Ani to Osananajimi - Noir

I still haven't listened to Shitsuji no Kare because of various reasons, but we'll just skip ahead to this before I return to those soon enough.

兄と幼馴染 ノワール

Company: StellaWorth
Based on: Original
Released:  2013.01.31 (but already in StellaWorth their own stores on 2012.12.29)

Ani to Osananaji is the third pair of CDs in StellWorth their original drama CD series. Just like before there are two versions, but instead of being two routes for the same character there are now two characters. The 'Noir' CD centres on your older brother (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa), while the 'Rouge' one centres on your childhood friend (CV: Hino Satoshi). Unlike the previous CDs where there was a 'white' and 'black' route, there is no white route this time.

Warning: this CD contains incest, so decide for yourself whether you want to listen tot it or not.

The beginning of the story is the same in both CDs: your childhood friend invited you to go on a date at the amusement park, but you bring your older brother along. Obviously, neither of them is pleased with the other being there. Your brother wants to go home as soon as possible, but you insist that you want to ride the ferris wheel. Unfortunately you can only ride it with two people, so you'll have to choose who to ride with...

To my surprise, you choose your childhood friend in the noir version (and your brother in the rouge version) even though he is not the main character for the CD. Your childhood friend tries to confess his feelings for you, but you don't answer. As soon as you get back your brother drags you home and scolds you for doing what you did. The only reason that you are saved from a full lecture is because your mother enters room.

The next day your childhood friend once again tries to confess his feelings for you, hugging you in the process. As fate will have it however your brother finds you right at that moment and drags you back home again. On the way back he first scolds you, then tells you that you are free to date whoever you want (make up your mind!!) but while you walk back home he is much kinder again. Later that night you've fallen asleep on the couch and he carries you to bed. At this moment you learn that he really was jealous and wants you all for himself. He even starts to kiss you, and you wake up because of it but don't seem to reject that.

The next morning however he acts like nothing happened, even tells you that you should try dating your childhood friend. He also tells you that he will be transferred to a job abroad, so that he won't be here that much longer. You are all upset because of this, and when your childhood friend asks whether you want to go sing karaoke with him you agree. On your way home he once again tries to confess - this time even more persistent. You refuse by saying that you love your brother, which nearly drives him mad but of course onii-sama arrives just in time to save you.

He takes you back home (that seems to happen a lot doesn't it) and finally tells you that he loves you and that what he said this morning was all a lie. You tell him you love him as well end so you sleep together (the scene fades out before anything R-18 starts though). When you wake up the next morning your brother proposes that you go study abroad so that you can be together. You initially happily accept... But at the very end your brother suddenly becomes strangely possessive saying that he will never let you out of the house once you live together....

Looking at it objectively the incest setting is rather disturbing. There is no secret track revealing that you are actually step siblings or something like that so you really are brother and sister. Period. Luckily onii-sama is attractive enough so I didn't have too much problems with accepting the setting (it probably helps that I don't have any siblings and can't really picture what it would be like). Despite the seiyuu using their pseudonyms there isn't any real shockingly explicit content (or maybe my standards have changed since I've listened to Lovers Only).

It surprised me that there were so many scenes with your childhood friend besides those with just your brother. I somewhat expected that the CDs would start in the same way and then switch to giving the spotlight to just one of the two characters, but both are featured for most of the CD (although there is a clear preference)

Suzuki-san uses a wonderfully low voice in this CD, and between Jiyuu Kenkyuu and this I've really started to love his voice when he does this. He also does a good job on being really scary in the end (although the Rouge CD has an even scarier scene). When he goes yandere at the very end of the CD his calm insanity scared the hell out of me. Your overprotective but up to that moment attractive brother suddenly taking a yandere turn really makes you realize that you are in trouble - and that there is no way out anymore. An honourable mention for Hino-san his performance when your sibling love finally drives him to despair should be made though: that was an amazing piece of acting as well. (Of course, we already knew that he makes a very good yandere from the first CDs in the series)

One thing that did struck me as odd during this CD were the exceptionally... juicy kissing sounds. It sounds a bit too wet if you ask me.

The incest theme makes this CD a bit questionable, but if you are fine with that I think it is a good story. While listening I thought it would end without a yandere factor (because incest alone is probably already more than enough to make things dark) but the yandere factor came right at the end. Which made it all the more effective.


  1. I think I am fine with incest hahahaha.I think it is the forbidden love.but....Can't married right?

  2. @_@ I didn't know that this is part of the blah blah no kare series of StellaWorth. I thought it was a new series or something. Shall go and listen to it. Hmmm, hold on, did you say the eroi parts are not on the level of... n/m my question. I don't even know why I'm asking such a question... Recently, these drama CDs are corrupting me more "effectively" (tee-hee) than otome games orz

    1. Haha, I am also surprised at the corrupting power of these CDs myself. I didn't think I would be listening to these CDs (and enjoy them) up to recently xD

  3. Aaah! I had the same thought about the incest setting at first. I could get over it because of Tattsun's low voice! x3
    But, I'm an only child, therefore I don't know how I would have reacted if I had a brother. xD

    I loled when I read you talking about your standards. Not in a bad way, I ensure you, but coz' I thought the same. xD I think we're a lot to have been "corrupted those cds. ;p