Weekly News Post

Oujisama (warai)
Now that the Oujisama (warai) radio show has officially started airing, they have also announced a Radio CD. This CD will have the first 5 episodes, in which Cinderella, Rapunzel, the Emperor, Genji, and (the princes from) the little mermaid appear as guests, as well as a zadankai like in the drama CD's. The CD is Planned for 20012.08.22.

Risou Kareshi
Finally a bit more info on Risou Kareshi, and an official site. The characters are based on the results of an survey hold at the Animate Ikebukero store. I have no idea how the actual enquete looked, but the results are three different characters and their job, hobbies, personality, and even seiyuu.

The three characters are a 'cool' type (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi), a passionate type (CV: Ono Daisuke) and an amaenbo type (sweet, slightly spoiled. CV: unknown). It is interesting to see that while they have different personalities, certain things overlap. Both the cool and the amaenbo boyfriend have cooking as an hobby for example, while both the passionate and cool types are prone to showing tears...

Kindan Kyuuketsuki
The official site updated with the cover for the second CD. The character for the second CD is named Matheus von Weisheldenburg (CV: Shimono Hiro), so apparently the two vampires in this series are brothers. The tracklist isn't up yet, but I'm sure that when it is released, we'll be able to get some hints as to the story from it.

Ojisama Senka
Some of the details for the third CD have been released. You have inherited your grandfather his restaurant, however the place was running bankrupt and now you have decided to try to restore it.Small problem: most of the staff have left, and the three people left are an unsociable chef (CV: Fujiawara Keiji), a manager who can't say 'no' (CV: Nakata Jouji) and a drunken sommelier (CV: Kosugi Juurouta).

Hatoful Kareshi
A post on the official blog confirms that drama CD vol.2 is being developed. No release date or specifics yet, but at least we know there will be more pigeon love!

Two of Us
the official site has updated with some gorgeous graphics and a lot of info. Like I mentioned before, Two of Us is a love story between a girl who can't speak and a professional seiyuu. They met at the wedding of a friend, and started dating, but their relationship isn't the easiest one.

The girl, Kamijo Minori (27), works as a patisserier. despite being unable to speak, she went to university and even studied abroad in Paris. After returning home to Japan she started working a a shop called Chouette. Fujisaki Izumi (35) is a professional seiyuu. While he loves Minoru, he does feel slightly uneasy about his silent, girlfriend.

The first part of the prologue can be read on the official site here.

Nego Danshi
Look, more seiyuu as cats! Nego Danshi is continuing, with vol 7 being voiced by Yonaga Tsubasa, and vol.8 by Horiuchi Kenyuu. Hopefully they will have some complete new scenarios.

Issho ni Gohan
The series in turning into an otome game by, surprise surprise, otomate. The official site only links the the drama CD site and the animate site at the moment, but will open soon. I'd love to tell more, but I haven't listened to the series yet, so except that the characters are personifications of food, I can't tell you much about it...


  1. Yonaga Tsubasa in Nego Danshi! Waiii~
    He's really good in making cute voices. I loved his cat performance (as Shiro) in Nakayoshi Kouen. I would love to hear him in Nego Danshi~

    Sexy Shimono Hiro ftw!