Key Releases - August

The releases for this month. Stuff in bold are releases I'm especially interested in myself.  

2012.08.01 Amnesia Character CD Ikki & Kenta
2012.08.08 Alca Lyric.I ~Yoake no Kuroto~
2012.08.08 Nego Danshi Vol.9
2012.08.08 42 Kami
2012.08.08 Project Alca Vol.01
2012.08.08 Emil Chronicle Online 7th Aniversary Drama CD
2012.08.08 Toubousha
2012.08.10 Koi Koi Vol.3
2012.08.10 Sora no Mukou ni Sakimasu You ni Drama CD
2012.08.10 Otenki Sentai How Weather ~Natsuyasumi da yo! Zenin Shuugo!~
2012.08.10 Kiss x Kiss Collection Vol.22 Trial Kiss
2012.08.10 Kiss x Kiss Collection Vol.23 Healing Kiss
2012.08.10 Kiss x Kiss Collection Vol.24 Hajimete no Kiss
2012.08.10 Koi Koi Vol.3
2012.08.10 Hatsuyuki Sakura Drama CD
2012.08.10 Otogi Zoushi Vol.2
2012.08.10 Nijiiro Seputetta One Night Carnival Disc 1
2012.08.14 Double Score ~Marguerite~
2012.08.15 Kindan Kyuuketsuki ~Aobara no Kishi~
2012.08.22 Hyouka Drama CD 1
2012.08.22 Arcana Famiglia Character CD Guida Regalo - Debito
2012.08.22 Arcana Famiglia Character CD Guida Regalo - Pace
2012.08.22 Arcana Famiglia Character CD Guida Regalo - Luka
2012.08.22 Brothers Conflict: Oretachi no Nichijou
2012.08.22 Persona 4 the Animation Vol.2
2012.08.22 Otome no Mikata Vol.2
2012.08.22 Hakase ga!!
2012.08.22 Tenshi x Akuma Vol.3
2012.08.22 Saiyuuki Noisy
2012.08.22 Oujisama (warai) Series Radio CD Vol.1
2012.08.22 Fujoshi no Escort Vol.2
2012.08.22 Storm Lover ~Hokeshitsu Love Battle~
2012.08.22 Zero no Kiseki Vol.2  ~Gin no Taiyou, Kin no Tsuki~
2012.08.22 Zero no Kiseki Vol.3 ~Crossbell Souritsu Kinensai~
2012.08.22 Sasayaki Micchaku CD Vol.3
2012.08.23 Lovers Only 3 ~Yume wo Egaku Etude~
2012.08.24 Issho ni Gohan a la Carte: Umino Riki
2012.08.24 Inazuma Eleven GO ~Eien no Kizuna~
2012.08.24 Draco-Riot ~Bunkakusai ha totsuzen ni!~
2012.08.24 Imouto ha Oniichan to Enkyori Renai Chuu?!
2012.08.28 Honeymoon Vol.7
2012.08.29 Diabolik Lovers Versus Vol.1
2012.08.29 Ojisama Senka Vol.5 ~Itsumo no Tokoro de~
2012.08.29 Otome ha Oneesama ni Koisiteru ~Futari no Elda~
2012.08.29 Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagura - Okita Souji
2012.08.29 Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD vol.6
2012.08.29 Scarlet Rider Zechs ~Ryuukyuu Hero Adventure~
2012.08.29 Yandere Heaven ~Karei Naru Tokudaiji Ke~
2012.08.29 Yuri Danshi
2012.08.30 Best place ~Itsumo no Taion~
2012.08.30 Family Bible
2012.08.31 Double Score ~Tulip~
2012.08.31 Marukawa-kun no Nekotachi Vol.4
2012.08.31 Virus School Kanbyou Hen Vol.2
2012.08.31 Soine Hitsuji Vol.2
2012.08.31 Zoku Toriai Kyoudai Vol.2
2012.08.31 Hitsuji de Oyasumi Vol.25

Hirakawa Festival all the way for me. Both Sasayaki Micchaku and Toriai Kyoudai are voiced by Hirarin, and he even voices two roles in the latter one. Honeymoon Vol.7 travels to the Netherlands this time, so I'll be waiting at the airport to welcome it. And I can't escape the dangerous lure of Dialovers VS  and Yandere Heaven even if I tried.

What are you planning to listen to? Did I miss anything important? Let me know in the comments!! And is it me or is the release list ridiculously long this month?


  1. You aren't going to listen to the Shinsengumi Wasurenagusa series? I'd be interested in reading your reactions to it. It's kind of steamy like Diabolik Lover's bloodsucking parts but without all the insults and potential deathly situations, haha.

    I think I'm going to be buried on 8/29 by drama CDs since I'm interested in Yandere Heaven, DiaLov Versus, Wasurenagusa, and Honeymoon which is coming out the day before. Ack, I might as well just spend the entire day listening to CDs.

    1. I am going to listen to it! in fact I just scored the first CD at a discount price, mwhahaha (all hail second hand shops!), but there are other CDs that I am more interested in. This month has so many interesting releases it is not even funny anymore...

  2. I wish I knew all the seiyuu involved with this so I could select some CDs to listen other than the Double Score series, which have been quite entertaining so far and I'll be following closely...

    Then again, last time I checked there wasn't many seiyuu I like involved in any Drama CD release - that's also why I don't listen too often these days ^^;;

  3. I really want to listen Yasumoto Hiroki as vampire >////////< and of course the Dialover too! Woah!!! This month full by Do-S huh?! XD

  4. Lovers Only Vol. 3's out already (voiced by Midorin)... or is there a new one? 32gb iPod isn't enough for this fandom. there's just so much, SO MUCH stuff to listen to every month!

    ps looking forward to the sexy ones ^///^

    1. Haha, I've only got the things I want t listen to next on my iPod, there is no way I could fit everything I have in my iTunes library on my iPod xD