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You might have noticed that there are some reviews missing in the last few days, that is because someone stole my earphones while I was at the gym, so I can't listen to stuff on the go until I've found a new pair of acceptable earphones. Sorry.

Mousou Este
Two more cast member have been announced: Itou Kentarou and Suzuku Tatsuhisa. The official staff blog also has a small line saying that this time it will be the estheticians from the beauty salon Babylon (rival salon to Entreinte, the salon from the previous entries to the series) that will do the treatments.

The seiyuu for Amemakura vol.5 and 6 will be Sugiyama Noriaki and Suzuki Tatsuhisa. Unfortunately there is no other info on the characters yet...

Momo & Grapes
A new vol. with readings of Miyazawa Kenji his stories will be released on 2012.3.22. The stories included are: Guskou Budori no Denki (reading Ishida Akira), Tamatokoyama no Kuma (reading: Yusa Kouji), Kairo Danchou (reading: Hirata Hiroaki), and Ame ni mo makezu, Kaze ni mo makezu (reading: Ishida Akira).

And the Honeymoon series continues! Vol.3 brings us Mizunuma Daichi (CV: Fukuyama Jun), and your destination this time is Australia. Daichi works as a vet, and according the his character description he is an active and optimistic person, kind to both humans and animals. You can go on your Honeymoon for the third time on 2012.03.28

Ojisama Senka
A new series for those who like oji-san characters has arrived: Ojisama Senka ("Ojisama Specialised") In the first vol. titled "Make my Lady" three gentlemen make a bet who can turn you into a proper lady.

Ikurumi Yukiya (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) is a flower arranger who purveys to the Imperial Household. Kiritani Atsushi (CV: Seki Toshihiko) is a fashion designer who works with many famous actresses, and Tougou Masahiko (CV: Ookawa Tohru) is a manager at a huge company. These three decide to see who can turn you into a proper lady to kill some time. The story is described a a 'modern day Cinderella story' by the official site. The release is planned for 2012.03.14 *the reading of their names are my best guesses due to lack of a official reading.

The stories for vol.2 and 3. have not been announced yet, but the cast is known. Vol,2 is titled "Memories ~Haha no Techou~" and will have Koyama Rikiya, Nakata Jouji, and Horiuchi Kenyuu. Vol.3 is titled "Restore the Bistro ~Ojousama Funtouki~" and will have Kosugi Juurouta, Tanaka Hideyuki, and Fujiwara Keiji.

A drama/situation CD featuring an all oji-san cast. Hmmmm.  I don't know whether I'm ready for this yet, but I am willing to try it.

Continuing with drama CD's that cater to specific tastes: Megabu should be heaven for those of us who like characters with glasses, because it is all about, well,  glasses.

Somewhere at a rural industrial highschool the Meganebu ("glasses club") is trying to invent the legendary 'suke suke glasses'. The members of the club are Souma Akira (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke) who is the club president, Kamatani Mitsuki (CV: Mizushima Takahiro) who loves glasses so much he almost develops as second personality where it conecerns anything with glasses, Kimata Hayato (CV: Namikawa Daisuke) who desperately want to be in the glasses club, Hachimine Takuma (CV: Kondou Takashi) who tends to get hysterical whenever he gets emotional, and Minabe Yukiya (CV: Morita Masakazu) who is shy but often says blunt things.

All together, a rather colourful cast on a rather weird quest. The CD was on sale at Comiket 81, and be be on sale in stores on 2012.02.01.

Satou Heim he Youkoso!
The rather clumsy Sakuma Aoi (CV: ) starts living on his own, and his senpai Minase Kouki (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke) and Satou Yuuta (CV: Hino Satoshi) teach him all kinds of ways to save on expenses. That is the concept behind this CD. Despite the characters looking like they are in grade school, they are actually all in university. The CD was on sale at Comiket 81, and will be available in stores on 2012.01.27 (like, next week). Official Site is here.*once again the name readings are my best guess.

Kiri no Sekai
The series 'Kiri no Sekai' continues, vol. 3 & 4 have been announced, 3 is already available on iTunes, but the CD will be released on 2012.02.24.

O.To.Na Gentei
Kishio his radio show introducing the upcoming Togame CD's is still going. Ep.2 has been uploaded to the official site. Midorikawa Hikaru returns as guest for this ep, and the voice he uses to introduce himself is killing. The first ep is still online as well so go and listen if you like (^-^)

Yandere Heaven Black
The official site for Yandere Heaven Black has officially opened, and you can listen to the introduction voices for the 3 characters. Hirakawa-san his yandere voice is love.... I've decided that I am going to listen to this no matter what.

Healing Stone
Healing Stone is the next series to get an iPhone app. It looks like you can use it as an alarm, and that each character has a 'good morning' track you can play. The app costs 350yen, and is compatible with 3rd and 4rd gen devices.

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  1. Healing Stone's iPhone app...I see Yusa-san's name there. I only have an iPod touch 4, though. Though I did manage to download Starry Sky's Sleepy Boyfriend. But I can't spend money on an app again after Ninja Love...;_;