Fujoshi no Mikata


Company: Motto! Entertainment.
Based on: Fujoshi?
Released: 2012.03.21
Official Site: http://www.movic.co.jp/book/radio/fujoshi/index.html

Fujoshi no totsugu kata (How to marry when you're a fujoshi) was a CD is that you have been proposed to, but you hadn't told your boyfriend that you are a fujoshi yet. Just as you're were wondering what to do 5 butlers appear and claim that they want to help you. This time the situation is not that dire, but the fujoshi all over the world Japan are in trouble, and our 6 butlers are here to help again.

Unlike the first CD, where one butler was your main help in each track, they all try to help you this time. The butlers are still the same: The cool Aoi Ryuuji (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), The hotheaded Akagi Eichi (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) , the princely Midoriyama Shion (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou), the no-longer-trainee-but-now-novice Kikawa Miki (CV: Ishida Akira), the sadistic Kurosaki Goro (CV: Yusa Kouji), and -now actually there from the beginning- the legendary Goshirakawa (CV: Kondo Takashi).

They are holding a meeting on how to help fujoshi all over the country, when the emergency bell rings. Arriving on scene to find their client collapsed, a re-enactment of a highschool club scenario helps them to get our victim revived. The problem is the lack of Moe in the workplace, so our butlers come up with all kinds of strategies. From the subtle use of small fandom-items such a straps and catchphrases to carefully find out whether there are any other fujoshi in your office, to shipping your co-workers for personal moe.

The second problem is what to do when you want to confess to someone, so they practice various -and mostly unrealistic- confession scenes with you, and tell you not to worry in case your confession is refused. (if someone were to comfort me like that, I am almost hoping I'd get refused).

In the third track they think of all kinds of things that could be wrong, and of course their client has all of these problems (a deadline for a doujinshi, no more space to put things, no space on her harddrive, etc). The main problem however is the deadline. They come up with a nice little cardgame to decide pairing. There are cards that describe someone their job and age (student, salaryman, etc) and cards with personalities on them, you draw two of each to decide what your main characters are going to be. (How exactly you are going to make those pairings work is left in the middle).

In the fourth track their client has money problems, so they come up with all kinds of ways to save on money, and how to do a job interview. Still, you might not want to follow Kurosaki his instructions to answer "69" when asked what your favourite number is. The best part is probably when say raising vegetables on your balcony to save money, and eventually gijinka (personify) them, giving al of them fitting but hilarious personalities).

In the last case their client is having troubles studying for her exams. The idea here is to lock all your stuff away and seal it with something of your favourite fandom that you would have to break to reach your stuff, so that you really think twice before you open it again. After that they give some tips on how to make your studying more moe, and turn the arrival of Perry his ships and the opening of Japan INTO A BL SCENE. Ok, just really suggestive phrasing, but it is hilarious none the less. Also, they declare maths to be tsundere.

In the final track they all say some moe lines, go Power Rangers on us again, and say that they will always be there to help a fujoshi in need.

Just like before I've been laughing far too much thanks to this CD. Although I really did miss a lot of references this time. I knew when a reference was being made, but I just couldn't tell of what of who it was. Like in the first track they use a lot of catchphrases, and I know a lot of those, but I don't know who they belong to.

Our butlers have picked up a new little trick too; saying "Oui Monsieur" whenever they follow someone their instructions. It is a bit butchered and just made me giggle like an idiot, but it is funny none the less.

You might really have to be a bit of a fujoshi to really enjoy this. Then again, if you know enough of the lifestyle like myself it is still plenty of fun. The solutions they come up with are still hilarious (gijinka fruits and veggies, really? Someone make me this please xD) and you can't really go wrong with that many butlers in one CD to begin with.


  1. omg this CD sounds great and so relateable hahahahah! thanks for posting all these reviews! I was just wondering how did you get started learning japanese? I want to learn too but I do not know where to start?

    1. Anime xD

      No really. Subbed anime/dramas/movies help a lot. But besides that I study Japanese at university. The method we used was Minna no Nihongo btw.

      You'll need books to learn the grammar, but I recommend listening/watching/reading as much Japanese as possible. Just find series/manga/books that you like, that way it is easy to stay motivated :)