Welcome to Sweet Voices!

This is a blog dedicated to introducing various Japanese Drama CD (series). Though I have attempted to listen to Drama CDs before, I seriously started listening to Drama CDs in the summer of 2009. Before that my Japanese wasn't good enough to fully understand what was being said, but more importantly it was a rather boring summer and I needed something to do or listen to while going outside.

Being a fan of all things Alice in Wonderland, the first series that truly made me addicted was Are you Alice? - a brilliantly twisted version of Alice in Wonderland, in which Alice is male. After listening to the entire series, I started looking for other series and have been listening to various Drama's ever since.

From 2014 till spring 2016 I took a very long break. Over the years I started to slowly dislike the direction in which the industry was going; adult Drama CDs simply aren't my thing. When I grew too busy with uni and life, I slowly drifted away from the fandom. Spring 2016 however, was the moment where I re-discovered what I liked in Drama CDs, and in order to practice my writing and translation skill I resolved to start blogging again.

Besides trying to explain what Drama CDs are, I'll be introducing and reviewing random Drama CDs that I have been listening too. While I listen to a broad range of things, one of the only things that you probably won't find here are BL CD's. For all the weird stuff I listen too, I've never really been interested in them.

As this blog is only dedicated to introducing/reviewing Drama CDs, please don't ask me where to find or download them. I'd much rather you'd support the makers by buying the actual CDs through Amazon, CD Japan, Yes-Asia or any other import site you prefer.

Comments are more than welcome. Whether it is on an ancient post or on one made just the other day,  long and insightful or just a 'I like it too!' all comments are more than welcome!