Time of Licht

洗顔フォーム+ナビゲーションCDセット「Time of Licht」

Company: Fiarce
Based on: Facewash foam?
Released: 2010.??.??

Time of Licht is a set of a facewash foam and a navigational drama CD that teaches you how to use it, voiced by Hatano Wataru. It was sold on various events and eventually through several online retailers, but is hard to find now (not to mention you probably shouldn’t trust the foam anymore if you do find it).

This CD is mainly a guide by Licht (CV: Hatano Wataru) on how to wash your face. He describes it using the foam that the CD was coupled with, but a large part of it is applicable to any facewash. Where on earth he came from (or what he is) isn’t quite clear, although from the end of the CD I gather that he is some sort of fairy / spirit / personification of your facewash foam. Either that or a really cute stalker.

In the middle of the CD he calls you on your phone when you are out. (my facewash is making phone calls? now things are definitely getting weird). The conversation is pretty cute, especially because he is going all “no you hang up first”.

When you get back home he cooks dinner for you, and eventually even talks you to sleep. I’m starting to wish my facewash could do those things, especially if I get one that looks and sounds like Licht.

In the bonus track he is busy telling you that he will always be at your side, when you suddenly hear a strange sound and he says “what are you guys doing here”. As this was originally supposed to be a part one in a series, I am guessing the others are some sort of beauty product as well. Unfortunately, the series was never continued (I would have loved stuff like hand cream or nail polish)

It might be a bit weird, but it is a cute CD and and pretty short. If you like Hatano-san (or like me, like listening to CD’s with weird concepts) and find a download of it and listen for fun. Gah, now I really wish the series would have continued.

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