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Hello there! Today’s news post comes with a few side notes. Next week there won’t be a news post because I am on a short vacation to Italy. I will do my best to make a news post in the weekend of 21-22 July but I can’t promise anything...

Because I’ll be busy with preparations for my second vacation: 4 weeks of Japan!! Which means that there won’t be any news posts from July 28 till August 18-ish, nor will I be able to reply to any comments or post anything on tumblr because I will be busy traveling around Japan trying to meet friends and bankrupting myself by buying lots of games and CD’s. (Which I won't be able to play or listen to until I get back, haha)

Because I already had an involuntary hiatus 2 months ago, I’m trying to keep the blog active during that time. But that means all posts will be queued so that they will post automatically. I will have to apologise for any spelling or grammar mistakes during that time. I’m currently working fulltime to be able to afford all of this, and I simply don’t have the time (or energy) to check them as thoroughly as I usually do.

And now, on to the actual news!!

Oujisama (warai)
I already interpreted the zadankai in the last CD as a confirmation that there would be more releases, and while they might be a little bit different from what I expected my wish has been fulfilled!!

Starting October 2012 three new CDs titled “Oujisama (warai) Date CD” will be released. There are now nine princes, so I’m guessing there will be three princes for each CD. Of course, as this is Oujisama (warai) that we are dealing with I doubt the CDs will be very serious, but just imagine dating some of them. This is going to be hilarious. More info will be released soon on the official site.

Also: the cover for the first Radio CD is on the right.

Bears Market
The official site for Bears Market is now open. The project looks like something quite... colourful. Bears Market is the story of the ordinary Oguma family. A happy family of five (mom, dad, and their three sons) until one day the Black Bear Organisation starts a plan to turn all humans into bears. With dad tuned into a bear and mom kidnapped the three brothers swear to make dad human and find mom again.

But that was ten years ago. The peaceful days continue while the three brothers try out different business plans (and fail) and wait for the Black Bear Organisation to show up again.

Kenjirou (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou) is now 22 years old, and never has the energy to do anything. Apparently he sleeps very very long. The second son is 21 year old Kentarou (CV: Itou Kentarou) is quite the opposite, always being energetic. The third son is 18 year old Kento (CV: Suzuki Yuuto) who has been in charge of all the housework ever since mom was kidnapped.

Besides the character names being the same (or in case of Kento, similar) as the names of their seiyuu there is another weird thing: normally a name with "jirou" in it would be used for a second sone, and a name with "tarou" for the first son. Yet papa and mama Oguma decided to switch those around for some reason.

The CD is labeled as a situation CD, so I'm curious how this is going to work. 

The official site confirms that a third Meganebu drama CD will be made, but we'll have to wait a little longer before there will be any more info.The banner on the site hints at a new character though!

Yandere Heaven
I bet a lot of people waited for this (I know I did) but Yandere Heaven 6 is a fact! Despite the portal site not mentioning it yet, the official page for Yandere Heaven ~Karei naru Tokudaiji Ke~ is already online. They seemed to have switched artists, and the yandere faces are really scary this time.

This time you are being loved to bits by your older foster brother Katsumi (CV: Majima Junji) and your little brother Ayumu (CV: Abe Atsushi). Majima Junji already appeared in Yandere Heaven BLack vol.1, so this time we'll be able to hear him focussing his yandere love on the listener.

Storywise the heroine (IE: the listener) lost her parent at a young age and was taken in by her uncle together with he little brother. One day your foster parents want to talk with you about an omiai (araange marriage). You decline it but they go on with it none the less. Of course, both of your brothers aren't too happy about this.

Sounds like your foster parents are not going to survive this CD to be honest. The release is planned for 2012.08.29. I wonder if they will have any pre-order/ shop specific bonus stuff this time?

Double Score
The preview tracks for Rio his CD are up. In the first track Tomu needs Rio to bring him somewhere using his car, which turns out to be a shop where they can buy a certain game. Both of them appear... quite passionate about it. The second track is a dummy head mic track as always.

In the cast interview Ookawa-san mentions that Rio is a type of character that he has never voiced before, and that he was very worried about whether he was really right for the role. Thanks to Rio being part otaku he did turn out very different from what I imagined, but like the previous two CDs the preview track sounds very promising.

Risou Kareshi.
The cover for vol.2 has been released (image on the right), but more importantly: the seiyuu for vol.3! Okamoto Nobuhiko will be voicing the amaenbou type boyfriend. With Okamoto-san voicing him I'm sure he'll be a very cute boyfriend!

Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa
All three voice samples for the first CD are now online. The first one (from the right) is an introduction track, the second one is a scene where he is giving training, and the last one is a sudden ero attack. I'm not entirely sure whether the sample tracks really managed to get my interest, but I was sold to the background music a long time ago anyway.

Kiss x Kiss Collection
More info and character designs for the next three Kiss x Kiss CDs. There was no official reading for the characters their names, so forgive for guessing a little bit here and there.

Vol.22 has Makise Tatsuya (CV: Yusa Kouji) a 29year old attorney working for a large attorney office. He tends to have an air of arrogance around him, but he is passionate about his work and has a lot of ambition. While his office is very neat, his own room is a mess, and he insists that this is more efficient. He want to be the one in control in your relationship, but often ends up as the one being manipulated.

Vol.23 has Asahina Makoto (I am honestly -pun not intended- not sure about his first name. 誠 has so many different possible readings it isn't even funny any more. CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou) a 34 year old doctor. His kindness and gentle smile make him popular with the ladies. He was on the way to become a surgeon, but switched to the internal medicine department because of something that happened a few years ago.

Vol.24 has high school student Arimura Takashi (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga). Compared to the 30-ish characters in the other two CDs Takashi is certainly quite a change, being only 15. He doesn't have a lot of self confidence and tends to avoid contact with people because he is afraid he'll be disliked, but he actually gets lonely quite easily.

Futari de Issho ni
the cooking together with your boyfriend (or girlfriend as there are entries in the series where you cook with a girlfriend) continues! And in a rather unrealistic direction too. In the next entry titled "Enren Aite ha Pianist" ([my] long distance lover is a pianist) your boyfriend is studying abroad in Austria. Feeling that you don't sound to energetic on the phone, he flies back to you in his personal jet just to cheer you up. Ishida Akira is the one to voice your boyfriend this time, and the release is planned for 2012.08.27

Time to get moving with MomoGre their upcoming stretch CD: "Stretch CD 7 Days ~Issho ni Kirei~". The concept of this CD is that it has simple stretch exercises to do when you get up and before you go to bed. The CD has a program that spans one week. Shinonome Kei (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) will be your instructor. The CD is planned for a 2012.09.20 release.

Meanwhile there will also be another release in their mystery series: Zekkyo Shiro Satsujin Jiken, which is based on the story by Arisugawa Arisu. MomoGre/ Kikka seem to like Arisugawa his works, considering that this is the fourth one that they are turning into a drama CD. Of course Kamiya Hiroshi and Suzumura Kenichi reprise their roles as Himura and Arisugawa. The supporting cast consists of Neya Michiko, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Takagi Wataru, Sakurai Takahiro, Iizuka Shouzou, Touchi Hiroki, and Morikubo Shoutarou.

Nego Danshi
More seiyuu acting as cats! (this series amuses me so much). Vol.10 will be voiced by Minagawa Junko, and will be released on 2012.09.05.

Meanwhile Nego Danshi gets its own app on both iTunes and Android. In iTunes it is available in the international store as well, and with English menus. Search for 'Nego Danshi' or ね語男子 and you should be able to find it. In the app the different cats will walk around your screen and you can tap them to make them meow.

Healing Stone
There have been healing stone apps for the iPhone for a little while now, but I completely missed that they are also available on Android now. Two of the apps are already available, so I'm guessing the rest will follow soon.  The official site links to the apps.


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    1. Thank you~!
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