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I am slowly getting better at this. The day I will actually make my own deadline is near. Hopefully.

We all it knew this would come sooner or later; the next Honeymoon CD has been announced. This time Okumura Chiharu (CV: Ishida Akira) will take you to Turkey. Chiharu is a history teacher, so you will be visiting a few ruins in Turkey among other things. Chiharu is described as having a sexy aura, but it is hard to guess what he is thinking.

Sasayaki Micchaku   
The series continues, this time with a fortune teller. Sawatane Tsukumo (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) is an apprentice fortune teller, and that is about everything that the official site tells us about him. Judging from his character image he looks like a cheerful innocent type, but who knows. His design is very different from the first three characters, who all had more of an adult atmosphere. The CD is planned for a 2012.11.14 release.

 Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa
Two of the voice samples for Kondo Isami (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) his CD are up. Like with the other voice samples the first one is simply the introduction at the very start of the CD and not that interesting. In the second sample he is talking about Kotetsu, his sword. The way he talks about it is slightly worrisome, as he says that 'he can feel the blade rejoice when it draws blood'.

The summary of his CD states that Kondo treats you well after you started living at the Shinsengumi headquarters, almost like an older brother who always looks out for you. When you meet him in the city by coincidence one day you end up accompanying him to a sword shop, which is where you see a whole different side of him (the fragment I mentioned above, I assume).

I am curious about how your relationship will develop, as Kondo is officially already married at the time of this CD (he married in 1860, this story starts somewhere mid 1864). I'm really curious whether they are going to stick to the historical facts or ignore them for this time.

10nen Hatsukoi
The release of the first CD is being delayed from 2012.09.28 to 2012.10.19 due to production reasons. I am guessing they need some more time for recording or editing.

Momo&Grapes is trying their hand at another Shakespeare work: this time they are releasing a drama CD for Hamlet. Hamlet himself will be voiced by Ishida Akira, while Horatio will be voiced by Sakurai Takahiro. These are the only two listed as cast for now. The subtitle of the CD is 騎士ホレイショーが語る王子の物語 (kishi horatio ga kataru ouji no monogatari, "The story of a prince told by the knight Horatio). This sounds like the story will mostly be told by Horatio (maybe

Double Score     
The sample tracks for Higuchi Subaru (CV: Hino Satoshi) his CD Baby's Breath are up. In the first track Todaka Yousuke (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) is bothering him by ringing the doorbell half a million times. As always the interaction between the two characters is brilliant. In the second track you are alone with Subaru, and he is having some problems with being honest to you.

Non-fiction series
Several pictures from the house on which the first drama CD is based have been posted on the official site. At the moment there are only 2 pictures from the entrance, but I wonder whether they plan on posting any more? That might get interesting.

Hougen Renai
I should have checked the blog more often, but in the end it is all good because I found it anyway: Hougen Renai is continueing, and the next prefecture is Gunma, the lead character will be voiced by Nakai Kazuya.

In the same blog post in which they announced this they also mention that they are still working on the story, and that the rest of the cast has yet to be decided. They are also asking whether anyone knows a seiyuu who is a native speaker of the Kobe dialect, so maybe they are also planning a Kobe story. Either way I am bouncing around like an idiot in anticipation.

Kannou Jikan
After a short period of silence we have an announcement for Kannou Jikan 9. There is no release date or cast announced yet, but this one will feature 2 characters based on a tarantula (right) and a scorpion (left).

Nego Danshi
And the next seiyuu has been tricked into acting like a cat: vol.12 will be voiced by Ousaka Ryouta. Ousaka-san seems to be a relatively new seiyuu, and I haven't heard anything by him yet so I can't say much about his voice. The release is planned for 2012.11.07

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