Oshigoto Danshi Vol.6 - Gofukuya

While I was being distracted by other works I realised that I was only one review away from reviewing this entire series, so here is the last review for Oshigoto Danshi!!
お仕事男子 Vol.6 職業 呉服屋

Company: Broccoli
Based on: Original
Released: 2010.01.27
Official Site: http://www.broccoli.co.jp/cd/sp/oshigoto/

Oshigoto Danshi is a series that centers on the development of the relationship between yourself (the listener) and a guy with a specific profession. The character for this last installment is Kaga Kazuomi, who owns a Kimono store.

When you first come to the store you are actually only there to pick up some things, however Kaga-san is nearly obsessed with getting you to wear a Kimono to your companies new year party that evening. Usually quiet and reserved, Kaga-san is unusually straight forward with you.

You meet again that evening during the party, where Kaga-san is present as well. Also present is our little idol from vol.5, Tachibana Yuu. Despite everyone saying that Kaga-san is usually quiet and reserved, he shows that he has an S-side to him as well. Poor Yuu is no match for Kaga-san his remarks (≧▽≦)

During the party you spill juice on the Kimono you borrowed, and despite bringing it to the cleaning it won't come off. Kaga-san doesn't seem to troubled by it, and just asks whether you want to go out for dinner as repayment. Somewhere during the evening you get separated and Kaga-san collapses from straining too much to find you.

As you can guess we've got a bit of case of Soap Opera Disease here, no only really knows what is wrong with Kaga-san, though he himself insists that he just isn't as fit as other people are. That aside, his concern for you is really touching. 

Ono Daisuke his voice was made to be the perfect boyfriend, so that is what you'll get (health issues aside). Despite everyone saying that Kaga-san is always so quiet and reserved I think he shows a great personality, and isn't afraid of teasing either. Despite the small case of soap opera disease, this is my third fav entry in the series (after vol 4 and 2)


  1. Where can I donwload the whole series?
    (I tried to find it but to no avail)
    Especially with Ono Daisuke as the seiyuu, I NEED to have it. ∑d(゚∀゚d)

  2. I'm sorry, I'm not here to provide downloads. But the internet and especially google is your friend in this case.