Nego Danshi Vol.3 and 4

ね語男子 其の三      ね語男子 其の四  

Company: Wavemaster Happies
Based on: Cats
Released: 2012.02.22

Nego Danshi is a series about cats. Or more accurately, it shows of scenes out of the life of a cat, from the perspective of that cat. Or put even more simply: Nego Danshi has seiyuu acting like cats. Each CD has 4 different tracks, 3 of them depicting 3 different cats ('lone wolf', a cute cat, and a cat in his last moments) and an extra. Vol.3 is voiced by Sugiyama Noriaki, and vol.4 by Naruse Makoto.

The scenario in these two CD's is slightly different from the first two. The first track starts similar (even with the exact same lines) but the story is slightly different. The music is a bit different as well. It turns out that our so called 'lone wolf' is just a house cat imagining he is a hard boiled type.

In the second track you come home crying because you had a hard time at work and your cat tries to get in your room. Which fails, to much hilarity (and the cat crashing into your door).

The third track is still largely similar to the first two CD's, but each CD has it's own special track. In this track the seiyuu once again turn into cats after they finish their recording. At the end of the track you can hear the seiyuu meow-ing in a few different ways.

Each Seiyuu acts the tracks in his own way, which leads to different interpretations. And sometimes quite some difference in length between the tracks sometime. Despite the lines being virtually the same Naruse his tracks are 2 whole minutes(!) longer that Sugiyama's.

Overall, I liked the Naruse his version better this time. Mostly because he sounds much cuter as a cat (although Sugiyama his scare reaction in track one was funnier. In track 2 they were similar, with (Naruse sounding cuter). I wasn't to impressed with track 3 in both cases. Sugiyama his version is just a cat with a cold, instead of dying. Naruse sounded more like he was actually dying, but neither of them even come close to the performance in vol.1.

Naruse even wins in the Omake, his scenario was simply funnier. Especially the line "apparently this came out last month as well, and it was relatively popular").

I'm happy that they changed the scenario's a little, if it were exactly the same again it would be much less interesting. Naruse-san makes an incredibly cute cat, but Sugiyama-san is (in my opinion) just so so. From these two vol.4 is my favourite one, but overall vol.1 still wins hands down.

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  1. I just finished downloaded both CD and I can't wait to hear Sugiyama's and Naruse's different meow-ing at the omake ^^ (and vol 1 is the best!)