK as you start to get along a bit better, but then you are spotted by whoever Yuuki was running from. You run into an abandoned building to get away, and this is where the story splits into a good and a bad end.

The CD advances into the good end by default, but I recommend listening to the bad one first. I'm not going to go into detail, but it deserves the name 'bad end' and owns all my tears. The change from the previous track into drama is very fast, but I think they managed to pull it off very well.

In the good end Yuuki distracts the people chasing you and you manage to get away. The police is on scene pretty fast and while you are waiting outside Yuuki comes to find you. He introduces himself properly and tells you his story... and asks whether he can see you again. The good end also has an epilogue from which it is more than obvious that you agreed to see him again.

The beginning of the CD is scary. From the first scene where Yuuki whispers a few threats right next to your ear to the opening music. Once you get home the entire atmosphere changes though. Yuuki his clumsy interactions with you are hilarious and this CD really made me laugh. This might be a weird comparison, but in some way it is really similar to the "shikararetai" situation CD. It has the same amount of energy and fast paced dialogue with the character commenting on all sorts of things. Of course the more serious parts in this CD are good as well.

The entire CD is recorded with the dummy head mic, and they used very effectively if you ask me. From the beginning where Yuuki whispers threats right next to your ear, to later in the CD where he pulls you close for example. You start to get used to the effect at some point, but it is still interesting to hear Yuuki moving around you.

If I would be allowed to have one complaint about this CD it is the fact that your supposed reaction time tends to be really really short. You apparently manage to say entire sentences and do all kinds of stuff in a split second before Yuuki then reacts to that again. But I'm just nitpicking here.

The animate freetalk CD was definitely worth it buying it there. It is a full 10min of high-paced (nonsense) freetalk by Morita-san. He talks a lot about flash lights, before straying and talking about all sorts of other stuff (even doing a short simulation of the two of you riding a bike together) before abruptly going back to his talk about flash lights.

This was very different from how I expected it to be (I expected it to be darker) but it was a lot of fun to listen to and I can really recommend it. There are rumours on  2chan about a second CD being in production and I really hope that those rumours are true. No matter whether the second CD would be a more serious one or similar to this one.


Otomedora Vol.2 Seiyuu Ranking

This was the Otomedora Vol.2 Seiyuu Ranking, based on how many (otome) drama CDs they appeared in. This was released in June so the numbers have probably already changed again but I figured it would be fun to post anyway. If the new Otomedora has a list again I'll post that one too as soon as I get it.

1.  Ono Daisuke  (61)
2.  Toriumi Kousuke  (54)
3.  Hirakawa Daisuke  (51)

4.  Yusa Kouji  (48)
5.  Ishida Akira  (47)
6.  Sakurai Takahiro  (46)
7.  Sugita Tomokazu  (44)
8.  Namikawa Daisuke  (42)
9.  Terashima Takuma  (39)


Dogs - Bullets and Carnage 2

Dogs - Bullets and Carnage II

Company: Shueisha
Based on: Manga
Released: 2008.10.23

Dogs is set in an unnamed, post-apocalyptic European city, where violence, crime, genetic manipulation and other scientific brutalities have become common. The story focuses on four antiheroic protagonists who, through a series of coincidences, meet as they search for a way "below", looking for answers to their individual pasts (description shamelessly taken from wiki. again).

The first drama CD covered the prequel manga, and this second one covers the first volume of the Bullets and Carnage manga.

At the start of the CD Haine (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) and Badou (CV: Ishida Akira) save a bunch of kids from a brothel. After that a lot of things happen at once. Naoto (CV: Itou Shizuka) visits the church where the Bishop (CV: Seki Toshihiko) and Nill (CV: Noto Mamiko) live and they all get into some problems there. Meanwhile Heine gets kidnapped by a crime gang and wreaks havoc there, while his 'brother' Giovanni (CV: Nakahara Shigeru) also wants to meet him and play around while Luki (CV: Kugimiya Rie) and Noki (CV: Tsuji Ayumi). And while all of this is going down Mimi (CV: Shiraishi Ryouko) and Mihai (CV: Ootsuka Akio) get into some trouble of their own. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of names just listed rest assured - it is just as confusing while listening to the actual CD.

While the first CD was pretty easy to understand without any knowledge of the manga the story becomes pretty convoluted in this second CD and it becomes a lot harder harder to understand. This is partly due to the rather large amount of characters and the story telling which shows short scenes from various events occurring at the same time. The result is that you have to pay really close attention to get who is doing what. While I usually like fragmented storytelling, there are so many things going on at once that it becomes a bit too confusing.

Near the end there are two tracks that are a bit more lighthearted. The first is about Zack (CV: Tanaka Kokoro) and Baran (CV: Souma Yukito), two members of the gang that Badou beat to pulp in the previous CD. For some reason Kiri and Mihai took them in to work at the bar. Both of them have fallen for Kiri and swear to protect her and the bar. The second track is about the boss of the same gang being chased around by Luki and Noki. While the two of them are still only little kids they are incredibly dangerous bounty hunters and they turn every hunt into a game of 'tag' (with weapons).

These two tracks are more comical, and also the most comprehensible. As an ending it was a good choice, but it would have been better if the rest was also a bit easier to follow.

While I can recommend the first drama CD to anyone who likes darker stories, this second one is probably better only to listen to if you know the manga/ anime. Or even better to skip it as a whole.


News (Part 4)

I thought that I could finish all the news in the last post, obviously not. With this I think we're completely up to date again though. Enjoy the last part of the news, I'm sure that there are several interesting items for everyone!

I somehow keep forgetting that this projects exists. Either way, In RekiSing various famous historical characters end up in our time, and for some reason end up working as idols. It is probably best not to ask to many questions. The two that just made a time-slip to the present are Takechi Hanpeita (CV: Hatano Wataru) and Okada Izou (CV: Shimono Hiro). For some reason Sakamoto Ryouma (CV: Ono Daisuke) was already walking around in the present, and he is working as a music producer. He is being supported by his manager Iwasaki Toratarou (CV: Ishida Akira) who is a fan of Ryouma since he was working as an idol himself.

The first CD will go on sale on 2012.09.05 (although it is on pre-sale in a few shops starting yesterday)


News Post (Part 3)

I'm almost done with all of the news! I was all set on finally posting this on time, and then my parents internet died on meヽ(゚∀゚;). There is still some semi-old news mixed in here, but we're almost up-to-date again.

The character designs and seiyuu for the third Therapia CD have been announced at the official site. To the right we have the smartphone therapia, who will be voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke. He is described as a very serious character. The other therapia for this CD is the mascara therapia, voiced by Toriumi Kousuke. He is described as being a bit of a narcist.

Ojisama Senka
The details for the 6th CD are out. This time a luxurious cruise ship strands in the middle of nowhere, and you get stuck in the engine room together with three charming older men. The self-confident director Goda Noriyuki (CV: Touchi Hiroki), the seemingly aloof but actually rather cynical travel essayist Amari Kyousuke (CV: Ebara Masashi), and the always calm and collected chairman Muranishi Kenichi (CV: Ishizuka Unshou). Will you manage to escape, and what will happen to the feelings that started to form under such extreme circumstances. We'll find out on 2012.09.26.


Short Update

The rest of the news will be posted on Saturday (because we're already half way through the week anyways). After that the weekly news posts will return to their weekly schedule again (with occaisional posts on sunday because I didn't manage to finish on time as always).

Reviews will return to a semi-regular-every-other-day schedule as well. Classes are starting again soon and I need to graduate this year so I'll probably be stressing about that a lot x'D


News Post (part 2)

Kareshi Igai
Look, a Kareshi Igai 4 cover! I hope you had a good reason for leaving him in the first place, because that cover looks pretty tasty to me. Judging by the amount of tracks titled "Haru's House" you are visting his place quite a lot in this CD... Like mentioned before the CD is voiced by Miki Shinichirou, and will be released on 2012.09.28

Meanwhile an extra icon has appeared on the official Cineria site. The new icon says "自由研究" (jiyuu kenkyuu, "independent research"), but you can't click on it yet and if you mouse over it changes into 'under construction'. On their blog they tease that they will reveal more details soon. They also tease a bit about the icon below that, which has been 'under construction' ever since the site opened.


News Post (Part1)

I am bored in Nikko (forgive me, but the weather is bad and I am all out of energy) which is a good excuse to start catching up on the news.

Oujisama (warai)
It has been anounced which characters will be in which Date CD. the grouping basically follows the release order, with CD 1 featuring Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel, CD 2 featuring Aladdin, The Emperor, and Genji, and CD 3 featuring Ibara, Kaeru, Ningyo, and the Swan Prince. As the official site already states, the pairings in the first two CDs are pretty stable (they have been together in many scenarios before), but what will happen in the last CD...

Non-Fiction Series
This is a new series by Frontier Works, and as you can guess from the title it is non-fiction. Which means that the characters and stories from these CDs are real, and the personalities of the characters and their adventures are based on real people. Here is the official site.

For now two CDs have been planned. The first is called "同居CD" (doukyo, meaning "living together") ad is about the lives of four guys that are living together. Nakai Kazuya, Toriumi Kousuke, Terashima Takuma, and Sugita Tomokazu will be voicing the four (as of yet nameless) characters ad the CD is planned for a 2012.10.24 release. The second CD is titled "男子高校生CD" (Danshi Koukousei, "High School Boys") and is about the live of 3 high school guys and one of their teachers. No cast has been announced for this CD yet, but the release is planned for 2012.11.21


Shopping Round 2

The first two days in Tokyo I'm staying in Ikebukuro. Of course that has only one purpose: Otome road (and the fact that I love Ikebukuro)

I managed to find some good deals in Osaka and Kyoto, but that was nothing compared to here. The damage? See for yourself:

Round 1: Mandarake
First up was Mandarake (a doujin/ second hand shop). It took me a while to find it, mainly because the entrance is a single sign and a suspicious stairway down (for some reason all Madarakes I know are like that). After wading through all of the doujinshi's I found the CD and game section. It is a bit disorganized with normal and BLCD's being mixed and showing up in sections where they shouldn't be, but who cares. The fun about looking for second hand stuff is finding good deals anyway. And I found a lot!

Round 2: Lashinbang (part 1)
While walking from the Mandarake to the Animate I came across this shop that I only knew by name. They had lots of very cheap CD's standing outside of the store so I started by browsing through these. I found some real treasures among those (Fushigi Koubou for 500yen!!!). Some of these CDs I had never heard of before, but for 300yen I will take my chances. There was lots and lots more, but even when things are as cheap as 500yen choices have to be made.

Round 3: Lashinbang (part 2)
Inside the store were the more recent releases and/or major series. Most of these are only 200-300 yen cheaper than the retail price, but hey! The things I got inside is basically Arcana Famiglia or things with Hirarin. Navi Kare has Hirarin voicing two roles as well!

Round 4: Animate
Today was the release date for several things I was interested in so I went to get a few of those. By this time the amount of CD's I got was getting ridiculous so I held back with buying things. The CD below the Toubousha is the Animate tokuten CD that came with it.

Round 5: other stuff
I've been stalking Book Off stores for second hand games, unfortunately most otome games are still pretty expensive. For some reason Beyond the future was only 1900yen in this one so I got that. The keychains are from the animate.

I also got a Kapibara-san tote bag, which came with all sorts of extra goodies.

And that was then end of my Shopping spree today. For now buying any more CDs is forbidden unless they are 500yen or less xD
The only things left on my shopping list are a few games. I'm going to try and hunt those down in Akihabara tomorrow or the day after. Not that there is much budget left to spend though xD

The biggest problem is that I can't listen to any of this until I get home... xD


Shopping round 1

As you can guess from the silence I've run out of reviews and can't find the time to write any new ones while traveling.

Doesn't mean I'm doing nothing though! I'm busy stalking second hand shops for nice bargains. And with succes:


Otenki Sentai How Weather


Company: R45° / Sousakubou
Based on: Sentai Parody
Released: 2011.01.15
Official site: http://www.how-weather.com/

Otenki Sentai How Weather is a sentai parody in which all characters are based on different sorts of weather. On the good side we have Hare (clear weather), Ame (rain), Yuki (snow), Kumori (clouded), and Rai (lightning). Together they form the group "How Weather" and fight the evil organization Chuuihou (wheather warning). The entire organisation is actually only three people though: Hyou and Arare (hail) and Taifuu (typhoon).

In the first track the narrator explains that "How weather" is a telivision program aired on sunday morning, and that we should see how everyone is doing. Eacht track is dedicated to one of the characters, and one to Chuuihou. Don't expect any real sentai action though, instead the tracks are about the daily lives of all of the characters.

And the characters are what makes this CD brilliant. Hare (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) is a lovable egoistic hero. In his track he caught a cold (because he slept with only his underwear on in the middle of the winter) and no-one really wants to help him because they think he deserved it. Rai (CV: Terashima Takuma) like an impulsive kid. He works part time at a family restaurant, and his adventure is all about him not liking curry and running away from home.

Ame (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) is a major narcissist, and seems to enjoy getting scolded for some reason. His episode is all about, well, him being a narcissist. Kumori (CV: Suwabe Junichi) is a complete otaku, and is always busy playing online games (his latest being Final Dragon Fantasy Quest Online). He is usually muttering complaints in the background, but in his own track he is making entire monologues out of it. His story is about meeting someone from an online game in real life.

Yuki (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) is like the mother of the family and usually act like housewife. He is usually sweet, but when he gets annoyed his personality switches completely. He is tends to make more severe remarks against Ame. Yuki is bloodrelated to Hyou and Arare, which is the reason why everyone is so friendly with each other. In his story there is a time sale in the supermarket, and absolutely nothing will get in the way of him going there. Not even a properly scheduled battle with Chuuihou.

In Chuuihou their story all of them go to a family restaurant for dinner (the one where Rai works). Hyou and Arare (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki & Ichiki Mitsuhiro) act like a bunch of high school girls worrying about stuff like diets, while Taifuu (CV: Ookawa Tohru) is as weak to their manipulation as ever.

As you can see, there is no actual action going on what so ever, the narrator even comments on this at the end. While they are supposed to be fighting everyone is getting along just fine. Taifuu even writes an overly polite letter to announce that they are coming when they do come to fight, and brings proper gifts when visiting. All of the characters are interestingly quirky, and the result is a lovable chaos.  I expected Hirakawa-san to act like a housewife based on his character description, but I didn't expect the switch to a more S side when annoyed, nor the voice drop accompanying it so that made for a nice surprise and a happy me.

There is a secret freetalk track, in which everyone talks about the CD and something to do with the weather, as well as their hopes for future installments in the series. Everything is going pretty normal untill Ichiki-san his turn, by which thime the rest is laughing so hard that he can't get on with his talk. He also does a final bai-bai, after which the recording simply continues ( ´艸`)ムププ

I'm not entirely sure my enthusiasm for this series is showing in this review. BUT I LOVE IT. From how it fails to be a proper sentai story to all of the characters, to the seiyuu and everything in between. I picked this up because there is a new CD (vol.4) coming soon, but this together with re-listening Hero Academy-J just might have sparked a new love for sentai parodies.


Key Releases - August

The releases for this month. Stuff in bold are releases I'm especially interested in myself.  

2012.08.01 Amnesia Character CD Ikki & Kenta
2012.08.08 Alca Lyric.I ~Yoake no Kuroto~
2012.08.08 Nego Danshi Vol.9
2012.08.08 42 Kami
2012.08.08 Project Alca Vol.01
2012.08.08 Emil Chronicle Online 7th Aniversary Drama CD
2012.08.08 Toubousha
2012.08.10 Koi Koi Vol.3
2012.08.10 Sora no Mukou ni Sakimasu You ni Drama CD
2012.08.10 Otenki Sentai How Weather ~Natsuyasumi da yo! Zenin Shuugo!~
2012.08.10 Kiss x Kiss Collection Vol.22 Trial Kiss
2012.08.10 Kiss x Kiss Collection Vol.23 Healing Kiss
2012.08.10 Kiss x Kiss Collection Vol.24 Hajimete no Kiss
2012.08.10 Koi Koi Vol.3
2012.08.10 Hatsuyuki Sakura Drama CD
2012.08.10 Otogi Zoushi Vol.2
2012.08.10 Nijiiro Seputetta One Night Carnival Disc 1
2012.08.14 Double Score ~Marguerite~
2012.08.15 Kindan Kyuuketsuki ~Aobara no Kishi~
2012.08.22 Hyouka Drama CD 1
2012.08.22 Arcana Famiglia Character CD Guida Regalo - Debito
2012.08.22 Arcana Famiglia Character CD Guida Regalo - Pace
2012.08.22 Arcana Famiglia Character CD Guida Regalo - Luka
2012.08.22 Brothers Conflict: Oretachi no Nichijou
2012.08.22 Persona 4 the Animation Vol.2
2012.08.22 Otome no Mikata Vol.2
2012.08.22 Hakase ga!!
2012.08.22 Tenshi x Akuma Vol.3
2012.08.22 Saiyuuki Noisy
2012.08.22 Oujisama (warai) Series Radio CD Vol.1
2012.08.22 Fujoshi no Escort Vol.2
2012.08.22 Storm Lover ~Hokeshitsu Love Battle~
2012.08.22 Zero no Kiseki Vol.2  ~Gin no Taiyou, Kin no Tsuki~
2012.08.22 Zero no Kiseki Vol.3 ~Crossbell Souritsu Kinensai~
2012.08.22 Sasayaki Micchaku CD Vol.3
2012.08.23 Lovers Only 3 ~Yume wo Egaku Etude~
2012.08.24 Issho ni Gohan a la Carte: Umino Riki
2012.08.24 Inazuma Eleven GO ~Eien no Kizuna~
2012.08.24 Draco-Riot ~Bunkakusai ha totsuzen ni!~
2012.08.24 Imouto ha Oniichan to Enkyori Renai Chuu?!
2012.08.28 Honeymoon Vol.7
2012.08.29 Diabolik Lovers Versus Vol.1
2012.08.29 Ojisama Senka Vol.5 ~Itsumo no Tokoro de~
2012.08.29 Otome ha Oneesama ni Koisiteru ~Futari no Elda~
2012.08.29 Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagura - Okita Souji
2012.08.29 Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD vol.6
2012.08.29 Scarlet Rider Zechs ~Ryuukyuu Hero Adventure~
2012.08.29 Yandere Heaven ~Karei Naru Tokudaiji Ke~
2012.08.29 Yuri Danshi
2012.08.30 Best place ~Itsumo no Taion~
2012.08.30 Family Bible
2012.08.31 Double Score ~Tulip~
2012.08.31 Marukawa-kun no Nekotachi Vol.4
2012.08.31 Virus School Kanbyou Hen Vol.2
2012.08.31 Soine Hitsuji Vol.2
2012.08.31 Zoku Toriai Kyoudai Vol.2
2012.08.31 Hitsuji de Oyasumi Vol.25

Hirakawa Festival all the way for me. Both Sasayaki Micchaku and Toriai Kyoudai are voiced by Hirarin, and he even voices two roles in the latter one. Honeymoon Vol.7 travels to the Netherlands this time, so I'll be waiting at the airport to welcome it. And I can't escape the dangerous lure of Dialovers VS  and Yandere Heaven even if I tried.

What are you planning to listen to? Did I miss anything important? Let me know in the comments!! And is it me or is the release list ridiculously long this month?