Yukishiro Gakuen no Yukai na Hitobito ~Toshishita Kareshi~

年下彼氏。 ツンでヤンデレの弟編

Company: Mujina
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.01.25
Official Site: http://mujina.kkjinnai.co.jp/index.html

Yukishiro Gakuen no Yukai na Hitobito is a series of  drama CD's, loosely connected by taking place at the same school and some recurring characters. This time the focus is on the brothers Mukai Yukihisa (the younger one) and Mukai Tatsuhisa (the older one). Both are voiced by Sakurai Takahiro in this CD

Toshishita Kareshi shares it's setting with another CD: Toshiue Kareshi. While this one centres on the younger brother, that one centres on the older brother. You can think of the two CD's as parallel worlds, the setting is the same but things are slightly different.

You (the listener) and the one year younger Yukihisa have been dating for over a year now. You're both in the same school, and both in the astronomy club. Coincidently (not really) Tatsuhisa is a math teacher at your school, and the consultant for the astronomy club. While his friends often tease Yukihisa about how far he has gone with his girlfriend, the truth is that they haven't even held hands yet. But he is planning to change all that at the yearly astronomy club camp.

But things end up very differently. The bus in which they where on their way crashes. Everybody survives with small injuries, except for Tatsuhisa who ends up in a coma. And while his body is in a coma, his consciousness ends up inside of Yukihisa his head.

Yukihisa is of course less then happy about this, for more then one reason. All his life he felt like he has been in his perfect brother's shadow, and now he has the person in question inside his head. And seeing the strongheaded Yukihisa create all kinds of problems with his girlfriend, Tatsuhisa at some point decides to (temporary) take over his little brother his body to solve certain things....

Much of this drama focusses on Yukihisa his complex towards his brother. That also makes this drama a surprisingly serious one. And when I say serious, I do mean serious. Admittingly, Yukihisa doesn't really have it easy either. All you talk about when you see him is Tatsuhisa, so you can't really blame him for suspecting that you're in love with his brother either. Then again, Yukihisa isn't the most sensitive person either.

My first thought when hearing him was "so cuuuute". But after a few lines you discover that he really is a bit of an immature brat, and an incredible tsundere. I don't think you should call him yandere like in the title though. True, he does want to have you to himself, but within normal parameters and most of this comes from him feeling threatened by the presence of his brother.

A surprisingly serious entry to the series, but a good CD non the less. Yukihisa his complex can get a bit annoying, but more then that I sympathize with him. He does have one of the best closing lines ever though.

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