Diabolik Lovers Vol.3: Kanato

I said I would be faster with reviewing vol.3, and here it is. I have to admit, I mainly did this so fast because I thought the sooner we get this over with the better, but dear Lord was I wrong. This was in many ways amazing. I thought Ayato and Subaru were scary. I obviously hadn't met Kanato yet.


Company: Rejet
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.02.22
Official site: http://rejetweb.jp/dialover/index.html

Diabolik Lovers is a series that leaves you at the mercy of sadistic vampires. The project features drama CD's, radio broadcasts on NicoNico Live, and a PSP game by Otomate. The drama CD's are the first to be released, and this is vol.3 featuring Kanato.

Kanato (CV: Kaji Yuuki) is one of the triplets, and even though Subaru is technically the youngest, Kanato looks and acts younger. He blames others for everything, and tends to cry when he doesn't get his way or becomes upset. After which he turns violent. He loves collecting dolls and has a teddy bear that he always drags around. And he talks to it.

The story begins with Kanato entering your room, demanding asking whether there is something you should be saying to him. It turns out he found you collapsed in front of the door, so he brought you up here, so now he wants you to thank him. But not after making it very clear that he hates 'stupid noisy humans' and making it clear that you should only talk when he allows you to.

As if that warning wasn't scary enough, he blames you for collapsing because you have been letting others drink your blood. And they aren't allowed to. You are Kanato his food. Yes his food. Where Ayato and Subaru at least said you were their woman/possession, Kanato makes a point of saying you are his food.

That isn't the scariest part though. Kanato his switching between insulting you, suddenly starting to cry, and then going batshit insane and shouting at you is scary as hell. No kidding. In the beginning I was cautious (because I know how scary the others were) but when he started insulting me to no end I grew kind of annoyed with him. But when he started to go insane all I could do was cower in a corner... The moment his Teddy broke I was seriously afraid of the consequences.

Have I mentioned you never get out of your room? Or to be more specific, I don't think you even get out of your bed. After his Teddy broke Kanato simply decides to eat you on the spot. I think I was mostly to scared to actually enjoy the dummy head mic part. Yeah he is that scary. He mentions near the beginning that he would like to kill you and then drink every last drop of blood from your corpse, that kind of scary. (at least Subaru wanted to keep you alive).

Normally I am a yandere fan, but Kanato really is one of the scariest ones around. That he wants you all to his self is a standard yandere thing, but the fact that he is convinced that you actually like it when he abuses you drinks your blood. That and his switching between crying and yelling at you make his one scary yandere.

One of the reasons why I wasn't looking forward to this CD is because Kanato looked like a shota. He sure doesn't sound like one though, so no need to worry about that. Fine he sounds younger than the rest, but much much much better than I expected.

As of yet, Kanato was the most scary of them all. To the point of me being more scared than actually enjoying it. But Kaji Yuuki his voice acting is amazing here. The series is starting to make me question my mental health though.


  1. Haha~ well yeah he's really scary, but after a few times i start to enjoy his insane parts. I dunno why, but the voice acting is so brilliant! I have to think it's good. (I'm weird right? OTL)

    Kanato was my fav from the start, so it's not surprising that i like his CD the most right? xD
    Besides Ayato, i like him the most. (Subaru is such a... urgh)

    thank's for your review! ヾ(^∇^)

    1. @Anon: I think the voice acting was brilliant as well. It is not easy portraying someone as insane as Kanato and Kaji-san did a very good job with his ever changing moods.

      All of us are probably weird for listening to this xD We are all a victim of Rejet their plan to turn all girls into do-M xD (´▽`)アハハハ

  2. DIABOLIK LOVERS is really amazing!!! The yandere is really good.
    Indeed the part that really scary when Kanato see his teddy already ripped off. But at same time I really enjoyed and the part that he being mad that we being eaten by the others too. The dummy head is cool too.

    But still my fav is Ayato(beacause I like midorin and his character got me) but Subaru and Kanato is great. From the first and the newest, the voice acting really awesome!

    1. When Kanato noticed his Teddy's arm was ripped off I was going all "Please don't be mad, I'll fix it, please don't cry, I'll fix it so please don't be- EEEEEP!!!"

      It is amazing that a CD can scare me that much...

    2. lol. At that time i really scared too. I am looking forward at this series. Many people is become do-M because of this. From the last 3 brother, which one you really want to hear?
      I really feel poor to heroine(and us). Are we can stand up until the last volume? In the real life, maybe we really died because the bloodloss(and the pervertness from them).

    3. Haha, yes Kanato sort of made it sound like she is bitten by everyone, all the time. She probably spends a lot of time laying down because of severe bloodloss, haha.

      Personally I really want to hear Raito and Reiji.
      Raito because he is voiced by Hirarin, and Reiji because of his personality. If I'd had to choose between one of them I think I will have to go for Reiji, despite Hirarin being one of my fav seiyuu.

    4. Haha. same too. Reiji always been mentioned in the cd drama. And when I realize, both of Reiji and Raito are ero and hentai. I am confuse. Doesn't they are same?

    5. Pretty much the same.

      I could get technical and say that ero is originally just from erotic, and that hentai could also mean all kinds of (perverted) weird tastes. But both of them are often used for perverted xD

  3. Eh, I need to finish listening to Subaru's first, I made the mistake of listening to it when I should have been sleeping and then realized IT'S STILL HAVING AHDL AN HOUR AND I NEED TO SLEEP so I haven't finished it. Ahaha, what is sleep, I am going to listen to it now, where's my iPod...?

    When a yandere seriously is about to kill his love, it borders on yangire in my mine. Borders, not quite. Yandere like Kanato (I found his name strange and had to doublecheck the katakana because it wouldn't be the first time I misread kana xD) are the other end of the yandere-scale...scary....extreme yandere. But well, this series is about S-Yandere, so...they doing a good job. Way too good. Hmph, if only they added Yusa Kouji somewhere- /shot

    *off to listen to DL now*

    1. I listened to it while I should have been sleeping as well. The result was that I fell asleep despite Subaru threatening to kill me (^▽^;;)

      They are doing a far to good job indeed. So far the CDs have been getting scarier and scarier (better and better?) so I'm seriously wondering how the next ones will be. Seriously looking forward to Hirarin and Konishi-san though. Maybe that last one even more than the first because because of Reiji his butler-ish polite personality.

  4. ...he...bit my ear to get blood? I don't think he can suck much blood from biting my ear, right? But he is still sounding like he is having a mighty gulp....AHHHH KAJI WHY SOUNDING SO AWESOME SWITCHING FROM CRYING TO NORMAL TO CREEPILY CHILDISH TO CREEPILY CREEPY?!

    I am also looking forward to the game *A* Will they use dummy head for it as well, I wonder? And yeah, how will the next tracks be? Looking forward to both 8D

    1. Yeah he bit your ear XD
      I'm not sure whether Ayato his biting your tongue or Kanato his biting your ear will hurt more...

      I certainly hope that they will use the dummy for the game! I wonder how ero the games will be though, since explicit smut is prohibited on the psp. (Then again, Last Escort did a good job on leaving very little to your imagination as well).

  5. He is really YANDERE ! and Erotic one !
    I love to hear Kaji-sama 's sexy and naughty voice a lot and he did well with Kanato's voice

    (oh no my breast!!!)

    Anyway, I think Kanato is less scary than Ayato and Subaru who both of them are violent to me (and you)

    I am looking for Otome Game too ! Thank you for your review !

  6. Kanato is my favorite character! Well I thought that he was a shota
    but being a Yandere shotacon with a sexy voice might not be bad... *FANGIRL SCREAM~!!!*
    cute~ but at the same time scary~~0.0
    in Ayato's CD, he was such an S and M!! he was also my fave~