Januari News Post Vol.2

All of the Januari news up to today.

Micchacku CD More
The Sasayaki Micchaku Series continues! But under a different name.

The continuation of the series is called Micchaku CD More. The concept this time is that the main guy in each CD wants to get closer to you, but is not sure how to do this. Of course the dummy head mic is also back, it wouldn't be a 'micchaku' (close contact) CD without it.

Four CDs have been planned for now;
- vol.1 とある国の王様の場合
(to aru kuni no ousama no baai, the case of a certain country’s king)
- vol.2 とある名家の執事の場合
(to aru meika no shitsuji no baai, the case of a certain distinguished family their butler)
- vol.3 とあるカメラマンの場合
(to are kameraman no baai, the case of a certain camera man)
- vol.4 とあるピアニストの場合
(to aru pianisuto no baai, the case of a certain pianist)

No release date or seiyuu have been announced yet, but the website mentions ”spring 2014” for the releases. If you buy all of the CDs you can get a special disk with cast comments by all of the seiyuu.

Aroma na Kareshi
This series always remains silent, and then it suddenly ninja-announces the next CD, haha.

The theme scent for the 7th CD in the series is 'rosewood', and your boyfriend this time is Yahara Sou (CV: Sakurai Takahiro). Sou is the owner of the flowershop and arrangement atelier where you work, and is so popular that it is near impossible to get a reservation for one of his classes. You are secretly dating, but keeping this a secret from all of the customers.

The CD is planned for a 2014.04.25 release.

This is going to be a new series by bisCROWN. There is a preview site online but beware, it is sort of blinding.

The concept is that the CD branches off into different routes, and you get to choose how to continue. I'm not entirely sure whether there are just two endings, or possibly multiple routes. Yoshino Hiroyuki will be the one to voice your boyfriend in this CD, which is planned for a 2014.03.28 release.

Futari no Himitsu
Look like Cineria/Bullet is putting their full power behind this for the moment. Vol.3 has been announced on their blog.

This time your boyfriend is Kitamura Genji (CV: Fukushima Jun), who had to move because of a job transfer so at the moment you are in a long distance relationship. However lately all you do is fight over the phone. One day when you call him to tell him your pent up feelings he replies that he is on his way to see you right now...

Remember that this series is R-18. The CD is planned for a 2014.03.28 release.

Tousei Kimono danshi koitsuzuri
Milky Chain is starting a new series, which focusses on kimono wearing characters. Just like their other works, this series is R-18.

Vol.1 futures Takaya Kirito (CV: Yotsuya Cider = Okitsu Kazuyuki). You are admiring the flowers at a friend's wedding when he starts a conversation with you. It turns out he was the one in change of flowers for the location, and you caught his eye because you were admiring them. His actual speciality however is sadou (tea ceremony), and he offers you his business card and invited you to visit his classroom someday. When you visit a few days later, Kirito makes a certain proposal...

The CD will be recorded with the dummy head mic, and is planned for a 2014.03.12 release.

Soine Hitsuji CD
Black Butterfly is making two more Soine Hitsuji CDs.

vol.1 月彦 (CV; Tsuda Kenjirou) and vol.2 武留 (CV; Toriumi Kousuke) will both be released on 2014.03.28, and the cover art will be done by Kazuki Yone like before.

I am horrible with guessing names, but my bet is on Tsukihiko (月彦) and Takeru (武留)

Double Score [1]
The upcoming ''Sou da, Onsen, Ikou!'' drama CD is indeed about Kamizono, Suou, Sakita, Sano, and Emori going on an onsen trip.

Mai-chan (the heroine of the games) wins an onsen trip, but decides to give it to these 5 instead, as they never got to go on a graduation trip even though they planned to. And so they end up going on an onsen trip together, but because of their differing personalities is turns into a chain of stormy events.

Oujisama (warai) series [1]
It looks like the Oujisama (warai) series will officially end this year.

To end the series, a ''last chapter'' which will be released as 3 CDs has been announced. It sounds like all of the princes will have to go to the battlefield to protect what is dearest to them.

Vol. 1will go  on sale on 2014.04.23, Vol. 2 on 2014.06.25, and Vol. 3 on 2014.08.27. Besides the main drama there will be a zadankai as always, and cast comments as well.

However, while this announcement may mean the end of the drama CD series, the makers also just announced a PC game on their twitter! Hmmmmm. Not so much the end after all?

Akogare no Otonari-san [1]
More entries to the series have been announced.

Vol. 5 will feature an architect (cv: Miki Shinichirou). Unlike in the previous entries in the series, it sounds like you are already dating at the start of the CD this time. However he has been acting somewhat strange lately, and after making a certain discovery you dash out of the mansion....

Akogare no Shokugyou
Vol. 6 in the series has been announced. This time you are a policewoman, and you have to solve a difficult case together with the elite officer Nikaido and your kouhai Aoyama. You manage to solve the case, but afterwards both of them confess to you!

Masuda Toshiki and Hayami Shou are listed as cast, so I’m guessing Masuda Toshiki will be voicing Aoyama and Hayami Shou Nikaidou.

The CD will be released through Gakken their online shop on 2014.02.26, so other stores will probably have it a month later :)

S-Shi Series
S氏シリーズ (''Mister S Series'') is a new series by d'Avrilmoon . The concept of the series is that all of the characters are Sadists who put you in rather ''dangerous'' situations. The exact phrase they use is actually where ''they lead [your way] with dangerous words''. With this and the fact that they call it an ''adult series'' it is pretty much certain that this is an R-18 series. 6 CDs are planned for now

How extreme it will be we will discover with their first release, which will be.....*points to next entry*

The title is written as 誘惑 (yuuwaku, temptation) but pronounced  いいなり (iinari, doing as you are told). The official site is here.

You always had a weak stomach, but due to stress you develop gastricis. During this time your only solace is the young doctor that was assigned to you, Sahashi (CV: Aoshima Yaiba = Narita Ken). His kind words make you forget your pain. However as your condition shows no signs of improvement, Sahashi proposes a very special treatment...

The entire CD will be recorded with the dummy head mic, and is planned for a 2014.03.20 release.

Genji Monogatari Danjo Gyakuten Koiuta
Just like the title implies. this is a version of the Genji Monogatari where the gender of all the characters will be reversed (if you would translate the title you would get something like ''Genji Monogatari Male-Female Reversed Love Song''). Here is the official site.

The listener takes the role of Hikaru Genji, all all of his love interests (well almost all of them anyway) have been gender swapped. The following characters make an appearance: Aoi (CV: Ono Kenshou), Rokujo (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), Yugao (CV; Ehuchi Takuya), Tsukiyo (CV; Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Yukari (CV; Kimura Ryouhei), To no Chujo (CV; Maeno Tomoaki). Interesting enough, this means that Fujitsubo (who is arguably one of the most famous characters in the story) is not present.

It sounds like this will be a series, with the first volume planned for release somewhere in April.

Honey Bee New Projects
Honey Bee opened a page to announce all of their new projects for 2014. While some of them were already know, others are new. Likewise, some of them already have a lot of info online there is only little known about some of the other projects.

The first one is Photograph Journey.
The official site for this is already online and we already know that drama CDs will be released for each character. The keyword for this project is ”travel” and the illustrator is Mizuguchi Too (水口 十, website, pixiv, twitter)

The keyword for their second project is “Ayakashi” (supernatural beings) Kazuaki will be the illustrator for the project. More info on this project will be released in the April B’s Log (that means the one that goes on sale in February)

The keyword for their 3rd project is “Shinigami” (Death god, however, the banner simply reads “death”). The illustrator for this project is Satoi (Diabolik Lovers, Sukima Time). More info on this project will be released in the June B’s Log (that means the one that goes on sale in April)

The fourth project is still completely secret, they don’t even provide a keyword for it. However, the illustrator is known; Fujiwara Ryou (冨士原 良, website, twitter). More info is scheduled to come in June.

And then finally there is the new Starry Sky project, obviously illustrated by Kazuaki again.

While only Photograph Journey is confirmed to have any drama CDs at the moment, most (if not all) of Honey Bee have included drama CDs at some point, so chances are high that most of these will include a few drama CDs as well.

Short News
- Rejet announced a collaboration with Karaoke no Tetsujin, a lot of the songs from Diabolik Lovers will be available at the Tetsujin their stores.
- The voice actor for YanEro 3 刃衣斬人 turned out to be Shimono Hiro. I was surprised to say the least.
- EM2 will be releasing drama CDs for the BL game Si-Nis-Kanto.

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