Kannou Jikan Vol.7: Haru no Sanka to Kamikakushi no Iwaya


Company: Hituzigumo
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.03.02
Official Site: http://hituzigumo.com/kannnou/

It probably isn't much of a secret that I am not really a fan of this series. But with Hirakawa-san voicing this, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to listen to it. I'm no longer sure about how I should summarize this series, except for claiming that it is probably the most perverted drama CD series around (although that position is being threatened by Diabolik Lovers)

Hirakawa-san voices the role of a demon who has locked you (some sort of goddess/deity) in a cave. However, once a year he comes to visit you, which is when the passion of your love warms the very earth and winter turns into spring when your sacred powers allow spring to start.

Hirakawa-san uses a deeper voice than for most of his roles for this. There is a short fragment in the beginning where he uses his normal voice, but when he takes the role of the demon his voice is much deeper.

He opens the cave you are sleeping in and takes you outside, and immediately the snow around you starts to melt and flowers start to blossom. Of course, he does make effort to, errr, 'warm you up'. At some point it even starts raining (a 'spring shower') but apparently it is already warm enough to just continue what he was doing. There was just one thought that haunted me this entire CD:

"Am I even conscious?"

And I don't think I was. Between describing how the snow is smelting and spring is starting every two sentences, one of the things he keeps saying is that "it is time to wake up". With that thought constantly haunting me in the background, I couldn't even enjoy Hirakawa-san his kisses. Which were very good btw.

Something I missed in this CD was a sound used for hypnosis. There is the sound of dripping water and the rain for a while, but it is not the same.

Hirakawa-san seems to be slightly embarrassed in the freetalk btw, not quite knowing what he should say about this work (although he calls it "slightly perverted" at some point). But he does hope that we will support the series in the future as well. It must be so weird to voice something like this...

Personally, I really don't like this CD. Oh Hirarin hs kisses were good, no mistake about that. But he talks a bit too much about nature - like every other sentence- and the fact that I kept wondering whether I (I mean the listener, or, ah you get the point) was conscious put me off so much that nothing -not even Hirarin using a deep voice and sounding sexy- could save it.

request: If there is someone who really liked the CD, would you be willing to write a review for it so I can post it? I am hopelessly biased against this series, so I think another review would be fair.

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