O.To.Na Gentei oTogame CD Penalty I

オ・ト・ナ限定 お咎めCD Penalty I

Company: Colombia
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.02.15
Official Site: http://columbia.jp/otonagentei/

Otogame CD is a series in which the characters 'scold' you. That is, in a loving way. The kind of things you say to a person because you care about them, like "don't be out late at night, something might happen". Each CD has two characters, in the first vol we have a high school student, and a model.

Like I said, the characters scold you, but not in an angry kind of way. It is actually really cute to hear. Each character has 5 tracks, all of them depicting a different situation. Just like in the Kanbyou CD's, there is very little that could be considered 'adult only', despite the title.

The first character, a high school student(CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) is a bit of a tsundere. In his first track he comes to pick you up from the station because it's already late, but he insists that it is just because he wanted to go to the book store. On the way back you get told of for varying things; coming home this late, trying to take a short cut through a dark ally, etc.

His other tracks are really cute too; one where you are searching something in a high cupboard balancing on a chair to reach it, and he tries to help you. One where yo are walking around (half)naked after the bath, and he is incredibly flustered (cutest track in the whole CD). One where you had a fight with a friend (and he immediately worries yo might have started dating someone). And finally one where you had a bad fortune, so you both go to a shrine to draw a new fortune.

I am sort of wondering what the relationship between the two of you is though, because you don't seem to be dating, but he also says that you "always walk around like that after taking a bath", implying that he's seen you walk around in nothing but a bath-towel more often, yet you don't seem to think of him as a romantic interest, but you are used to him being there. I am confused.

The second character is a model (CV: Midoriwaka Hikaru) and your boyfriend. In the first track he comes to wake you up because you overslept, teasing that he might just come and lie with you. The second one has him scolding you because you don't want to watch a movie in the middle of the night, ignoring the fact that he is staying over.

The third one is more of a lovers quarrel, you saw him walking on a 'date' with a foreign woman. Of course it turns out you've got nothing to worry about, she is just a friend and he wanted her advice for buying you a ring. At the start of this one he is humming while cooking dinner, which is just too cute. In the fourth story you don't want to drink your medicine, and in the last on you are searching something in your room (and apparently your room is quite messy).

When I started listening I had no idea what to expect, but this was a really fun CD. Both characters are sweet, and I like the little scenes. The entire CD is recorded with the dummy head, and they made good use of it in my opinion. They are not always talking close to you, but when they are the effect changes between instant butterflies and instant nosebleed.

Just like in the previous series, there isn't much 'otona gentei' (adult only) but I think of that as a good thing. This CD was completely different from what I expected, but I'm glad I listened anyway, because this was one of the sweetest things I've listened to lately, without it being completely suger coated.


  1. This was one of the cutest things I've heard in a while and a nice change of pace from all the do-s vampires.
    I was waiting for you to post a review on it because initially I had been a bit confused on what I was listening to, especially when I zoned out in the middle of the track or if I got distracted. It takes way too much concentration for me to understand Japanese. xD
    I'm looking forward to your review on the rest of the series!

  2. Thank you for this! I was always wondering what Nobuhiko Okamoto was so mad about hahaha. Please listen to the second Penalty Cd as well, I think that's the one with Toriumi Kousuke. The track where he's teasing her about her diet while eating a burger is too cute and funny ^^ As always, thank you for your helpful reviews!

    1. I found the diet track pretty annoying after a while actually. He teases her a bit too much there...

  3. midorin char is the blonde one right?