Weekly News Post

Well, after some startup problems we should be back on a regular schedule now. Also, if it might seem like there are two posters now: it is still only me. I used to have sepparate accounts for my mail and my blog, but I was getting tired of loggin in and out everytime I wanted to switch, so now I can use bot to post.

Looks like the series Barico is coming to an end. The official site has not been updated yet, but Frilla Records lists サヨナラ四重奏-Good bye Quartet― for a 2012.02.24 release. The product page says "the deelply moving finale" so there is no doubt that this will be the last CD for now. In the main series that is, because at the same time "Coffee and Love for all Seasons" has been announced: a compilation of all the short comics and a special drama CD.

Koi Koi
A new series by Marine Entertainment. Koi Koi is based on Hanafuda, the characters are based on each the month. 4 CDs will be released, each featuring 3 characters. Official Site is here.

Storywise, it is said that the 12 Hanafuda (here, Koifuda) govern the seasons. All twelve of them have been sealed together, to make sure that the seasons change smoothly as they should. However due to some sort of accident the cards have been released and have flown off in every direction, making the seasons run wild. And it is now your task to find the twelve of them again.

Kindan Kyuuketsuki
Dummy head mic, vampires out for your blood, sounds familiar? I'm not talking about Diabolik Lovers though. No there is another drama CD out for your blood: Kindan Kyuuketsuki ~Kurenai Bara no Ou~. Like it says on the site, this time your vampire is a lot more traditional.

Set in a (suspiciously German sounding) mediaeval era, you are invited into the house of a count (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) who lives somewhere deep in a quiet forest, and end up getting your blood sucked.

I will refrain from commenting on the words "vampire stimme" and "vampire breathr" that are used on the site, but more vampires using the dummy head mic means you have me interested. The release is planned for 2012.03.14

IM Label
The official site has a limited edition picture up for new year, it will be their until the 10th and according to their twitter account the site will come back on the 11th "with a lot of info on releases and new works". New works... hmmm, I wonder if they are talking about Zyklus Code or something else entirely...?

Yandere Heaven Black
This blog doesn't feature any BL, but this is something that I had to post anyway. Yandere Heaven is getting a spinoff -Yandere Heaven Black- which is BL. Which means that this time both of the suitors and the main character are voiced.

A teaser site is online now, which reveals some info.  ヤンデレ天国BL(ブラック)~真誠学園男子寮 編~ (yandere heaven black ~shinsei gakuen danshi ryo hen~, Yandere Heaven Black ~Shinsei High Boys Dormitory Episode~) takes place -as you can guess- at the boys dormitory. The main character (CV: Akabane Kenji) is the victim of the affections of his roommate (CV: Majima Junji) and the dormitory's caretaker (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke).


  1. oooo whats the official site for Kindan Kyuuketsuki?

  2. Ohohohoho, "boys dormitory."

    I'm very satisfied that they got Hirakawa to voice another role. I like to think that they couldn't resist his yandere performance, so they just HAD to get him back.

    But I think the person I'm most interested in is Majima Junji because I've never heard him voice a yandere character (or a character with yandere tendencies).

  3. Kindan Kyuuketsuki official site:http://www.team-e.co.jp/sp/kindan_vampire/index.html

    @tenshionrush: Yes, The fact that it is Yandere Heaven AND Hirakawa-san really makes me want to listen to this. Maybe I should just do it.