News Post (Part1)

I am bored in Nikko (forgive me, but the weather is bad and I am all out of energy) which is a good excuse to start catching up on the news.

Oujisama (warai)
It has been anounced which characters will be in which Date CD. the grouping basically follows the release order, with CD 1 featuring Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel, CD 2 featuring Aladdin, The Emperor, and Genji, and CD 3 featuring Ibara, Kaeru, Ningyo, and the Swan Prince. As the official site already states, the pairings in the first two CDs are pretty stable (they have been together in many scenarios before), but what will happen in the last CD...

Non-Fiction Series
This is a new series by Frontier Works, and as you can guess from the title it is non-fiction. Which means that the characters and stories from these CDs are real, and the personalities of the characters and their adventures are based on real people. Here is the official site.

For now two CDs have been planned. The first is called "同居CD" (doukyo, meaning "living together") ad is about the lives of four guys that are living together. Nakai Kazuya, Toriumi Kousuke, Terashima Takuma, and Sugita Tomokazu will be voicing the four (as of yet nameless) characters ad the CD is planned for a 2012.10.24 release. The second CD is titled "男子高校生CD" (Danshi Koukousei, "High School Boys") and is about the live of 3 high school guys and one of their teachers. No cast has been announced for this CD yet, but the release is planned for 2012.11.21

More honeymoons for everyone!! (by the end of this series I'll have been on a honeymoon so often that I might skip my actual one because I've been on to many xD). Your groom this time is Aizawa Reo (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) a popular actor ad your honeymoon will take you to the UK (London Olympics influenced much?). Reo has a habit of being a bit foul mouthed and forcible, but he treasures you a lot and becomes jealous easily (and slightly possessive). The release is planned for 2012.09.28.

An official site at last, and the character designs are gorgeous! Unfortunately the site only gives us character descriptions but no info on seiyuu or how you end up in a box together. I can imagine you somehow getting trapped in a coffin with either one of the vampires, but the rest of them? The biggest surprise for me was that there are two vampires sibling, which probably means you'll get trapped with both of them (possibly at the same time?).

In the Knight scenario the you are a princess and the Knight is your servant. Personality wise he is always very serious and very aware of the difference in your status. He comes from a military family and has no doubt been raised strictly.

Like I already mentioned there are two vampires. The older brother is called Leonhart and is always very polite, but he also has a bit of a smell fetish and seems to like girls who smell slightly of shampoo. Ludwig(?) , the younger brother, on the other hand is always smiling and talks in a more childish way.

The Kitsune (fox) has a very curious personality. He can easily disguise himself as a human, regardless of gender or age, but usually uses the form of a young man. He has lived for several hundred years, but for some reason hasn't interacted with humans for the last hundred years, which is bound to end in some hilarious situations.

The Mage sounds like he came straight from an RPG. Following his childhood friend to a school for learning magic, it turns out he has talent for it as well. After graduating from the school he formed a party with other adventurers and is out hunting monsters and collecting treasures.

Dousei Kareshi
(yes I know it isn't a drama CD series, but it is Back Butterfly so I can't help but be obsessed with it). A few bits of info that I gathered from magazines: The heroine and the guys have a default name, but you can change both. That means that you can choose what your husbando is called if you want. Along with that comes a glasses on/off option. So if you like guys with glasses you can simply set the setting to on and voila! he will have glasses. In the games you already live together wit your boyfriend, but there will be (at least) one other guy with a completely different personality available as well. Whether you stay loyal to your boyfriend or cheat on him is up to you.


  1. hi! i just wanted to say that i love your blog and reviews (ノ ◍•ᴗ•◍)ノ ♥ at the same time, i would like to ask if the oujisama (warai) CD that you mentioned in this post, is it the radio CD that will be released in late aug? thanks!

    1. Awww, thank you \(//∇//)\

      And no, the Radio CD an the Date CDs are two completely different things. There will be three Date CDs in which you go on a date with the princes, but exactly how serious the scenarios will be remains to be seen (^_−)−☆

    2. Ah yes I just realized omg another round of wallet-emptying to be done soon then ... ;v; thank you for the info and i look forward to more of your posts! (。'▽'。)/