Fujoshi no Totsugikata


Company: Motto! Entertainment.
Based on: Fujoshi?
Released: 2011.09.22

Fujoshi no totsugu kata (How to marry when you're a fujoshi) is a CD for all the fujoshi in the world,  Whether you are into BL or a game otaku. The concept of the CD is that you have been proposed to, but you haven't told your boyfriend that you are a fujoshi yet. Just as you're wondering what to do 5 butlers appear and claim that they want to help you.

The first track introduces all of the characters, and each one of them has a different approach as to what to do. Depending on what you want to do you can go to a specific track. Or listen to all of them of course. In each track one butler takes the lead, while all of them discuss on what to do. The choices are as follows:

track 2: hide that you are a fujoshi (Aoi Ryuuji)
track 3: you're not sure whether this is true love (Kikawa Miki)
track 4: admit that you are a fujoshi (Midoriyama Shion)
track 5: convince your husband to become a fudanshi (Akagi Eiichi)
track 6: give up being a fujoshi (Kurosaki Goro)

The first choice is to hide the fact that you are a fujoshi, but continue being one. Aoi Ryuuji (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) is the one to guide you in this. The solutions that he offers are actually quite possible. So everyone looking to hide their fujoshi side, give it a listen xD I had to laugh so hard at the remark of making game related comments while cutting onions, and the training on how what to answer in difficult situations.

The second option is that doubting whether you want to give up being a fujoshi probably means that this is not true love, so you decide not to marry. Your butler this time is Kikawa Miki (CV: Ishida Akira) who describes himself as a "younger brother / puppy" type. This was my least favorite track personally. Note the references to Shuukan Soine and Hitsuji de Oyasumi.

The next choice is to confess that you are a fujoshi, and in this you are guided by Midoriyama Shion (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou). His reactions and voice are so wonderfully over dramatic. One of the best things about the track is that the first part takes place in your...bathroom. That and some of the solutions to possible problems are hilarious.

The next choice is not only confessing that you are a fujoshi, but going so far as to turn your husband into a fudanshi. The hotheaded Akagi Eichi (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) is the one to guide you in this. Some blatant karami jokes are made here, and most of the solutions are unrealistic but it is hilarious. It is sad that the track is so short compared to the rest. (Also, Prince of Tennis and Lupin the 3rd references)

The last option is giving up being a fujoshi all together, and the sadistic butler Kurosaki Goro (CV: Yusa Kouji) is the one to train and torture you to get so far. But in the end he too shows compassion, saying that doing this for love is admirable but that you should also think about yourself and being a fujoshi is part of who you are. And you can't miss it, but they use the famous line from Kuroshitsuji here. As well as making a tokusatsu (think power rangers) parody.

Finally, after all problems have been solved, the elusive white butler Goshirakawa (CV: Kondo Takeshi) turns up... and is first turned into a punch bag due to a slight misunderstanding. More parodies on tokusatsu follow. The final track has all of the butlers say one last (cliché) line to you before they leave.

This is one of the most hilarious CD's that I've listened to lately. The seiyuu were clearly having fun recording this, which makes it a lot of fun to listen to. All of the references to various games, manga, anime, novels, and whatmore make it all the more enjoyable, though I'm sure I've missed half of them.

You don't have to be a fujoshi to enjoy this, though you'll need to understand fujoshi/otaku life a bit for it to have to maximum effect. It is a hilarious work for everyone and if you get the chance you should definitely listen to it.


  1. LOL Ishida Akira voice

  2. is there the translation text in english?