Open for business once again

There is no time like the present to do things, so here we go!

While I initially planned to have more reviews written and ready to post for my re-opening, that didn't work out (surprise surprise). Currently there are about 7 reviews in the release que, waiting to be published automatically. I wanted to have a few more, just to be on the safe side in case I didn't manage to write anything for a week. But I didn't want to stall any longer, so I will just have to work a bit harder with writing reviews!

But be warned! To get back into writing I started with listening to CDs that really interested me. Which resulted in a Hirarin marathon  xD

So be prepared for A LOT of Hirakawa Daisuke related reviews, mwahahahaha!!!


  1. Hi! Welcome back! Aha yeah you have a lot of CD's missed out during your hiatus :) And it's great that you start with Hirarin CD's, I appreciate him more when you praise his yandere talents! lol >.< Once again, welcome back! :)

  2. Annnnnd...she's back! YAY! I love your reviews. And I am the LAST person on earth to have a problem with a Hirarin marathon. I adore him!! Can't wait!!

  3. Hello, I'm so glad you're back for more reviews. Sometimes I just enjoy reading them even if I don't plan to listen to the drama CD.

    You came back in the moment where I and the whole Drama CD fandom needed you the most !! Uhm ... Since you're back, I want to talk to you about that audio track that is so famous on Tumblr but no one knows where it's from (warning, it's an R -18 track). It's by Suzuki Tatsuhisa.


    Do you know where it's from? I'd really, really want to know the name of the CD. Thank you so much in advance ;w; /sobs/