Diabolik Lovers Vol.1: Ayato

I was originally planning to make Christmas related reviews, but that plan met with some problems and so I bring you this instead:


Company: Rejet
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.12.21
Official site: http://rejetweb.jp/dialover/index.html

Diabolik Lovers is a series that leaves you at the mercy of sadistic vampires. The project features drama CD's, radio broadcasts on NicoNico Live, and a PSP game by Otomate. The drama CD's are the first to be released, and this is vol.1 featuring Ayato.

As this series is all about sadist vampires, it should be no surprise that Ayato is a Sadist. With a capital S. No kidding, he truly is scary.  But to give a little more information: Ayato is one of the six vampire siblings in their family, and has two triplet brothers. He is good at sports, hates studying, and has an enormous ego. But you won't really find much of that in this CD. In fact, almost none of it. Although he does contemplate to do some sports to kill some time.

As the CD starts you suddenly find yourself inside an iron maiden, together with Ayato (apparently he sleeps in one, although it is larger than normal and the spikes have been removed). You have no memory of how you got there and completely freak out. Turns out Ayato drugged you and led you here.

Don't think the situation improves much once you are out though. The sun is still setting, so it is a little 'early' and Ayato wants to kill time. There is some sports equipment in his room so you suggest doing something with that. Ayato rejects most things until you find a jump rope... and he decides that it would be a good idea to tie you up with it.

Luckily you sort of manage to escape that fate, but Ayato has become thirsty. And you are the only drink available. He gives you the chance to at least decide where he will bite you, if you answer his quiz correctly. The questions are just there for his ego, but you lose the game and are forced to drink a suspicious potion instead. Which apparently makes your blood smell even more delicious to Ayato.

And this is where the dummy head mic comes into play. While Ayato ties your hands with his necktie and starts to kiss and bite you all over, you get to live through all of that whispered into your ear. Believe me it is killing, and very very scary.

I... honestly don't know what to say about this CD. To begin with I first needed some time to calm down. Midorin his voice is very sexy (especialy in the last part) but the CD itself is so scary. I mean, he locks you in an iron maiden, threatens to tie you up, eventually ties up at least your hands, bites you all over, including your tongue (that has got to hurt) while enjoying himself immensely. For now, I will just say it was a biiiiit different from what I expected.

I had expected that it would have some sort of... I'd almost say plot, but that might not be the most suitable word. But I expected that the CD would somehow show how you met, and then some daily stuff, before things would go Sadistic. Instead, I wake up locked in an iron maiden, Ayato sees me as his established plaything and I seem somewhat used to it. I think I need a bit of context here....

Character-wise, the fact that Ayato is a Sadist and a bully (and sounds incredibly sexy) is perfectly clear. But I somewhat expected that this CD would be a sort of an introduction to the character (and the world). Instead it is -like someone on Hibiki stated- "40minutes of sadistic foreplay". And a lot scarier than I thought it would be.

This really was a lot scarier than I thought it would be. I'm not sure about this yet. Part of me enjoyed it (I am turning into a do-M, noooooo) but part of me really hoped that there would have been a bit more to this CD than me being a plaything.

I also wonder what kind of game this is going to be. How is it going to work? Or more importantly; what the hell is going to happen to you in that game, because if it is going to get even scarier than this...*shudders*. And to think, Ayato is a pretty 'normal' Sadist. Some of his brothers are also violent or yandere... eep!!!


  1. きゃっーΣ(T▽T;) ぐわわぁぁ~ん!

    I haven't heard it myself >afraid of the seiyuu-san's character and the effects of listening to it

    but the story sounds really scary. Though in a way really interesting and good CD for the どM

  2. I'm a proud DO M hahaha 8DD
    super sadistic vampire just wwww.

    The CDs are sold out in every store not to mention Stellaworth www. Guess, girls love this kind of things www.

    Ayato is like super sadistic king of DO S the fact that he became yandere at the end it like..gahh xDD;;
    I can't help but blushing lol. Even though, some parts is a bit scary ;A; I almost feel poor heroine-san D:

    i think the game has something to do with become a bride to those vampires www. I'm really looking forward for it! ^^

  3. Oh, so it was an iron maiden... wt ;__ ; I can't believe myself that I lasted 44minutes listening to this even though I usually don't like sadistic guys. I couldn't understand what he was saying but he sounds so scary yet VERY sexy. Thank you for explaining bits on what's going on! XD

  4. Oi oi, their objective is to make us do-M if we aren't already!! GAAAAH!

    I really enjoyed reading your review. Every paragraph I was like, "OH GAWD" with a smile on my face.

    This CD had so much going on--and it's only the first volume! I'm VERY curious how the others will be like. No doubt I'm looking forward to the violent and yandere brothers. 8D 8D 8D

  5. GYAHHHHHHHHH!! I just had to listen to this after reading your review and I completely agree with everything you wrote basically. On one hand, this was super frightening and I don't even know how the heroine is dealing with this. Every time he revealed his sadist colors I was thinking "what a bully..."

    On the other hand.. I DON'T THINK I'VE EVER HEARD MIDORIN BE AS SEXY AS HE IS IN THIS ONE. He completely out-did himself here.. wow.. I can't count how many times I bit my cheeks super hard to prevent myself from making weird noises when he started doing his dummy mic section and I kept on flinching whenever his voice switched sides.

    Are you thinking of reviewing the other CDs for this series? Or just the Hirakawa Daisuke one? (Because you know you won't be able to resist him ;D).

    I'm thinking the game might have the heroine have irresistible blood to the vampires or maybe she finds out about them and then is captured by them to be their food supply or the food supply of one of the vampires and then said vampire falls in love with her? *shrug* I haven't been keeping up with the story or news about it because I can't decide if I want to play it or not hahaha.

  6. @Yumemirusekai: Yes I'm planning on reviewing the other CD's as well. You're absolutely right that I won't be able to resist Hirarin, but I'm also curious about butler! Konishi. And how the series will develop.

  7. First of all, Happy New Year (^-^)

    My opinion after listening to this: scary and quite kinky at the same time. I liked the moment the dummy head mic comes into play. Although as you said, the introduction of the character left much to be desired (unless the makers just wanted the listeners to be exposed to Ayato's sadistic side, then...)

    I'm anticipating for the upcoming releases for this series, especially Konitan's (>w<)

    It's good to be scared once in a while. I should probably start listening to Yandere Heaven as well! (^ヮ^)

  8. thank you! cant wait for your second cd review. i really want to know about all that bath scene