Double Score ~Narcissus~

Double Score ~Narcissus~

Company: BlueMoon
Based on: CD <-> Otome Game
Released: 2012.07.27
Official site: http://www.asgard-japan.com/bluemoon/ds/

Double Score is an upcoming series of otome games where every obtainable character is between 29 and 46 (the heroine is 17). The concept of the game is that "age doesn't matter when it comes to love". Before the games are released however, each character gets a situation CD.This is the CD for Saiga Rui and Seiya, both voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke.

Rui and Seiya each have their own story, which means that both of them are pretty short compared to the other ones. Rui is a teacher at the heroine her school, and Seiya is a host. Both of them seem interesting so I'm kind of sad that they don't get their own CD. Then again I still wouldn't be surprised if the whole plot twist in their story is that they are the same person after all. (But I hope not). But untill any evidence pops up I will treat them as two different characters.

Rui his story takes place at school. He is walking towards the library to bring back a book when he sees Sano Fumiya (CV: Kusao Takeshi). Rui tries to scold him for abandonning his post, but Sano says he is just buying a drink from a vending machine (although he apparently went missing for 3hours with that excuse once). Sano tries to ask Rui for some details about his relationship with you, but Rui keeps saying that the school isn't the place to discuss things like that - and then tells him all sorts of things anyway.

When he finally gets to the library he is surprised to find you there. You are helping out with returning books to the shelves, and there are quite a lot left so Rui offers to help you. In the beginning he keeps saying that you can't act like lovers at school, but in the end he is the one who can't hold back and kisses you. He hands you a key to his appartment and asks you to wait for him there.

What I loved most is that while Rui is a hetare he doesn't seem to be completely without backbone. When Sano is teasing him he says that it is way to early for Sano to tease him, and when Sano continues he actually plants an elbow in his stomach. Twice (probably the most brilliant moment in their conversation).

Seiya his story begins with him meeting Sano on his way home (they apparently live in the same building). Sano also tries to tease Seiya but it doesn't really work (although strangely, it feels like Sano has the upper hand this time). Apparently Sano likes the food at the host club where Seiya works, so he tells Seiya that you were together with a guy when you left school in echange for free food. Seiya gets supprisingly jealous over this. The guy in question is Mori Kengo btw, a classmate and friend of the heroine and a side character in the games.

When he gets home you were waiting for him at the entrance. Seiya first teases you a bit -ok, a lot- before he demands to know who you went home with and what you were doing. Really demands by the way, he seems quite possessive. What followed was suprisingly the cutest moment in the entire CD though: he confesses that he is actually pretty scareed that you will leave him for someone your own age.

Considering the fact that he works as a host Seiya is actually suprisingly... serious? From the conversations in the CD it is clear that he went to meet your parents, and that he is seriously planning to marry you (although he hasn't proposed yet). Also the moment where is tells you that he is afraid you might leave him, and how distraught he sounds when he does are somehow so endearing.

As always the first press comes with a bonus track (or in this case two) where the characters answer a few questions. Rui his track is really cute, to the point where he literally hides his face when he reaches the question about what kind of underwear he prefers his girlfriend to wear. I expected Seiya to answer that question straight on, but suprisingly even he doesn't feel like answering at first. Though he finally answers it that "it should cover as little as possible" but that it doesn't really matter because he will be taking it off anyway.

While the stories are a bit short because we have two characters this time, but they were both interesting. Despite me loving Hirakawa-san his voice most when he uses a deeper voice, I think I might actually like Rui more. While Seiya is a full do-S, Rui seems to be hiding several of those traits beneath his hetare mask, and that might just be the more interesting personality.

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