Weekly News Post

Soine Hitsuji CD
a voice sample for Yasuomi is now up on the official site. The voice sample begins like a normal Shuukan Soine CD, but from what he says I'm assuming that he was already counting sheep for you. The way he takes of his glasses, saying that they are "in the way" is really cute too. Go listen to it!!

Fujoshi no Escort
After Fujoshi no Totsugikata and Fujoshi no Mikata we now  get Fujoshi no Escort In these CD's two of the butlers will escort you. Exactly what that means is still a bit unclear to me though. Except, of course, more hilarious references and so called 'solutions' to all your fujoshi problems. Three CD's are planned, the first one wil feature Midoriyama and Kurosaki and will be released on 2012.07.25, the second one will feature Goshirokawa and Kikawa and will be released on 2012.08.22, and the third one will feature Akagi and Aoi and will be released in September 2012 (no exact date yet). Buy all three CD's, and you can apply for the bonus CD: a fujoshi dictionary CD by all six butlers.

Otome no Mikata
Not only the fujoshi are getting butlers to support them however. Simultaneous with these escort CD's the two 'Otome no Mikata' CD's will be released. This time the focus is more on those girls who like otome games, CD's and romance anime/manga. We're getting all new butlers to assist us too: Morita Masukazu, Namikawa Daisuke and Suzuki Tatsuhisa will be in the first CD, and Suwabe Junichi, Maeno Tomoaki, and Shimono Hiro will be in the second CD. The CD's are planned for 2012.07.25 and 2012.08.22 respectively. If you buy both, you can apply for the bonus 'Otome approval CD' by all six butlers.

Two of us
Fujisaki Izumi will be voice by Morikawa Toshiyuki, and there is a (long!) interview up on the official site if you're interested. ... It is kind of weird only announcing one seiyuu, even though there are two main characters.

Double Score
The seiyuu for Kamizono Kyouga -the only character who's seiyuu wasn't announced yet- has been announced, and to my surprise it is Sakurai Takahiro! My bet would have honestly been on Yusa, but no. I have to admit that I'm kind of curious now. Voice samples Shirosaki Rio (CV: Ookawa Tohru), Saiga Rui (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) and Seiya (also Hirakawa Daisuke). The difference between Rui and Seiyu is quite hilarious. My personal preference between the two of them is also, slightly worrisome. Both Rio and Saiya are hosts... I wonder if they are working in the same club?

Futari de Issho ni
I don't know since when Animate started selling the Futari de Issho ni series, but it is there in the shop. Issho ni Cooking Vol.4 Zannen na Ikemen Model (bad luck ikemen model) is up for pre-order now. As you can guess, you'll be cooking together with your boyfriend, this time voiced by Ono Daisuke)

Meanwhile over at the animedia site (where the CD series originated) they have announced another vol: Issho ni Cooking - Cool Musician (CV: Taniyama Kisho). Your boyfriend will be cooking you breakfast this time. The CD is planned for a 2012.06.25 release. There will be voice samples soon, but they are not available yet.

Joshuseki Kareshi
On the same day the CD "joshuseki Kareshi' (Passenger seat Boyfriend) will be released. You will be going on a drive date with your boyfriend, only this time you will be driving. Morikubo Shoutarou will be voicing your boyfriend in this CD.

Tiny x Machinegun
vol.2 and 3 of the series have both been delayed. The new release dates are now june 2012, and september 2012 (no specific dates are given yet).

Yandere Heaven
It looks like there really is a Yandere Heaven game in the works. The is a teaser site that will officially open in June, and the Yandere Heaven Portal Site is linked there, so I guess we really are looking at a Yandere Heaven 18+ PC Game here. Haha...hahaha... I don't know whether to be happy or afraid. Probably both.


  1. The guy in Futari de Issho ni looks like those in Brothers Conflict haha. Thanks for the update!

    1. I hadn't noticed the similarity yet, but the illustrator is indeed the same. ウダジョ (Udajo) did the cover illustration this time (^-^)

  2. Fujoshi no Mikata seems really funny! >w< and it was a lovely surprise that Yandere Heaven is going to have a 18+ PC game :D

    Two of Us does have two characters but Minori, the girl has speech and hearing disabilities so I guess she isn't voiced.

    1. I know it is logical that Minori isn't voiced, but it still feels weird to announce just one voice actor. It is like, somehow neglecting that she is there, which isn't at all the case xD

  3. Thank you for pointing out the Soine Hitsuji voice sample! I found the Shukan Vol. 13 sample voice the other day, but missed this one as I was clicking around the site.