Yandere Heaven Vol.6 ~Karei naru Tokudaiji-ke Hen~

ヤンデレ天国(ヘブン) ~華麗なる徳大寺家編~

Company: Hobirecords
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.08.29
Official site: http://www.hobirecords.com/yandere6/

Yandere Heaven is a series in which you (the listener) become the object of affection of two rather dangerous characters. In the beginning things seem ok, but then their love becomes obsessive.This time you are loved by your step brother Tokudaiji Katsumi (CV: Majima Junji) and your younger brother Ayumu (CV: Abe Atsushi). As always there are two possible endings; one for Kasumi and one for Ayumu.

-obligatory warning that yandere might not be for everyone-

When you were young your parents died in an accident, and you were left alone with Ayumu. Your uncle eventually takes you in, and so you start living in their house and gain Katsumi as your step brother. Ten years later things seem to be fine, until your uncle tells you that he prepared an omiai (arranged marriage) for you. Of course Katsumi and Ayumu both object to this, but you seem to feel obliged to accept it. Funny little detail is that the omiai is so that you can marry either one of the Saionji brothers.

To get your mind of things Katsumi takes you on a drive, which is when Ayumu is over attachment to you really starts to show. He texts you and when you don't answer in 5min starts to call and says that he will come to you (he is tracking your cellphone). Eventually Katsumi takes the phone and turns it off. When you return later that night Ayumu is angry with you because you let your guard down around Katsumi, and eventually drags you with him out of the house.

He takes you to your old house, apparently he somehow convinced his classmate Yamashina Makoto to buy it for him. Katsumi just sends a servant to keep an eye on you, although he also seems to have bugged you as he is somehow listening in on your conversation with Ayumu. The next day it is obvious that Ayumu just plans on living here together and not letting you out of the house, but Katsumi crashes the party by telling you that your uncle is continuing with the omiai and that you need to get out of here. He even offers to take both you and Ayumu with him so that you can at least escape for now. This is where you will have to choose one of them.

In the review for vol.5 I was saying that the yandere level was much more subdued than before. This time it is almost absent if you compare it with the other CDs. Ayumu has more of an incredible siscon than that he is yandere, although he is still the most yandere of the two. Katsumi obviously has the mindset, but he never goes completely yandere on you. He is always calm and kind, the only time his yandere personality shows through his mask it is only for one or two sentences.

The endings this time just didn't work for me. Fine Katsumi has you locked up and gives you a drug that you can use either to kill yourself or him (or do nothing with it), but he is still calm and intends to slowly tell you about all the feelings he has for you. If you wouldn't have been locked up in a room without windows it would have almost been sane.

Ayumu his ending bothered me to no end though. For some reason Katsumi has just disappeared into nowhere. Makoto of all people knew where you were, even kindly handed Ayumu the key to the room where you were locked up. While Ayumu is sufficiently yandere in the sense that he want to commit a double suicide so that you can be together forever, the rest of it makes no sense at all.

The animate tokuten CD probably enraged me even more. There is no trace of yandere to be found anywhere. You could have just as well have been happily living together judging from that scenario. Katsumi and Ayumu seem to have lost all animosity against each other (although Katsumi never seemed to really dislike Ayumu). The tokuten for the previous CD were a little extreme, but this was just too much fluff and no yandere.

I did think that Katsumi was a very interesting character though. In fact, he seems to be incredibly charming. His attitude also shows that he doesn't see Ayumu as a threat. He lets Ayumu take you away, knowing that he'll be able to find you again anyway. He even offers to take Ayumu with you while running away, so he must have thought that it would be no problem to get rid of him later on or that taking him along doesn't pose a threat to his plans. The way he seems the handle all of this with ease and a certain grace was interesting. I just would have loved to see him go insane when pushed to the limit.

This is very hard to say about a series that I love, but I didn't like this CD. While the basics are there it just doesn't reach the levels of the previous entries to the series. I suppose I just prefer my yanderes more insane. On the other hand, if you were curious about this series I would start with this CD.


  1. Heys thanks for all your reviews! I soooo agree with you the part where you commit double suicide really didn't make any sense. The yandere parts weren't really "extreme" quite, I prefer it more insane too :P

  2. LOL huuh,sometimes I noticed that the "friends" the characters mentioned while in conversations or phone call is actually the yan charas from another volume _
    Sobs reading your review I don't really feel like to listen to this volume......does the yandere feels really that weak? orz
    But well- yeah,the yan2 keep decreasing in each new volumes sobs ; __ ; *vol 1 is still my fav*
    sorry for long comment ;;

    1. Yes Katsumi is friends with Sakae from vol.2 (^-^)

  3. Oh gosh D: that's a shame, and I had such high hopes for this volume, and I was really looking forward to Katsumi! B'aaw, I haven't even had the time to listen to it but I probably will tonight. It's such a shame though, I prefer them the way you do, it would've been nice to see Katsumi pushed over the limit. Oh well. By the way, I was wondering if it isn't too much of a bother and if you maybe have the time, could you let us know who your top/favourite seiyuu are? And what works you like best by them? Please and thank you <3 (and I totally understand if you're too busy u v u thanks so much for this review <3)

    1. My favourite seiyuu hmmmm. Give me a few days and I'll write a bit on it (^-^)

    2. Looking forward to it :D!

  4. If you had to put in order the CDs of Yandere Heaven from the most subdued to the most insane, how would you do it?
    Because I love it more when the yanderes are freaking insane xD and if I listen an insane one and then a more subdued one, I feel disappointed.
    So I want to listen the most subdued first and leave the best one for last ^3^

    Thanks in advance and sorry if there are some mistakes, English is not my native language.... èwe

    P.S.: I love this blog, you are working hard on this! ^^

    1. Hmmm, from most subdued to to most insane I would say:

      - Vol.6
      - Vol.5
      - Vol.4
      - Vol.1
      - Vol.2
      - Vol.3

      Vol.2 and 3 are close in levels of insanity, but three wins due to the scene where you have to choose between the two characters (both of them yelling at you while you locked yourself in your room)

    2. Wow, ok, thank you a lot~ ^ω^