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I thought that I could finish all the news in the last post, obviously not. With this I think we're completely up to date again though. Enjoy the last part of the news, I'm sure that there are several interesting items for everyone!

I somehow keep forgetting that this projects exists. Either way, In RekiSing various famous historical characters end up in our time, and for some reason end up working as idols. It is probably best not to ask to many questions. The two that just made a time-slip to the present are Takechi Hanpeita (CV: Hatano Wataru) and Okada Izou (CV: Shimono Hiro). For some reason Sakamoto Ryouma (CV: Ono Daisuke) was already walking around in the present, and he is working as a music producer. He is being supported by his manager Iwasaki Toratarou (CV: Ishida Akira) who is a fan of Ryouma since he was working as an idol himself.

The first CD will go on sale on 2012.09.05 (although it is on pre-sale in a few shops starting yesterday)

Disney Date    
Apparently everyone loved the seiyuu covers of various famous Disney songs, because a second CD will be released on 2012.09.19. Just like before there will be a limited and a normal edition. The normal edition only has one disc + one extra song that is not on the limited edition. The limited edition has a second CD, completely filled with duets. The first 4 of them are normal duets (except that Yamadera Kouichi is singing a duet with himself) but the rest are the same songs arranged so that they become duests between you and the seiyuu. Yes you can sing a duet song with a famous seiyuu. The track list is as follows:

Disc 1:
01. Snow White -reading- / Ishida Akira
02. Hi-ho [Snow White] / Kamiya Hiroshi
03. Kiss the Girl [Little Mermaid] / Shimono Hiro
04. You'll be in my Heart [Tarzan] / Seki Tomokazu
05. La La Lu [Lady and the Tramp] / Sakurai Takahiro
06. Love is a Song [Bambi] / Midorikawa Hikaru
07. Bella Notte [Lady and the Tramp] / Okiayu Ryoutarou
08. You and me Together [Oliver&Company] / Okamoto Nobuhiko
09. Great Spirit [Brother Bear] / Yamadera Kouichi
10. Rapunzel -reading- / Yamadera Kouichi
11. It's a small world / everyone (normal edition only)

Disc 2:
01. Beauty and the Beast / Seki Tomokazu & Okiayu Ryoutarou
02. Hakuna Matata / Shimono Hiro & Okamoto Nobuhiko
03. I see the Light / Midorikawa Hikaru & Sakurai Takahiro
04. Everybody wants to be a cat / Yamadera Kouichi & Yamadera Kouichi
05. Beauty and the Beast / Seki Tomokazu & U
06. Hakuna Matata / Shimono Hiro & U
07. I see the Light / Midorikawa Hikaru & U
08. Everybody wants to be a cat / Yamadera Kouichi & U
09. Beauty and the Beast / U & Okiayu Ryoutarou
10. Hakuna Matata / U & Okamoto Nobuhiko
11. I see the Light / U & Sakurai Takahiro
12. Everybody wants to be a cat / U & Yamadera Kouichi
*"U" means that you can sing with the seiyuu

I somehow really really want this because: Shimono Hiro singing "Kiss the Girl" is going to be the cutest thing ever - followed by "Hakuna Matata" by him and Okamoto Nobuhiko - It has Sakurai singing a lullaby - and Sakurai and Midorikawa singing "I See the Light" together just cracks me up. I really really really hope they let Sakurai sing Eugene his part though.

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de
Just like Kiniro no Corda, Harutoki has a mobile game and said game is getting a drama CD. Exactly what the contents will be is still unclear, but the CD promises "plenty of sweet words" and various character songs. The release  is set for 2012.09.26.

Jin-Rou -chaotic time-
Or directly translated "werewolf -chaotic time-" looks like an interesting project. It is based on the game werewolf, but they have created a few characters and and actual story: Exactly when a lot of villagers have left the island because of a grand festival, the remaining people are attacked by werewolves. The village head tells the villagers about a way to fight the werewolves, but can everyone really be trusted? What if there are already werewolves among them?

The main character is Yuuki Matoi (CV: Ono Yuuki), an 18 year old orphan. He has a strong sense of justice and excels at leadership. Just as his name implies he gives courage ('yuuki') to the villagers.
Shai (Shy?) Morison (CV: Eguchi Takuya) is the 27 year old priest. His strong belief and kind demeanour are a great support for the frighteners villagers. Rairu Shuringu (Rile Shuling? CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) is a friend of Yuuki and has an equally strong sense of justice, and is always ready to take on the werewolves. But what if one of them is already a werewolf? None of them are free from the suspect of the other villagers...

In the original party game you have no idea who the werewolves are (unless you are one of them) and it sounds like they are aiming to create that sense of "you can trust no one" in this drama. Besides the above mentioned three, the official site lists Kayano Ai, Mimori Suzuko, Tamiyasu Tomoe, Hidaka Rina, Touyama Nao, Kobayashi Naoto, Asashina Junpei, Sakura Yuki, and Nakamura Asami as cast members (and gives descriptions for their characters as well, but that would make this news post twice as long).

The CD was on pre-sale at Comiket 82, and will be released in stores on 2012.09.26

10nen Hatsukoi
The series now has an official site. There is no new info on the first CD except for the release date: 2012.09.28, but there is some more info to be found. Looking at the character chart it seems like all 5 characters are somehow connected to at least two others. I'm guessing that each CD will be centred around the connection between 2 of them. The first CD has the classmates Ikuno Routa (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) and Niida Kouhei (CV: Sakurai Takahiro).

Nego Danshi
Vol.11 has been announced, and it will be voiced by another female seiyuu: Takayama Minami. Meanwhile, the cover for vol.10 (CV: Minagawa Junko) will look like thi image on the right.

Hitsuji de Oyasumi
The series that will probably go down in history as the longest drama CD series ever still continues: Vol.28 木漏れ日の下でおやすみ (komorebi no shita de oyasumi, "komorebi" is the sunlight filtered through the leaves of a trea, so your sleeping under that) will be released on 2012.11.30 and will be voiced by Shimono Hiro and Kaji Yuuki. Vol.29 is titled 雪を見ながらおやすみ (yuki wo minagara oyasumi, "good night while looking at the snow") will be released on 2012.12.30 and will be voiced by Maeno Tomoaki and Tsuda Kenjirou. Seems like the first one is summer themed, while the second one has a winter theme.

Reader Song
While these aren't technically drama CDs I did review the first two CDs so I thought I'd mention these as well. Reader Song is a series in which popular seiyuu read out the lyrics of famous songs. With emphasis on read, because they don't sing. Vol.3 and 4 have been announced, and both will be released on 2012.10.12. Vol 3 will feature pop songs, while Vol 4 will have various famous Jazz songs. The track lists are as follows:

01. Our Love [Matt Bianco] / Tsuda Kenjirou
02. Aura Lee [American Folk Song] / KENN
03. Say you love me [Patti Austen] / Mine Nobuya
04. When Irish Eyes are Smiling [Irish Folk Song] / Kishio Daisuke
05. Try [Lisa Loeb] / Maeno Tomoaki
06. Long Long Ago [English Folk Song] / Kimura Ryouhei
07. Mahinahina [Nathan Aweau] / Toyonaga Toshiyuki
08. All by Myself [Eric Carmen] / Kiuchi Hidenobu
09. Change the World [Wynonna] / Inoue Kazuhiko
10. Annie Laurie [Scotland Folk Song] / Itou Kentarou

01. When I fall in Lobe / KENN
02. Unforgettable / Kimura Ryouhei
03. Mona Lisa / Toyonaga Toshiyuki
04. Fly me to the Moon / Itou Kentarou
05. Autumn Leaves / Inoue Kazuhiko
06. Days of Wine and Roses / Tsuda Kenjirou
07. Love Letters / Mine Nobuya
08. The Shadow of your Smile / Kiuchi Hidenobu
09. Misty / Maeno Tomoaki
10. Smile / Kishio Daisuke

To be honest I know more songs from the fourt vol than from the third. The line-up from the third isn't exactly what I expected when seeing the theme, but we'll see. The first two CDs were interesting, and if anything relaxing. I'm not entirely sure I'm interested in listening to more of it though.

Do-M Club
After all the Do-S and Yandere CDs this just had to be made at some point: ドM倶楽部 (do-m kurabu,  Do-M Club) is a series in which the guys will be Do-M for once. The art looks very familiar to Yandere Heaven, and it is also released by Hobirecords, so I am guessing the same team is behind it. The format seems to be the same as well, there are two characters and an ending for both of them. Considering the fact that you are an do-S I also expect a 3P end.

The teaser site doesn't give any details yet but there is some information: This CD is titled 天醒学院放送部編 (tensei(?) gakuin housoubu hen, Tensei Academy Broadcast Club Chapter). I'm not entirely sure about the school name, but it looks like that we now have ourselves a school full of do-M characters as well (All of the Yandere Heaven characters are somehow connected to a school called Seishin Gakuen). Considering that they put the suffix 編(hen, chapter) at the end this hints at other possible releases.

The characters for this CD are a student and a teacher, no info on the seiyuu or what kind of role the listener takes yet. The release is planned for somewhere this fall.

Shitsuji no Kare
I have no idea how managed to stay below my radar but I found it after allAnd that is all that counts. After their Osananajimi no Kare we now get a butler (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) as boyfriend. Just like before there is a 'white' and a 'black' version. At the beginning of the story you have to decide whether you will accept an omiai (arranged marriage). In the white route you refuse it, in the black route you accept it.

The CD will go on sale on 2012.09.23. Stellaworth and Animate both have interesting tokuten if you order both CDs: order both from Stellaworth and you get a bonus CD with an after story for the black route. Order both from Animate and you get a bonus CD witch an after story for the white route. You can find a preview for both routes here.

Isshou ni Cooking
Apparently this managed to fly under the radar as well. The release date had been moved to 2012.10.25 but I didn't even know it existed in the first place. Regardless, it is time for more cooking together with your boyfriend. This time Suwabe Junichi will be voices the son of a rich hotel owner. He is aiming to get into a specific art college while currently being in prep school, which is where he met you. You get invited to his far to luxurious mansion to try your hand at some cooking together. Of course you're both art students, so expect the end result to be artistic.

Akogare no Situation
Whoever is writing these CDs is on a roll. Vol.7 is titled 尽くされたいっ (tsukusaretai, "I want someone to be devoted to me") and will be voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke. His character has the tendency to do anything that you ask of him, just because he wants to see you smile. The release is planned for 2012.09.29

Aroma na Kareshi
And there is more Hirakawa Daisuke for me, because he will voice Aroma na Kareshi Vol.4 which will be released this winter. Kanon (the label that publishes the series) handed out a flyer at Comiket 82, but they were kind enough to share it on twitter as well. The next character is called Yanagi Masachika, and is a third year university student. He has been practising Kyuudou since he was young and competes on a national level. Besides kyuudou he also practices karate and aikidou. He doesn't talk much and can be a bit of an airhead. His character is based on the aroma of the Tea Tree.

Otome Game Drama CDs
There is also an entire rain of Otome game related drama CDs coming. Unfortunately I know to little about the respective series so I'll just list them here: Toki no Kizuna (2012.11.14), Shirahana no Ori (Hiiro no Kakera 4. 2012.11.14), Bakamatsu Shishi no Renai Jijou (mobile game. 2012.10.17), L.G.S (2012.10.17) are all getting a drama CD.

Two days after I left the third Otomedora (a magazine that specializes in drama CDs for girls). This time they are having a special on all the Haluouki drama CDs, and on Yandere Heaven. There is also an Interview with Tsuda Kenjirou and if you live in Japan you can try to win a signed bromide. As always it comes with a CD that has preview tracks for several series, and this time it also comes with an extra (little) book on BL CDs.

The first two Otomedora books were available from play-asia, but I don't see this one on the sight yet. If it doesn't appear soon I'll just borrow someone's credit card, because I am not going to miss out on a special on Yandere Heaven.

Dousei Kareshi
Two of the cast members for the Butterfly Lip game have been announced: Ichinose Kei will be voiced by Kishio Daisuke and Himeno Kazuhi will be voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke (Yesssss I knew he would be in this project!!).

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