Yandere Heaven ~Makoto Gakuen Affiliated Hostpital Chapter~

I already did a review of the first CD here, this is the second CD and in my opinion it is even better than the first. The sheer fact that Hirakawa Daisuke is one of the voice actors made this an absolut must for me, and he didn't let me down! Again, if you don't know what yandere is you might want to stay away from it, especially because this one is even extremer than the first.

This times round you are a nurse that has just started working in Makoto Hospital. The CD once again has two characters: Takaaiki, the  doctor who is in charge of training you, and Sakae, a patient (who isn't really sick but just there for some reason btw). Takaaki tries to keep you away from Sakae from the start, and that is where the trouble starts.

Like I said, this CD is even extremer than the first. For one because being in a hospital gives some interesting options, but also because of Hirakawa Daisuke's voice acting. Oh my, his voice acting (>w<) but more on that later.
The one thing that annoyed me a little with this CD was the main character's (ie: your own) actions. Even after she's been warned numerous times not to go to Sakae and he has revealed his intentions she happily goes to visit him, even lets him drive her home. In the first CD the main chara was just trying to live her life (go to school and her part time job) but this time round you make some rather illogical decisions...

All is forgiven with Hiraka Daisuke's voice acting though. I've always thought that yandere or characters with a hidden (dark) side suit him best and oh man, was I right. His normal voice is very sweet an lovable, but when he goes yandere I get chills down my spine. But then when I thought that he was already in compleet yandere mode he takes it even further. I thought I'd die from fangirling xD

The cast talk was pretty interesting too, especially because Hirakawa-san goes yandere again in the end~

So yes, if you liked the first one, or if you like yandere in general: get out there and buy this CD. NOW xD


  1. I love it when he started crying and then scream like wtf man o_o.
    <3 Hirari~

  2. I don't quite understand the ending of this; I mean, Sakae's ending just ends with him walking out of the convo between him and Takaaiki (who was pointing some needle with something lethal to Sakae, that part be understandable), who loses his shit entirely. I mean, this IS Yandere Heaven, but why does it seem like the endings are devoted to Takaaiki only?

  3. In Sakae is ending he basically has you drug Takaaki with something that makes him fall asleep. Afterwards he drugs you and kidnaps you, and you wake up in your wedding dress somewhere inside a church, where he vows that he will be by your side forever *eeep*

    The part where Takaaki is standing over Sakae with a needle is actually Takaaki his ending. Takaaki injects him something that doesn't seem to be lethal but at least disables him for a longer period.

    I know that in at least one of the files floating around the internet the file order is messed up, so please be careful with that.

  4. Do you happen to have a download link for this CD?

  5. Do you know if anyone's translated this yet? I've found translations for four of the 6 CDs, but the two I haven't found (this and Vol. 04) are the two that I really want (as I can't actually understand Japanese...).

    1. I don't know of any translations, but keep an eye on the Drama CD Translations tumblr: it is bound to show up there sooner or later.