News Post -Part 1-

Writing reviews and the news post on the go is a lot harder than I imagined. Even though I have my actual laptop and my iPad with me, finding the time to edit my random thoughts and ramblings into a properly formatted review is pretty hard.

Aroma na Kareshi
Now that vol.4 is out the next one has been announced through a digital flyer. The next character is the 17year old Kazu Watanuki (CV: Shimono Hiro) and his scent is vanilla. His family owns a cake shop and he loves making sweets, his dream is to become a patissier. He has a bright personality and is popular amongst both girls and guys.

Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru
No new CD news, but an event. On 2013.03.02-03 there will be an event in the Orange Gallery in Ikebukuro displaying art from the series, including yet unpublished rough sketches and art made especially for this exhibit. The event is completely free, so if anyone happens to be in Tokyo during this time go and take a look (^-^) they will be selling the CDs and goods at the even as well. Here is the blog post announcing the event if you want to check any details later.

Sasayaki Micchaku
The official page for vol.5 is now online. Hosoya Yoshimasa his character is indeed called Chikasugi Taisuke (I almost guessed it right! I feel all accomplished now). The top of the page also reveals that the first press limited edition will have a free talk recorded with the dummy head mic as a bonus. The CD will be released on 2013.03.27.

Bungou Series
Looking at the titles for the third and fourth CDs it seems like they will be some sort of spin-off series to the main series. The third CD is titled 新作第1弾「不良文豪とホスト」 (shinsaku dai ikkan "furyou bungou to hosuto", New Work Vol.1 "The delinquent literary master and the Host") while the fourth CD is titled 新作第2弾「文豪の神様」 (shinsaku dai nikan "bungou to kamisama", New Work Vol.2 "The God of the literary master[s]"). 'Shinsaku' means something like 'new work' or 'latest work'.

The cover for the third CD has been released (the image to the right) as well as the information that Ono Daisuke will be joining the cast in the forth CD, playing the role of the writer Shiga Naoya. The CDs are planned for  2013.03.29 and 2013.05.?? releases.

Toubousha / 42gami
In celebration of the upcoming new releases of the Toubousha and 42gami series there will be a nico nico live broadcast with Morita Masakazu and Kimura Ryouta in which the two seiyuu will announce more info about both new CDs, as well as answer various questions from the listeners The broadcast is called "Toubousha 42 minutes" and will be available for one week starting 2013.01.24 (today)

The titles for the two upcoming CDs are already known: Toubousha Vol.3 Haruto, and 42gami Vol.3 Xylophone ~The End - The Last Love~ and will be voiced by Ishida Akira. If you go to TwoFive their official site you can already see rough sketches of the two characters. Both CDs are planned for a 2013.03.27 release.

Kindan Vanmpire
The official site has updated with the details on the 6th CD. The cover image as well as the tracklist are now online. The character this time is Alexander von Weiseheldenburg (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou). This time the theme language for the tracklist seems to be latin. (Considering that his name is Alexander, shouldn't thay have picked Greek instead?) The CD will be released on 2013.02.13, just before valentine (^-^)

The official site has been closed. The staff thanks everyone for their support over the last year, and say that 'hope to meet again somewhere'. I guess this means no more Meganebu, but it does look like they are moving on to a new project.


  1. e-e?? OO the CV for 6th CD of Kindan Vanmpire IS TsudaKen!!!! cant wait for this *q*

  2. For people interested in listening the Toubousha and Shinigami special, it's located here~

    And seiyuu for the new Kindan Vampire really is Tsuda Kenjiro, like the previous comment said. I can see you mistaking their names since kanji for Ito's "Kentaro" and Tsuda's "Kenjiro" are very similar, but you really had me excited for a moment because I really estimate Ito's works...
    Anyway, Tsuda's also a nice pick, since I feel like his voice is so singular, so it's always nice when I listen to him elsewhere =D

  3. I have a doubt about 42gami/tobousha, here it says "will be voiced by Akira Ishida" but what I want to know is if both of the cds will be voiced by him or if only 42 gami or tobousha it kind of confused me...Anyways thank you for maintaining us informed (And also sorry for the bad english I am not very good at it)

    1. I'm sorry if the sentence was a bit vague. Only 42gami will be voiced by Ishida-san (^-^)

      And your English is perfectly understandable, so don't worry about it (^-^)