Diabolik Lovers Vol.2: Subaru

Well, this took me ages to review. Somehow I have developed a talent for falling asleep in the face of danger. Waking up some time later, realizing that my blood was being sucked but wondering what the hell is going on.


Company: Rejet
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.01.25
Official site: http://rejetweb.jp/dialover/index.html

Diabolik Lovers is a series that leaves you at the mercy of sadistic vampires. The project features drama CD's, radio broadcasts on NicoNico Live, and a PSP game by Otomate. The drama CD's are the first to be released, and this is vol.2 featuring Subaru.

Besides being a sadist, Subaru also has a serious anger management problem. If you annoy him even in the slightest he starts breaking and throwing stuff. His standard way of entering a room also seems to be to break down the door instead of opening it. Subaru is the youngest of the vampire siblings and a lone wolf. Although I get the impression that all of them are a bit anti-social.

The CD starts with Subaru saying that he was looking for you. He is pissed of at you for being in the church while you know he hates the place. He wants you to come with him, and when you refuse he starts destroying the place. You agree to leaving, but now he doesn't want to go. Instead he gives you a silver knife, saying that you should use it to cute yourself so that he can drink the blood that comes out.

Apparently the knife is also the only thing that can kill him. After he keeps provoking you, you indeed try to stab him with it, but you don't even get close. Of course he only gets annoyed with you, and drags you off. On the way back he jokes about biting your heart (eep!!), but he says it is just a joke. While you walk back to the house he contemplates on where to take you, and eventually decides on his own room.

You are thrown on the bed and he starts cutting your clothes off with the knife. Whether on purpose or actually by accident, he gives you a little cut and starts drinking blood from it, after which he moves to your neck. However he is distracted by something and you run off... into the bathroom.

Subaru simply follows you though. When you spray him with the shower in order to 'cool him off' he only gets even more pissed. And when he tries to grab you, you both end up in the bath. This is where things get weird, you suddenly offer your blood to him. Out of your own free will. This does have the advantage that Subaru finally becomes a bit less violent though. And that things become more eroi with the minute.

When you start to get cold he takes you back to his room. This is where the dummy head mic comes into play. Basically Subaru throws you on the bed and sucks endless amounts of blood from you. And the wording becomes even more eroi. You resist but that only makes him more aroused (you know how it is with guys, they think "no" means "yes please").

So...well... yeah.... what am I going to say about this. Possibly, that it was even sexier than the first CD? And thanks to Subaru his violent tendencies also scarier in the beginning. However when he finally calms down in the bath scene and his charisma side surfaces it becomes less scary and the ero is doubled. I found myself almost liking him, until of course he gets a bit too sadistic again.

I have no idea whether you were treated better in the first or in the second CD. Ayato saw you as his established play thing and makes that perfectly clear, and while Subaru might treat you slightly better in the end, he also intends to drink so much of your blood that you'll barely survive. I guess it is pretty much a tie, you're out of luck in either scenario.

Oh, and: This CD is long. It's a full hour. Only the last 15minutes are done with the dummy mic, but that is still a pretty long scene. The only thing is, I think the bathroom scene would have benefited more from the dummy head mic. Now he is mostly sucking your legs, which sort of misses the point for the dummy head. But if they had used the dummy in the bath scene, I think I would have died.

This time we get a full hour of sadistic bloodsucking foreplay. I'd normally say something about dying because of blood loss due to nose-bleeding, but in this case the pun is just too obvious. Next up is Kanato, who I am not really looking forward to, but after that... OH YES. Congratulations Rejet, it took you only 2 CD's to turn me into a do-M.

Oh, and for those who are interested, there is a wonderful translation over here.


  1. i agree too. i thougt at the bathroom the dummy head will be used. it's more suitable from that scene until the end, but still it's really hot.
    what do you prefer from both of them?
    i think i like both of them. but they REALLY do-S guy. do you already hear DIABOLIK LOVERS Do-S Vampire Radio second?
    it's threesome with ayato and subaru. and from the first time it's used with dummy head. it's really make me into do-M

  2. Ah, thanks for the link ( 。>艸<). I've been waiting for your review for this too since I love reading your thoughts on drama CDs wwww they tend to guide me to what I should listen to next. I definitely agree with the dummy head mic needing to be switched into the bathroom scene. If it was then Subaru would definitely shoot to the very top of my list right now (although it's not much of a list with just 2).

    Ayato had a really really good dummy head mic scene and the noises he made.. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. But Subaru had such a good scenario (I'm a sucker for his kiss scenes) despite the slightly lesser quality of his noises and dummy head mic ww.

    Is Kanato's review going to take you longer? It sounds like we're both completely unimpressed and uninterested with him (^∀^;). This is the one time where I hope they decide to make it only 30 or 40 minutes long. I don't think I'll be able to handle another hour long track..

    PS. I'm having troubles commenting it seems ;w; if I accidently started spamming you please ignore this ww.

  3. @Daisukiminna: I like Ayato because I prefer Midorin his voice (lol) but Subaru has much more charm... Subaru seemed to at almost care for you at some points, which is what won me over. And then he bites you again, haha...

    I... I haven't heard the radio yet. I'm not sure I'd survive it.

  4. @Ilinox: I'm actually planning on doing Kanato his review faster than this. I'll just listen to it in broad daylight to circumvent the falling asleep problem. But yeah, I really am uninterested. He's a shota and I don't like those (ー_ー )ノ"

    Haha, and I'm fine with it if Kanato his track is 40min again, but pleeeaaaase let them make the Raito and Reiji ones a full hour too (〃∇〃)

  5. @eri: lol me too. i prefer midorin at the dummy scene. it's really make me embarassed and doki. subaru version it's kinda light, but still it's really hot and he really have. He seemed a little cares for you.
    hahaha..at first i thought like that to. but really it's interesting too listen threesome with dummy head and it's not too long but still you feel the sadistic from them in very sexy way.

  6. Thank you for your review !

    I am fully turned into do-M as well and also love both sadistic vampires
    However, Midorin voice is more sexy than Kondo-san voice
    Anyway ! Kondo-san did a good job because I almost loss my nosebleeds every night !!

    I am looking forward to Kanato (My favorite voice actor as well !!) and I think I have to collect all Drama CD of this series if I can (completely DO-M)

  7. Thank you so much for the translation link!! I listened to the NikoNiko radio dramas as well, they were fun to have both together, I hope they do more. I think I will skip #3 and wait for #4 since I like his character design.