O.To.Na Gentei oTogame CD Penalty II

オ・ト・ナ限定 お咎めCD Penalty II

Company: Colombia
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.02.29
Official Site: http://columbia.jp/otonagentei/

Otogame CD is a series in which the characters 'scold' you. That is, in a loving way. The kind of things you say to a person because you care about them, like "don't be out late at night, something could happen". Each CD has two characters, in the second vol we have a employee of an advertising company, and a university student.

Like I said, the characters scold you, but not in an agry kind of way. It is actually really cute to hear. Each character has 5 tracks, all of them depicting a different situation. Just like in the Kanbyou CD's, there is very little that could be considered 'adult only', despite the title.

The first character, Touma (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou) seems to be your childhood friend. You're not dating, but he is obviously interested in you, and always there when you need him. In the first track he is telling you off for always immediately buying what you want (especially because he was planning to buy some of it for you).

The second story was the most hilarious one. You are drunk and he is bringing you home. Apparently you are so drunk you walk straight into a street lamp. Touma is real sweet to you though. In the other three tracks he talks to you about your work, comes to your aid when you were confessed to (he comes to an amusement park just because you called him!) and in the last track he is... checking on you in the bath (and things get awkward)

The second character, Keigo (CV:Toriumi Kousuke), is a university student and your actual boyfriend. Keigo seems to like teasing you. A lot. To be honest, I felt like his tracks were more about teasing than scolding you. Like how he is teasing you about how your diets never work. Not to mention that he has you acting like a dog for almost an entire track to too teach you something about being honest.

Where Touma is always there for you, Keigo seems to be more into teasing you. A bit too much if you ask me. Still, thanks to the dummy head mic having Toriumi Kousuke whisper certain things right next to your ear is still tempting enough.

I liked the first CD better, but especially Okiayu Ryoutarou his part is really nice. Keigo simply teases you a  bit too much. Just like before there isn't much 'otona gentei', though I am not sure whether being treated like a dog would fall under that.

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  1. Ooh~ So that's what Toriumi Kousuke was saying in the CD. Haha sorry my Japanese is like close to zero. Yeah so weird, "Diabolik Lovers" and "Kannou Jikan" are actually the ones that deserve the "adults only" title imo ^^;