Yukishiro Gakuen no Yukai na Hitobito ~Toshiue Kareshi. Yanwari S no Ani Hen~

雪白学園のゆかいな人々 ~年上彼氏。 やんわりSの兄編~

Company: Mujina
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.01.25
Official Site: http://mujina.kkjinnai.co.jp/index.html

Yukishiro Gakuen no Yukai na Hitobito is a series of  drama CD's, loosely connected by taking place at the same school and some recurring characters. This time the focus is on the brothers Mukai Yukihisa (the younger one) and Mukai Tatsuhisa (the older one). Both are voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke in this CD

Toshiue Kareshi shares it's setting with another CD: Toshishita Kareshi. While this one centres on the older brother, that one centres on the younger brother. You can think of the two CD's as parallel worlds, the setting is the same but things are slightly different.

The story begins with you (the listener) confessing your love to Tatsuhisa, who is your teacher, a month before you graduate high school.  Tatsuhisa says that he can only answer your question from his position as a teacher at this moment, so he promises to tell you his answer the day after your graduation - when you are no longer teacher and student.

From then we skip back in time, 4 years before now, when Tatsuhisa first became your tutor. Tatsuhisa describes how your relation develops through the years. You enter Yukishiro Gakuen because Tatsuhisa becomes a teacher there, and enter the astronomy club. You've had an interest in astronomy for a while, but the fact that Tatsuhisa is the consultant for the club probably helped a lot.

From there on you spend your days with Tatsuhisa, and Yukihisa who in turn followed you to Yukishiro Gakuen (he is one year younger) and joined the astronomy club as well. There are a few scenes from each year, leading back to the 'now' in the storyline. Which is where the plot twists are waiting.

I has listened to Toshishita kareshi first, and somehow expected the scenario from that CD to be reversed, but that is not the case. This is an entirely different story, but using the same characters. Interesting enough, that means that Yukihisa his brother complex doesn't show up either, that is something he kept entirely to himself, so you never get to see that side here.

Tatsuhisa his attitude toward you is certainly ambivalent. On the one hand he treats you with care, on the other hand he can also act like an absolute a$$. He never reproaches your advances, but doesn't try to stop you either. This together with the plot twists at the end really had me wondering how the CD would end. In case you are now wondering, it ends with an onsen trip. Be sure to look forward to it.

Azumi and Masao also make another appearance. Azumi his glasses obsession is back in full force, which made me happy. One day he really needs his own CD. Which will be all about glasses, of course.

Once again this is more serious. Then again, I haven't listened to the later entries in the series yet, so I'm not sure whether it was already heading in a more serious direction (it started out as complete crack). As much as I usually like S characters, I didn't really like Tatsuhisa though. But the plot twists at the end made this story for me. I really didn't see it coming. And now, you are left to wonder what happens. So go and listen!

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