Weekly News Post

This weeks news post is a bit long, because it merged with the one from last week. I just couldn't find the time to properly write a news post last week, and by the time I was three days late I decided it would probably be better to merge the two (^-^;;)

Double Score
The sample tracks for camellia have been uploaded to the official site. Especially the first one between Yousuke (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) and Yuuya (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) is priceless. The second sample track where you are alone with Yousuke is just very cute. Yousuke his wallpaper is also available for download, it will be up until 2012.07.12, when the next CD will be released.

Zoku Toriai Kyoudai
The main visual for Zoku Toriai Kyoudai has been released, and if I wouldn't have been sold on the fact that this CD has Hirakawa Daisuke voicing two roles, the visuals would have done the job. Well played Black Butterfly, not only are you using one of my favourite seiyuu, you also managed to make the characters 100% my type.

Soine Hitsuji CD
The release date and cast for the second Soine Hitsuji CD has been announced. The second character Yuuichi will be voiced by Fujiwara Keiji, and is planned for a 2012.08.31release. Like many people said, I didn't expect to see Fujiwara-san listed as cast after seeing the character design, but we'll see how things turn out!

Hitsuji de Oyasumi
The official site hasn't updated yet, but B's Log listed two more Hitsuji de Oyasumi CD's. Vol.26 is titled "onii-chan to oyasumi" , will be voiced by Morikubo Shoutarou and Majima Junji, and goes on sale on 2012.09.28. Vol.27 is titled "Yume no naka made egao ni natte", will be voiced by Yao Kazuki and Sakaguchi Daisuke, and goes on sale on 2012.10.26

Bears Market
The blog (and I suppose the people behind) Kannou Mukashi Banashi, Mousou Este and Tap Trap Love came with a new project: Bears Market. A teaser site has been opened, but other than a main visual and a listing of Tsuda Kenjirou, Itou Kentarou, Suzuki Yuuto and Kusonogi Taiten as cast members there is little to see.

I would have rather seen an announcement of another CD in any of the other three series than a new project though...

Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen
The character designs for the last three characters has been released, and I like all three of them. Somehow I cannot imagine Midorikawa voicing Aladdin at all though. As opposed to the prince of Swan Lake, who's design just seems to scream ISHIDA! xD

Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD
the silence over at the EM2 site had me worried for a while, but the series does continue. The release might be one month later than originally planned, but vol.5 has been officially announced. Planned for a 2012.07.25 release, vol.5 will feature Kaji Yuuki as Dougo Onsen. The character design just about screams koakuma, although the site classifies him as "otouto"type.

Heartful Kareshi
The official blog as well as the drama CD blog finally have some more info on the next Heartful Kareshi CD. This time it won't be one longs story, but several short episodes, like and episode with one of the characters from the fandisk (image to the right), and an episode with Uzune Hitori and Nageki (grab the tissues!). The release date is still set for 2012.09.12.

It looks like there will be at least one story from the BBL route this time, which makes me wish they would put the whole turn the whole thing into a drama CD. It already had me crying without voices, I bet it would be heart breaking but I'd love to hear it voiced.

(The title reads "shinigami" 42神 → 4= shi, 2= ni 神= kami → 死神 "shinigami").

This is a new series by one of the people involved in the Ojisama Senka project. You are tired of the boring life you have when a man called Celesta appears before you. Celesta is a shinigami that has come to take your life. However the gate keeper (of the gate to the other side perhaps?) for some reason has a problem with taking the lives of those who want to die, so he orders Celesta to only take your life after he makes you fall in love so that you will want to live. And thus Celesta spends some time with you.

Sounds like a weird and somewhat twisted plot, but the seiyuu listed are Kimura Ryouhei and Koyasu Takehito, which means that I am finally getting a situation CD with Koyasu-sama in it. Although I suspect that he'll be the gate keeper and I won't be getting any sweet whispers from him anyway. Whis is a pity because the series will use the dummy head mic.

What the actual spelling of Celesta his name is I don't now btw. The katakana spelling is チェレスタ (cheresuta), for which my dictionary gives 'celesta' so I am sticking with that until I find an official spelling..

Speaking about weird concepts. 逃暴者 (toubousha(?) "someone who is on the run") is a CD in which someone who is on the run from something or someone wants you to hide him for one night. And he isn't exactly innocent, as he threatens to kill you if you make a fuss.

The description talks about the sound of sirens and gunshots, sounds like it will be a rough night. The CD will use the dummy head mic, and there will be two endings. Morita Masakazu will be voicing the CD and it is planned for a 2012.08.08 release.

Arcana Famiglia
Just in time for the upcoming anime, a new series of drama CD's will be released for Arcana Famiglia. The "Guido Regalo" character CD's are a collection of CD's in which you travel around the island with one of the characters in order to make a travel guide. Felicita (the heroine) will be voiced by Noto Mamiko (who will also voice her in the anime) in these CD's.

I'm kind of surprised that the heroine is voiced. This game has been on my wanted list for a while, and now that they are releasing an anime I get the feeling that I will only want it more. Either way, I haven't heard a voiced heroine since the Hougen Renai series, so I'll be sure to check this out.

On 2012.07.25 te Cd's for Liberta (CV: Fukuyama Jun) and Nova (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa) will be released. On 2012.08.22 the CD's for Debito (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki), Pace (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) and Luka (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi), and on 2012.09.26 those for Dante (CV: Kosugi Juurouta) and Jolly (CV: Yusa Kouji).

Ojisama Senka
I'm not entirely sure when the character designs for Ojisama Senka Vol.4 were released, but I do know they scare the hell out of me. Yes of course they are Mafia/Yakuza/whatever. But couldn't they at least be a little more attractive? *cries*

The Mousouryoku
While not at all aimed at girls this new series caught my attention. The concept of this series is that the listener (taking the role of a big brother) hears all kinds of weird (and undoubtedly eroi) sounds coming from the room of his little sister. The idea is that you have to guess what she is doing. The first CD will be sold at the upcoming Comiket 82 and in stores on 2012.09.12.

This caught my attention because there is an endless supply in situation CD's aimed at women, but I've only lately seen a few aimed at guys. In case you want to take a look, the official site is here.

Tales of...
Both Tales of Graces and Tales of Xillia are getting (another) drama CD. There is little to know info on the contents though. The Graces on is simply titled "Anthology Drama CD 2012 Summer" while the incredibly short summary for the Xillia one is that it has stories from the party their journeys. Both Cd's will be released on 2012.09.26.

Dousei Kareshi
The official site for Black Butterfly their otome game series has officially opened. There still isn't much to see except for the previously released PV which is voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke, making me hope that he voices one of the characters (please let it be Kei!!).


  1. So excited for Ofuro CD featuring Kajikaji!
    As always, thanks for your updates! ^O^

  2. Thank you for keeping track on the updates!
    Maybe you have some info on the second TinyxMachinegun drama CD? Was it released in June or did it get delayed again?

    1. After some quick research I found a notice in the IM webshop stating that vol.2 has been postponed "due to various circumstances". There is no new release date, instead it now says "undecided".

      I really hope that they will continue the series though, and I'm wondering what is going on that the release had to be postponed again...