News Post (part 2)

Kareshi Igai
Look, a Kareshi Igai 4 cover! I hope you had a good reason for leaving him in the first place, because that cover looks pretty tasty to me. Judging by the amount of tracks titled "Haru's House" you are visting his place quite a lot in this CD... Like mentioned before the CD is voiced by Miki Shinichirou, and will be released on 2012.09.28

Meanwhile an extra icon has appeared on the official Cineria site. The new icon says "自由研究" (jiyuu kenkyuu, "independent research"), but you can't click on it yet and if you mouse over it changes into 'under construction'. On their blog they tease that they will reveal more details soon. They also tease a bit about the icon below that, which has been 'under construction' ever since the site opened.

While the official page for Cineria their sister label is not yet functional, they have released some info on their blog. The first series to be released under the Chocokurage label is called "あたしの僕くん" (atashi no boku-kun). 2 CDs seem to be planned for the moment. The first one has the subtitle "めるちゃんの場合" (meru-chan no baai, "in case of Meru-chan"). Meru-chan (Mell?) will be voiced by Yusa Kouji, and the CD is planned for a 2012.10.26 release.

The second one has the subtitle "ぬーちゃんの場合" (nuu-chan no baai, "in case of Nuu-chan"). This one will be voiced by Kuroda Takaya and is planned for a 2012.10.26 release as well. The preview images posted show that Meru-chan is an angels, while Nuu-chan is some sort of demon.

No info on what the story is about though. They do mention that there is third (tokuten) CD that you get if you order both CD's from the Cineria webshop.

Heart Supplement
The official site for Heart Supplement is now open. The about page explains that Heart Supplement is a series that aims to not be a "CD full of sweet nothings" but a CD that talks to you with a kind and refreshing voice and uses soothing music to provide things as "a sense of security" or "vitality" to give you just that little extra you need t give it you all the next day. The music will be done by the same person as the music for the Starry Sky series.

The Heart Supplement shop has 4 employees: Hoshino Yousuke, the shop founder and owner. He has an attitude and tends to tease people, but takes good notice of those around him and listens to the troubles of his customers so that he can choose the right supplement CD for them. Tsukimoto Sou is a unversty studet majoring in psychology. He works part time at the shop in order to study the effect of music and speech on people their mood. Sonomura Shinya is a cheerful and straightforward high school student. He started working at the shop together with his twin brother Shinji, in the hope of getting Shinji to be more open.

The first CD is titled 涙時間 (namida jikan, "tearful times") and is a CD for when you feel like crying for one reason or another. As Honey Bee states it "there is no special story, no sweet words, just the safe feeling of someone being there for you". Yusa Kouji and Shimono Hiro are listed as the seiyuu for this CD, and it is planned for a 2012.09.28 release.

Joshuseki Kareshi
Not much news to report except for the cover of vol.2. Click for the gorgeous full view.

Issho ni Cooking
Meanwhile, I have no words for the cover of the next Issho ni Cooking... except maybe for "hey look! I's the artist from Steins Gate and Arcana Famiglia!".  (Again, large full view is large.)

Ojisama Senka
Looks like the official site for Ojisama Senka has completely changed (o.O) Either way, they are starting a character song series, and the first character to get one is Mibu Yukiya (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) and will be released on 2012.10.24. Besides a character song a special story with the character will be recorded using the dummy head mic.


  1. Oh wow, Kazuhiko Inoue doing a character song... did he ever done such singles before?

    1. If wiki is correct, quite a few actually. (sorry, I'm not that knowledgable about character songs and stuff so I need to resort to things like wiki for that xD)