Shuukan Soine vol.11 Touma

 週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.11 透真

Company: Black Butterfly
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.12.16
Official Site: http://www.blackbutterfly-cd.com/short/

Shuukan Soine CD series is a series in which your boyfriend cuddles next to you and talks with you until you fall asleep. Each CD features a different type of character, and lets you experience a different type of boyfriend.

This time your boyfriend is Touma (CV: Fukuyama Jun), who works in the sales department of a company that publishes picture books. You both work in the same company, and you are both his girlfriend and his direct superior at work.

The CD begins with the two of you celebrating the release of the picture book you have both been working on at his place. You like wine, so Touma bought some. He tries to drink some himself too, but obviously doesn't like it (although he tries to hide that). After you've taken a shower you are watching TV, but Touma convinces you to go to bed.

You tease him a bit and he starts to sulk, so he begins to read the picture book that you have both been working on. At first you read it together, but Touma gets you to read it aloud. And then says he can do it better, so you switch and he reads the story to you.

It is a story about a beautiful princess, she is loved by all, but because she is so precious to everyone she has never been outside of the palace or it's gardens. But she loves the gardens, so she is perfectly happy. One day while she takes her usual walk in the garden she meets one of the gardeners. He has a very scary face, and without thinking runs off. Feeling guilty about what she did, the princess loses her smile. Determined to apologise she searches for the gardener, however she doesn't meet him again. But one day, by chance, she sees him save a little bird. But she is still too scared to say anything. However the gardener brings her a beautiful flower, saying that he raised it just to see her smile. From that day one, the two become closer, and eventually marry and live happily ever after.

Of course Touma likens this story to his own situation. He was aiming for something else, but ended up in the sales department. He didn't like it there, but seeing your smile whenever he completed something made him happy, and that is what he was working for (awww).

I like Touma, he obviously a bit younger than you are, and sort of clumsy with words (and actions) at times, but that makes him adorable. Two of my favourite moments are when he hastily apologises for something and accidentally uses keigo (polite speech) because that is what he uses at work. The other is the wake-up track, where he is talking is talking to you in a sleep dazed manner, then suddenly wakes up and jumps out of bed, but trips of all kinds of things.

Fukuyama starts his announcement of the freetalk in an epic manner, after which he gets sort of excited talking about the mic. And he has a lot of fun doing all kinds of stuff with it. Like moving a chair to talk from above and dropping his stuff in the process, after which he comments that it is weird to be talking downward but to hear his own voice from above. The best part however is where he says "aaaaah, I want to fall in love".

I didn't expect myself to like this vol this much, but I think Touma is one of my favourites (when did I start liking younger guys?). That might or might not have something to do with the fact that all my fav entries have the same scenario writer... Touma doesn't shower you with love, but through his sometimes blunt manners you can really feel that you are precious to him.


  1. AH TOUMA'S VOLUME WAS ONE OF MY FAVOURITES! /squeals/ His clumsiness is so adorable though :3

  2. I really never thought that I would liked this volume so much either and it was quite precious haha, He's really different from other guys in the Soine series. I really liked the freetalk, Junjun getting excited talking about the mic and all. And especially of course where he says "あぁ…恋愛したいな~” :D

  3. I like Touma, he is kawaii. Always sulking and adorable... Ahh Fukuyama's voice also... He is playing with dumb head voice, hahaha and say it was one of seiyuu's job to produce voice like that.. JunJun <3

  4. Does anyone know where to find a translation? I keep searching for one but I can't find one and I'm dying here because I love Fuku Jun's voice TT^TT