Fujoshi Kanojo

I listened to this years ago (almost immediately after it was released actually), but didn’t write a review about it at the time. Which gave me the perfect excuse to listen to this cute and hilarious story again.


Company: Frontierworks
Based on: Novel -> Manga -> Drama CD
Released: 2009.11.26

Fujoshi Kanojo is a light novel that was based on a blog. That lightnovel got a manga adaption, and this drama CD is based on said Manga adaption, and tells the story of university student Mutou Taiga (CV: Hatano Wataru) who starts dating the fujoshi Ameya Yuiko (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki). Yuiko warns him when he asks her out, but not knowing what a fujoshi is Taiga tells her that he likes her no matter what she is. It is only after they start dating, that he discovers what a fujoshi really is...

The first chapter of the drama CD tells us how the two of them started dating. Taiga started working a summer job at a certain company because he fell in love at first site with Yuiko. One day they are both in the cafeteria at the same time for lunch, and het notices Yuiko is reading a shonen magazine. Trying to find something to talk about he keeps talking about the manga she is reading, but Yuiko just wants to be left alone.

Thinking he completely blew Taiga is half-depressed, but after lunch Yuiko comes to him to apologise, and gives him a cellphone strap of the series they were talking about. She also offers to pay for lunch in a nearby restaurant sometime, and Taiga uses the opportunity to ask her out for dinner instead. On their way back home he asks her out, and when Yuiko warns him that she is a fujoshi he tells her that it doesn’t matter. It is only on their next date that he discovers what a fujoshi really is.

The other chapters are various dates on which Yuiko her fujoshi-mode surfaces. In chapter 2 they are having tea and scones, prompting Yuiko her mind to go afternoon tea > butler > Sebastian. Just when she orders Taiga to act like a butler one of his friends shows up. Kouji (CV: Matsukaze Masaya) asks what on earth Taiga is doing, and Yuiko invites him to have tea with them because she is going all moe over their relationship.

In the next story Taiga promised Yuiko that he would write a piece of BL fanfiction after Yuiko discovered that he occasionally has to write stories for his classes. Kouji is spending the night so that they can work on their assignments together, and when Taiga is distracted because Yuiko calls him (joking that he shouldn’t cheat on her) Kouji accidentally reads the story Taiga was working on. We also get to listen to part of the -hopelessly romantic- story that he was writing.

In the fourth story Yuiko is at an event, and keeps sending Taiga pictures throughout the day. Meanwhile Taiga is out shooting a movie with the film-club that he belongs to, and one of the fellow members gets jealous. At the end of the evening when everyone is drinking to celebrate the completion of the shoot, some members decide to dress Taiga and Kouji as women, and send a picture of that to Yuiko...

The final story is a spin-off called Fudanshi Kareshi, and is the story of Etou Koharu (CV: Miyake Kenta) who moves in with his senpai Kotani Youhei (CV: Kishio Daisuke) when he moves to Tokyo to go to university. Koharu thinks this is a chance from heaven, until he discovers that his new flatmate is actually a fudanshi... This story is fairly short, and only a preview of sorts for the actual Fudanshi Kareshi drama CD that was released at a later time.

This entire CD is both cute and funny. Yuiko her sudden moe reactions can be brilliant, while Taiga his attempts to keep up with her are simply endearing. It also helps that Hatano-san portrays him in a very sweet way.

The script is almost word for word from the manga, but actually being able to hear Yuiko her reactions was a lot of fun (although thanks to Sawashiro Miyuki voicing Milla in Tales of Xillia, I kept picturing her as Mila. Which fits better than it should).

Hearing this again after such a long time (almost 2 years I think) was a lot of fun. Listening to it while working might not have been the best idea, as I really had to suppress my smirk, which became impossible by the time I reached the re-enactment of Taiga his fanfic.

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