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To prevent myself from spamming everybody with tiny news updates, I've decided to make a weekly news update every Friday. Downside to this is that it might take a little longer bring the news, but on the other hand it is all conveniently in one post, I don't have to spam multiple updates a day, and you can start the weekend with a whole bunch of good news.

Blog updates and changes
Little changes here and there, some new banners have been added in the banner madness, slight changes to the about page, and a switch back to post titles in romaji. I figured that it makes no sense to post them in kanji, as all my reviews are in English. The Kanji titles are still included in the posts however, so with the search function you can still search for them. I am also trying to find a better way of listing all of the tags, because it is becoming one looooong list by now.

I've also enabled the mobile version for this blog, meaning that when you open it on a mobile device a more compact and lighter version will open. It is still far from perfect (the background is a default one, for one thing) but it makes reading posts on the go a lot easier.

Kannou Mukashi Banashi Portable
The site for Kannou Portable has officially opened, giving us a bit more information on how this series is being tuned into a game. According to the site the game will include 7 stories from Kannou Mukashi Banashi. In each one the listener will take the role of the heroine. Depending on the choices you make during each story it is possible to obtain a completely different ending than the original story. Of course the dummy head mike will be used in the game as well.

Inoue Kazuhiko acts as our guide as always, and 6 of the stories included have also been announced, one from each volume of the first series of the drama CD. In order they are: Issun Boushi, The Little Mermaid, Banchou Sarayashiki, Hansel and Gretel, Leda and the Swan, and Hosokawa Tadaoka. The original Seiyuu returns for each story. However there is no info on whether the 7th story is done by Inoue Kazuhiko, or what it will be. (for reference, he originally voiced "Tsuru no Ongaeshi"in the first Kannou Mukashi Banashi, but as Issun Boushi is already included I expect he will be voicing something different).

This line-up means that both Sakurai Takahiro and Hirakawa Daisuke (my favorite voice actors) will be in this (゚∇゚☆). Despite me being slightly disappointed with Sakurai his story last time, I am looking forward to this. And considering the damage done by Hirakawa-san in the original drama, I'm expecting a death by nosebleed.

Shuukan Soine Vol. 5 & 6
The details for the next two Shuukan Soine CDs have been up for a while now, and sample tracks have just been uploaded today, while the official blog gives us the tracklist. Black Butterfly is also offering Body Pillow Covers again, you can order them starting the 24th of June until the 31th of July.

Zyklus Code
More and more characters are being revealed on the Zyklus Code homepage, to my surprise still no familiar cast names...

Oujisama (warai) 
Starting this week there will be new sample tracks uploaded to the AnimateTV site on every Tuesday for 4 weeks. The schedule is as follows:
2011.06.7   Track 1
2011.06.14 Track 3
2011.06.21 Track 5
2011.06.28 A day in the life of / cast talk

Furthermore cast interviews are being uploaded to the special page on the official site one by one.

Full Score 2nd
Full Score is getting a second season called "Full Score 2nd". It looks like all characters from the previous entries will return, together with one new character: Oe Tadashi.
This second season will have 3 volumes, and according to the main page they will add Enka to the three types of music that they have now (Rock, Classic, Jazz). The first vol. will be released on 2011.09.22, the second one on 2011.11.23 and the third one somewhere after December (probably January?)

Hohoho, I decide to check back on the site after a while and now this! An entire new season! I'm looking forward on them adding Enka into the mix. Apart from the official second season it also seems like there is some sort of radio show on the way. Taniyama Kisho will host the radioshow ShimoRaji as the personality Shimote Youhei, and you can send mails that he will read in the show.

Perabu ~a capella love?!~
I already found this over a month ago but failed to make a post about it. However as the first vol is due to release on the 22nd I thought it is worth mentioning.

Perabu is the story of 5boys who are more or less forced to form an a capella club by their quirky teacher, Sakakibara Yukinosuke (CV: Ono Daisuke). Furthermore they are supposed to preform in front of the entire school in one month!

Visit the Official Site for a promo video!

Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi
Frontier Works and Little Cheese are releasing drama CDs for "Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi (黒と金の開かない鍵)", an 18+ visual novel by Little Cheese. Judging from the description it seems like the drama CD is a recording of the routes of two of the characters fore the game. Two options are available; with the female voice turned on, or off.
The full scenario is also included as a booklet, so if you choose to listen the version with the female voice turned off you can read along.  This description makes me wonder whether this is actually a recording of the full route for a character... including the 18+ scenes???  (+_+。) ?

The first drama contains the routes for the characters Sonomura Ikuto (CV: Toori Sugari = Hino Satsoshi) and Sudou Yukio (CV: Sakiware Spoon = Toriumi Kousuke) and is set to be released on 2011.07.29. The second one contains the routes for Hasui Tomomi (CV: Takahiro Mizushima) and Konno Chihiro (CV: Hirai Tatsuya = Hirakawa Daisuke) and will be released on 2011.08.12.

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