Yandere Heaven Black: Seishin Gakuen Boys Dormitory

While we are already in Yandere-mode, why not do another yandere CD? And a BLCD as well, a rare find on this blog (^▽^;)


Company: Hobirecords
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.02.14
Official Site: http://www.hobirecords.com/yanderebl/

In the original Yandere Heaven series the listener became the object of affection of two rather dangerous characters. In this BL spin-off, all of the characters are voiced. And unlike the original series, things already start off pretty high on the yandere scale.

Himeno Yumeyoshi (CV: Akabane Kenji) was childhood friends with Hozumi Kei (CV: Majima Junji). Himeno noticed pretty fast that the one year younger Kei grew far to attached to him, so he enrolled in Seishin Gakuen, which has a dormitory. Himeno just wanted to help Kei to get more independent this way.

Kei however, simply followed Hime-kun (I like his nickname, I'll call him that from now on) to Seishin Gakuen, and as coincidence has it, becomes his room mate. Probably no coincidence there whatsoever, but that is never mentioned. From that moment on Kei once again sticks to Hime-kun all the time, demanding that Hime-kun always tells him where he goes.

Meanwhile, Hime-kun befriends the caretaker of the dorm, Nabari Masato (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke). Much to Kei his annoyance of course. And so the days where Kei becomes more and more aggressive in his advances and Nabari is simply being kind continue, until valentine arrives.

Nabari is waiting for Hime-kun after class, and takes him on a sort of date to give him chocolate. This causes Hime-kun to forget that he promised to go home with Kei, who is of course incredibly pissed. He retaliates by force feeding Hime-kun the chocolate mouth to mouth. And at that time Nabari enters the room, revealing that the chocolate was drugged. Fade out, and that is where the different endings start.

-note: this is also where the smut starts. But I'm not a BL expert so I won't be reviewing that-

There are 3 endings: one for Kei, one for Nabari, and a 3P. All of them are incredibly high on the yandere scale. Kei and Nabari their conviction that Hime-kun is trying to seduce them in some way, or at least wants to be violated by them is... highly disturbing at best.

What I noticed with this CD is that there is far more squick than in the original series. Which makes sense, considering that the the listener is the protagonist in the original series, so you can't make things to extreme. This time however, all of the stuff happens to someone else, and everything is definitely more explicit. (Although Yandere Heaven 5 did hint at some fairly disturbing things in the tokuten).

Kei his ending includes him making a deal with Nabari so that he can do to Hime-kun whatever he wants, in return Nabari is allowed to record everything with his hidden camera's. Nabari his ending has him treating Hime-kun in a very humiliating way, and in the 3P Hime-kun finally goes insane due to all of the twisted affection. Not to mention that it is a full out threesome.

I... I really don't know how to review BL. I'm sorry o(;△;)o
It was just... I wanted to listen to this because it has Hirarin being yandere. And he didn't disappoint. You have my word for that.

Err, if you like BL and Yandere this is probably a must listen. If you like only the one or the other you might want to reconsider. Or not. One thing is certain though, don't expect any hint romance in this CD, only very twisted affection. Listening is at the risk of your own sanity~ It took me a pretty long time to calm down from this. Both because of the Karami, and the fact that the Yandere is rather intense.


  1. What this has yaoi smut I have to get this-/shot

    A-anyway, I laughed. "Hime"-kun, huh? Way to make a little hint to the straighter setting of yandere, since yandere sure to call their beloved 'hime' sometimes xDDDD

    So need to listen to it. Though I can see myself shying away from the smut again (I never quite managed to listen to yaoi smut without stopping midway embarrassed *shot* B-but I wanna hear the seiyuu playing awesome yandere *A*

    1. I know how you feel. I'm not too good with smut either (hence me needing a long time to calm down). Oh, and, you WILL pause midway~

      "Hime" is not really a yandere thing though, I think. I've seen it in many other places as well, and in those cases the girl really was treated like a special princess ('-'*)
      The name does make him seem far more uke though.

    2. ...holy fuck ASDFGHJKL Hirakawa got even better in voicing perverted yandere *A* But damn, really, the most romance I noticed was the tiny bit childhood friend affection...until everyone went batshit insane, that is. The kissing sounded hot, though (not to mention the smut argh).

      Yeah, I meant calling the main character 'hime' just adds to the affection, or in this case, obsession...xD But hey, the uke stood up for himself...and went insane. Gods, that was creepy ;A;

    3. That was definitely creepy *nods*

      And the three of them lived yandere ever after...

  2. i love you forever for reviewing!!!