I still regularly stalk Hypnos Eye, in the hope that he will update more free examples of his work. He stated in a recent blog post that due to personal circumstances it might be a little while before he releases the next work, but that it will be released.

But I also found a link to something else posted on his blog:

Warabimochi-ka, or in other words, a hypnosis for turning into warabimochi. (klick on the Japanese title and scroll down past the, ummmm, other works by this circle until you find the above picture again to download. The password is posted beside the picture).

Now before I begin my review, during my time in Japan I've been complete addicted to these. The supermarket version is incredibly cheap as well, so for over a month I've been eating this every day. So when I found this I just had to listen to it. It is not like a hypnosis turning you into a food in new to me either, Kannou Jikan did it as well, although this work lacks the double meanings. (which is in retrospect, considering the other works of the group, actually slightly surprising).

The first thing I noticed after downloading the work is that it is long. 58min! That means that the hypnosis takes almost an entire hour! Granted, there is a 10min silence to let you sleep, but that doesn't make it any shorter. From my experience with listening to this it is a bit too long. This kind of hypnosis is meant for relaxation, and there is a considerable 'risk' of falling asleep. Which is especially true for the 10min silence in this work. Chances are you'll actually fall asleep and miss the wake-up sequence (and be stuck as a warabimochi forever! ( ´艸`)ムププ

Other than that it is constructed remarkably good. The voice of the girl who voiced it might take a little while to get used to, especially high-pitched voices are not really your thing, but she did a great job. It becomes really easy to relax listening to her voice, and the calm pace allows you to completely relax. With the single drawback that you might really fall asleep.

This was a really interesting work to listen to. Actually convincing someone that they are mochi is a challenging task, but they manage to come a long way. And without a doubt it is one of the most relaxing hypnosis works that I know.

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