Seiza Kareshi Series vol.3 Starry☆Sky ~Pisces~

The Starry☆Sky series introduces 12 ''boyfriends"to you, and each CD has a different character> Their personality is based on the zodiac horoscope, hence the title which translates into something like 'zodiac boyfriend'. This is the third CD and introduces Nanami Kanata, his character is based on the image of the Pisces.

Kanata's story actually begins with him confessing to you. He is so bashfull it made me laugh, and it was a brilliant ice breaker. (yes even with drama CD's you need to get used to each other xD). Despite being very bashfull, Kanata actually acts very together. As long as you don't embarras him you've got a very get together boyfriend.

He also isn't as lovey-dovey as the other two (all the characters in the series have a bit of a habit of emphathizing that you are boyfriend-girlfriend) which is a good thing in my opion, your going out feels more natural. His image bgm is also rather interesting, you'll get my point when you listen to it ( ' ~ ' )

The fact that you are childhood friends isn't really shown in the drama cd though. In one of the final tracks you talk a bit about it, but other than that the fact is left unspoken. Same goes for the fact that he has a weak body, he only mentions it once in a matter of fact manner. If you've played the game (Starry Sky in Spring) you know that you are childhood friends and that despite getting into fight a lot he actually has a weak body. It would have ben nice if it would have been shown more in the CD, but it is not like you are missing out on anything. It might actually be better that you are not constantly worrying about him.

Kanata really made me laugh at some points, and the first to actually make me talk back. Although my reactions were quite different from the actual reactions in the CD (>v<) It is a light hearted but sweet CD, and one of my favorites in the series.

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