Heartful Kareshi Prologue

はーとふる彼氏 プロローグ

Company: Frontierworks
Based on: Game
Released: 2012.01.25
Official site: http://www.fwinc.co.jp/hatoful/

Heartful Kareshi is an otome game in which all they guys are doves. Yes, like actual doves. I still haven't played the game (shame on me). The outset of the game is that you somehow end up going to a school St. PigeoNation, where all the students are doves. This drama CD however only has the guys pigeons interacting with each other.

The CD starts when Shirogane Sakuya (Student council president, CV: Ishida Akira) hears about the '7 mysteries of St. PigeoNation'. He doesn't believe any of it but because he wants to know everything about "his" school, he orders his two underlings classmates Kawara Ryouta (CV: Asanuma Shintarou) and Oko San (CV: Wakamoto Norio) to go and investigate with him. Each following track deals with one of the 7 mysteries.

The first one is that "Iwamine-sensei appears in the school's infirmary". Considering that Iwamine Shuu (CV: Koyasu Takehito) is the school nurse that isn't really surprising. But to be fair Iwamine-sensei is incredibly scary.

The second one is that "the student council president his room is supposed to be connected to another world". A rumour that emerged because Sakuya installed a trap door that dumps any intruders, and most of all his half brother Sakazaki Yuuya (CV: Yusa Kouji), in the garbage dump.

The third one is that "if you scribble in a book in the library you will get cursed". This is actually just due to Fujishiro Nageki (CV: Saiga Mitsuki) being there, and that is all I will say about it. (Those who have played Nageki his route will probably understand).

The fourth one is once again in the infirmary, this time with the rumour "that there another menu in the infirmary". Turns out that Iwamine-sensei is testing out some not-yet-approved medicines. Once again, Iwamine-sensei his tendencies for strange (and possibly deadly) experiments is stunning.

The fifth mystery is the rumour about "a pool of blood in the teacher's toilet". Turns out that this is mostly Nanaki-sensei (CV: Nojima Hirofumi) being a klutz. Iwamine-sensei turns up again. I'll take this chance to say that I find it very amusing that Iwamine-sensei his theme music is from the Nutcracker ballet xD

The sixth mystery is the "Teke-teke" a monster that runs very fast and appears at the school grounds. When Oko runs off at high speed to find it you can already guess what the solution is...

The final mystery is some sort of cult that wreaks havoc on the school grounds at night. It turns out that it is only the astrology club that went off-rails a bit (they want to convert all the world to believe in roasting marshmallows. Kawara even begins a speech about that he believes that people should be free to choose whether they want to roast their marshmallows or not).

There is a small bonus track in which the seiyuu talk as doves, meaning they only make dove sounds, which is quite amusing. After that comes the free talk, which is of course abundant in puns about birds. The most amusing thing however is Wakamoto Norio saying that he tried to play Oko 'as cute as possible'. If there is anything that Oko doesn't sound like it is cute.

Speaking of Oko, he sounds exactly like Shining Saotome from Uta no Prince-sama (also voiced by Wakamoto-san) which amused me to no end.  But all the characters sounds amusing really. And after a while I really got the feeling I was listening to doves talking. The entire concept of this game is crack, and this drama CD is possibly even more crack.

But really, all the characters are quirky and lovable, and the entire CD was just so much fun. Something that I find amazing is that they originally announced a voice cast as an Aprils Fool joke, but that they have managed to get almost everyone they listen as the actual cast (Okamoto Nobuhiko was listed as the seiyuu for Kawara).

This review has become more like a summary, but really, I had so much fun listening to this. A second drama CD will be released soon, and I think I really need to start playing this game now. I secretly hope that Higure Angel, the extra character for the plus version of the game, will also be included in the drama CD's. After all, they listed Sakurai as his potential seiyuu.


  1. ...;A; Nageki's route is sad...

    I really should listen to the Prologue, then, after I played the seiyuu-less game. Just where do I have it....?

    Go play the game, it is so silly, but it often is so sad, the bad end is really scary and apparently there will be more....? Anyway, thanks for reviewing~

  2. Yes, Tumblr spoiled me on a few things concerning Nageki. And even if Tumblr hadn't, this CD WOULD have spoiled it anyway...