Shuukan Soine CD Vol.9 - Takahiro

週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.9 隆弘

: Black Butterfly
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.12.02
Official Site: http://www.blackbutterfly-cd.com/short/

Shuukan Soine CD series is a series in which your boyfriend cuddles next to you and talks with you until you fall asleep. Each CD features a different type of character, and lets you experience a different type of boyfriend.

This time your boyfriend is Takahiro (CV: Morita Masakazu) who is a Japanese language teacher, and described as always smiling and someone to look up to. He certainly does seem like a very positive person.

The story starts when you get home from work, apparently rather tired. Takahiro made dinner for you, but you have no appetite so he puts it in de fridge so you can eat it later. Since you seem so tired he asks you whether you want to go to bed, but not after you've taken a shower (alone, to avoid any confusion).

Of course once in bed you can't sleep, and when he offers to tell you a story. You get up and bring him a picture book you like, a story about a sakura tree and a little bear. In spring when the tree is in bloom, all the animals gather around it and celebrate it, so the little bear admires the beautiful tree. But the bear notices that after the blossoms are gone, everyone leaves and no-one looks at the tree for the rest of the year. So the bear stays with the tree the entire year, keeping it warm and protecting it. The next year when the tree blooms again everyone celebrates again, and the bear, now admiring the sakura tree for enduring an entire year of loneliness just so that it can show everyone it's blossoms in spring, stays with it for the rest of the year again.

When you've fallen asleep Takahiro says he is relieved that you are sleeping soundly, because he was really worried when he saw your face as you came home. Apparently you react to what he does in your sleep, and he is pretty amused by your cute reactions.

I like the way Takahiro seems like someone you can depend on and let yourself be spoiled. But what I like even more is how you seem like a somewhat childish and cute girlfriend. For once I can honestly say that not only your boyfriend is sweet, but that you yourself seem like a fun person as well.

The freetalk was amusing, Morita-san says he'll talk about the dummy head mic despite assuming that everyone else already talked about it. He shows us exactly how sensitive the mic is by almost whispering and teases you by whispering into your ears. The most amusing part however is when he talks from below. It actually sounds like he is crawling around your feet in the end ヾ(≧∇≦)ノ

I think this is one of my favourite, if not my most favourite CD in this series. It was a lot of fun to listen to, yet still very sweet. But the fact that you yourself seem to be a fun person really made this CD for me.

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  1. OMG I think it's my favorite too *_* <3 The kisses sound beautiful and really realistic... also the voice itself is calming and fits into the whole concept T w T And I agree... the funniest part is the free talk~ I cracked up at the part with 'chukchukchukchukchu' and then the 'krskrskrkskrk'-sound with paper XD He's quite creative XD haha yes~ the end sounds like he's trying to tidy up the bottom.. X3