Yukishiro Gakuen no Yukai na Hitobito ~Dogeza Sensei, Sono Aii~

雪白学園のゆかいな人々 ~土下座先生、その愛~

Based on: Original
Released: 2010.10.06
Official Site: http://mujina.kkjinnai.co.jp/index.html

Yukishiro Gakuen no Yukai na Hitobito is a series of loosely connected drama CD's by taking place at the same school and some recurring characters. Each drama CD features a rather eccentric student (or in this case, teacher) and his situation.This CD is all about Okita Yuuki (CV:Itou Kentarou) who's nickname is "dogeza sensei" due to his tendency to apologise with a dogeza.

The CD switches between scenes from Okita his life (always ending in an dogeza, or at least a very thorough apology) and his interactions with Toukai Azumi (CV: Sakuragi Akito) and Kawaguchi Masao (CV: Furukawa Tetsuto).

Okita is planning to propose to his girlfriend, they have been dating for 10 years now. Azumi has somehow discovered his plan, and intends to use it to blackmail him into participating in the play that the student council has planned for the school festival. Azumi begins with telling several things from our dogeza sensei his past, some of which are enacted others are not.

Most of the scenes from Okita his life however are scenes together with his girlfriend (read: you). Especially the propose scene (where he forgot to mention that the ring was an engagement ring) and when he afterwards goes to his girlfriend her house to ask for her hand in marriage and gets beaten up by her father were just too funny. In between all of this there is also a track where Okita gives a little lecture on dogeza.

Where the first CD from the series was complete crack, this one is slightly more serious. Of course there is still enough hilarity (someone who tends to overreact and make a dogeza in the weirdest situations is funny no matter what). Azumi and Masao are a bit more in the background this time. I had expected Azumi his glasses fetish to be more prominent (considering the fact that Okita has glasses) but save for one remark it isn't even mentioned.

On te other hand it feels more like a situation CD this time, with all the scenes between Okita and yourself. Even if he tends to make a dogeza at least once in each one xD

Less crack, more situation CD, but still funny. Personally I hoped for more crack, but I still enjoyed listening to this a lot. On to the next!!

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