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Otome Drama
To start off with some non-drama CD but heavily related (and late) info: in just a few days time (on 2012.02.29 to be exact) おとめドラ (otomedora) will be released. This is a mook (magazine x book crossover) that is all about drama CD's.

It will have about 128 pages and costs 1500yen. As of yet I've been unable to locate an official site, but judging by the cover it talk about drama CD's, seiyuu, and several interviews with seiyuu/makers. Amazon has it, so if you feel like reading up on your drama CD news and backgrounds, here is your chance. (I don't have a credit card so I'm looking for another way to get it)

Mousou Esthe
The cover for Mousou Este has been posted on their blog, and it is wonderfully suggestive as always. The post once again reminds us that we will be given a chance to experience the salon Babylon, but that Kagami Subaru (CV: Suwabe Junichi) will also do a treatment. In the first (or second?) CD, Babylon is described as "a salon with an atmosphere like a cafe". I wonder what it will be like?

Vol.2 and 3 for Therapia have been announced. Vol.2 will have characters for Fabric Softener and Dressing (lol what?) and vol.3 Smartphone and Mascara. I think I will have to listen to 1 to get an idea on how this is going to work....

   Ojisama Senka  
Animate is claiming all the best goodies as always. Ojisama Senka will have an Animate limited edition, which has a different cover image, a bonus disc with short stories for each character recorded with the dummy head mic and a cast talk. And if you get all three CDs you get a small artbook and a CD box to hold all three CD's + the booklet. Don't you just love it when the goodies are out of reach? In other news, here is the normal cover.

Shimekiri CD
The voice samples for Shimekiri CD are up. Both voice samples have the characters enter your room and introducing themselves, as well as explaing about the Midnight Agency (the agency they work for). From the sound of it, Shimeno has helped you with several deadlines at least.

Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru
As this seems to be a bit of a cover-posting-post: have another pretty cover. Vol.2 of the series will be voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki, and is based on Noboribetsu Onsen in Hokkaido. Apart from one of the largest onsen towns in Japan, the place also appears to have a marine park and a bear park, and you can go skiing in the winter.

It seems like everyone is jumping on the ero bandwagon. At any rate the contents of 妖夢~淫魔のカレと迎える朝~ (Youmu ~inma no kare to mukaeru asa~ Youmu ~greeting the dawn together with your incubus boyfriend~)  can be guessed from the title. I think it hardly demands any explanation.

But to be fair. There is an attempt at plot. The heroine (ie: you) have been a normal, ordinary girls all your life. But in your third year at hight school you start to have strange ero dreams that seem awfully real. In your dreams you are visited by two incubi, who also happen to be your neighbours and childhood friends Kugami Kei (CV: Miyashita Eiji) and Ei (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki).

Interestingly enough, The CD has multiple endings. A good and a bad end for each character, and an overal bad end that sounds an awful lot like a 3P ending....

Ai aru Batou
The CD has been listed on all kinds of places (including Frontierworks their own site) and finally some info on Ai aru Batou 2 has appeared on the official site. The characters this time are your boss (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), a prince (CV: Suwabe Junichi), and your boyfriend - who loves cooking (CV: Terashima Takuma). Take a look at the character page for the designs - the boss character seriously scares me, on the other hands those slippers your boyfriend is wearing... xD

Time for another honeymoon! this time to this time to Macau. Your groom this time is the company president Kashiwagi Ryou (CV: Yusa Kouji). He is described as having a sexy, and slightly S personality. He is the president of the company you work for, and his hobby seems to be teasing his new bride. The CD is planned for 2012.04.28. Yusa as your sexy husband, I think I can live with this :3

I love Pet
Fortissimo their other series, I Love Pet, is also continuing. Vol.7 will feature Hirakawa Daisuke as Sousuke, your Shepherd dog. I Love Pet in based on the principle that there are 'special pets' that can change into human form. Sousuke is pretty good at controlling when he transforms. His owner (you) works as the head of a kindergarten, and Sousuke is the watchdog, as well as a playmate for the kids.


  1. I've been reading this blog since about early August of last year and I still can't believe I haven't commented! Thank you so much for these amazing reviews and updates on new cds! I've only started learning Japanese for a couple of months but with your reviews I get a more solid foundation and am able to pick up on that and much more, so thank you!

    I'm a huge fan of Hirarin (he's the first voice actor I heard from my first ever drama cd, so he left quite the impact on me), so I always look forward to your Weekly Posts to see what else he's doing. I'll be sitting here patiently, waiting for the new Kannou Jikan to come out and for you to review it :D

  2. Whaaah, thank you for reading all this time! (*´ェ`*)ポッ

    And a you are a Hirarin fan as well!
    これからもよろしくね! ('-'*)

  3. I'm such a huge fan my excitement over even his name cannot be contained. I looked forward to my B's Log every month to catch any interview with him or about him (well, what I CAN ready anyway.) March's was no exception. Everyone at work asked if I was ok after seeing him in the 恋愛番長 section. I wasn't. xD

    うんん よろしく!

  4. Yay for Hirakawa-san in I Love Pet! ^O^///
    Playmate to the kids too! Won't miss this >w<

    The second volume of Ai aru Batou's cast sounds lovely :D
    The first one wasn't that bad at all :3

  5. @あまや: I still haven't listened to Ai aru Batou. Maybe I should sometime, but I can't bring myself to do it xD