Shukujo Yousei ~Shitsuji ga Oshieru Seiyou Ryouri no Manner~

淑女養成CD ~執事が教える西洋料理のマナー~

Company: Team Entertainment
Based on: Table manners
Released: 2008.09.17
Official Site: http://www.team-e.co.jp/sp/archive/ladycd.html

In this CD your two butlers teach you the table manners for a formal party. Starting from arriving at the party, to the table manners, to writing a thank you note afterwards.

In the prologue you just arrive home and the butler Stuart (CV:Yusa Kouji) welcomes you home with tea. He explains that it was suddenly decided that you are to attend a party that evening, so your father has asked him and Robert (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) to teach you the proper manners.

In five tracks the two of them explain different aspects of a dinner party: arriving at the party, the tableware, how to use a napkin, how to eat, and a few other things to remember.
Stuart explains most of the rules, while Robert acts as the less experienced one, asking things so that they can elaborate on some points.

Most of the things they explained were things I already knew, although there were a few small things that I missed. Then again, I like things like etiquette so I've been doing some reading on that before. Still, it is fun to hear them explaining the rules. The explanations are easy to understand, and despite that all they do is explain etiquette, it doesn't feel like someone is reading a rule book out loud.

Of course, much of the charm of this CD comes from the fact that the two of them are butlers, and thus address you as "ojou-sama" and use very polite speech.

It is a pity that there are not many chances to practice what they teach you in this CD, because it is an amazingly well written guide. (At least, at don't know how many white tie dinners you have attended as of yet, but unfortunately they don't feature heavily on my agenda).

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