Shopping Round 2

The first two days in Tokyo I'm staying in Ikebukuro. Of course that has only one purpose: Otome road (and the fact that I love Ikebukuro)

I managed to find some good deals in Osaka and Kyoto, but that was nothing compared to here. The damage? See for yourself:

Round 1: Mandarake
First up was Mandarake (a doujin/ second hand shop). It took me a while to find it, mainly because the entrance is a single sign and a suspicious stairway down (for some reason all Madarakes I know are like that). After wading through all of the doujinshi's I found the CD and game section. It is a bit disorganized with normal and BLCD's being mixed and showing up in sections where they shouldn't be, but who cares. The fun about looking for second hand stuff is finding good deals anyway. And I found a lot!

Round 2: Lashinbang (part 1)
While walking from the Mandarake to the Animate I came across this shop that I only knew by name. They had lots of very cheap CD's standing outside of the store so I started by browsing through these. I found some real treasures among those (Fushigi Koubou for 500yen!!!). Some of these CDs I had never heard of before, but for 300yen I will take my chances. There was lots and lots more, but even when things are as cheap as 500yen choices have to be made.

Round 3: Lashinbang (part 2)
Inside the store were the more recent releases and/or major series. Most of these are only 200-300 yen cheaper than the retail price, but hey! The things I got inside is basically Arcana Famiglia or things with Hirarin. Navi Kare has Hirarin voicing two roles as well!

Round 4: Animate
Today was the release date for several things I was interested in so I went to get a few of those. By this time the amount of CD's I got was getting ridiculous so I held back with buying things. The CD below the Toubousha is the Animate tokuten CD that came with it.

Round 5: other stuff
I've been stalking Book Off stores for second hand games, unfortunately most otome games are still pretty expensive. For some reason Beyond the future was only 1900yen in this one so I got that. The keychains are from the animate.

I also got a Kapibara-san tote bag, which came with all sorts of extra goodies.

And that was then end of my Shopping spree today. For now buying any more CDs is forbidden unless they are 500yen or less xD
The only things left on my shopping list are a few games. I'm going to try and hunt those down in Akihabara tomorrow or the day after. Not that there is much budget left to spend though xD

The biggest problem is that I can't listen to any of this until I get home... xD


  1. Dear god, that's a lot of CDs @_@!

    And wow, Tales and DnAngel drama CDs, it's been such a long time since I listened to these~

  2. I see Two of Us! \^o^/

    There's still the Tiara series from Lantis, Shuukan Soine from Morikawa-san, one Corda drama CD and the Animate Concierge.. すごい!!>w<

    Such a bargain @w@ but poor wallet ^^;

    1. Haha, yes my wallet is suffering pretty hard. But compared to what it would cost me to order them online this is nothing ♪( ´▽`)

  3. ahhh I'm so so jealous!!!
    It looks like you're having a lot of fun :)
    I went to a Book Off in June, but the only otome game they had was Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story for DS, and it was pretty expensive...
    AND I TOTALLY WANT THAT TOUKO AND N KEYCHAIN >.< It's so adorableeeeeeeee <3

    1. Book Off is just pure luck whether you find something or not (but I suppose that can be said for any second hand store). And otome games tend to remain expensive indeed (>_<)

      And that keychain is adorable right?!!? Which is why I bought it :D I WILL NEVER GET TO OLD FOR POKEMON xD

    2. Do they sell drama CDs at Book Off? I wasn't too sure, so I didn't go looking lol. I bought a couple of regular music cds though.

      haha yeah! And N and Touko are my favorite pairing too :3

    3. What they have in a book-off really depends on the store. Most of the time I could find a few drama CDs hidden between the rest of the anime CDs, so they are pretty hard to spot at times. Some of the stores I went to had an actual drama CD section near the anime section.

      In either case it is worth it to check the game music/sountracks as well, as some of the game related CDs end up there.

  4. Whoa! Look at all those CDs :D I'm so jealous of you.
    And Kiniro no Corda? :O

    How much are CDs at Animate and at Lashinbang (inside their building)?

    1. Animate is a normal store so the prices there are the normal retail prices. All of the second hand stuff inside the Lashinbang store was mostly just a little bit cheaper than the retail price (like 200-300yen off) .

  5. I actually just noticed this, but what is Velvet Underworld? I like the cover design so I was wondering what it's about...