Weekly News Post

Apparently, blogger just decided to change the comment format, so now you can actually reply to someone. Which is nice, accept that I keep forgetting that. Lalala~  Oh well.

Sleep x 2
A second vol for Sleepx2 has already been anounced. Our "sleep guide" for the second one will be Miki Shinichirou. The blog post announcing it explains that they hope that this series "becomes something that you can also give as a present", which is why the jacket has a simple flower design. Vol. 2 will be released on 2012.06.29.

Kindan Kyuuketsuki
Only a few days left until the release, but since a few days a preview movie is up on the official site. It sounds like Maximilian will be less of a sadist, but that he can rival the Diabolik Lovers guys in ero. Some of the lines in that preview movie are killing.

Oujisama (warai)
The official title for the upcoming CD is "王子様と二羽の姫君" (oujisama to futaba(?) no himegimi). And the prince is described as "a host type with a weak constitution". In other words... a sickly host? This is going to be interesting. As a reminder, the prince will be voiced by Yusa Kouji.

Also, a webradio will start in April. There will be one episode each month, available on animate tv.

Hatoful Kareshi
The cover for the second drama CD is up on the official site. I have to say... this is quite different from the sparkles and rainbows on the first cover. Either frontierworks is setting up an April fools joke, or this series just proved that it is crack on all fronts.

This almost makes me hope there will be some hurtful included...

Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen
As a bonus, have a sleepy cover (^-^)
To the left is the cover of the upcoming vol.4 in the Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen Series, which will be released on the 15th this month.


  1. Maybe Hatofuru Kareshi's second CD reflects some of the Bad Boys Love route? I haven't played it yet...but that one is definitely darker as far as I know....

    1. Yeah BBL/Hurtful route is definitely darker, and amazing. But to be honest I would be slightly surprised if they would use that for this drama CD.