Yandere Heaven ~Makoto Gakuen High School Chapter~

I'll admit,  yandere might be my guilty pleasure. Which is when I found this cd I had to give it a try. If you don't know what yandere is, you might want to stay away from it though. (Short explanation; 'yandere' is a type of character who's love grows rather obsessive and often violent. or murdrous).

There are two characters in this CD: Kakeru, your little stepbrother and Atsushi, a senpai from school. The story starts with Kakeru waking you up because you are late and as both of you exit the house you run into Atsushi-senpai who is waiting to pick you up. The two of them immediately start to fight over you, but at this point everything is still relatively normal. As the story progresses though, the two of them grow more and more obsessive untill in the final two tracks the story splits into a Kakeru and Atsushi side.

Yandere is something you should keep away from if you don't like it, and possibly also if you don't know what it is. The CD sort of crosses the line at places. If you do like yandere characters this is the CD for you. It takes the concept and runs with it. Both characters sound completely normal in the beginning, but when the yandere bgm kicks in and their voice chances things start to get reeeeaaaly interesting.

In short; must buy if you like yandere!


  1. oooh sounds like my cup of tea~

  2. brother-in-law??? is he married to the listener's sister?
    i think you mean step brother... (siblings who aren't related by blood but are considered family through remarried parents)

    1. Ahahahaha. To think that this review has been here this long and no one ever pointed this out xD

      Thank you, it has been fixed (^-^)