Aisaresugite xx Sarechau CD - Gekiama Joushi

愛されすぎて××されちゃうCD 『激甘上司』

Label: Melty Drop 
Based on: Original
Released: 2013.08.23
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Aisaresugite xx Sarechau is a CD series where you are ''loved too much by your boyfriend''. There are two versions for each release – a sweet version and a more twisted version. Both versions start the same and have similar situations, but are slightly different. Vol.2 has Hirai Tatsuya (= Hirakawa Daisuke) as your boss at work.

At the start of the CD you nearly collapse from stress after working way too hard. However, your boss notices that you have a fever and sends you home. A few days later you go drinking together to celebrate you that recovered. While you are out drinking there is a fire at your apartment building and because it is the middle of the night and you have nowhere else to go he offers you a spare room in his apartment.

You end up staying there for a while searching for a new place. When you've found one and tell him you will sign the contract soon, he asks you whether you don’t want to stay at his place instead and confesses his feelings for you. In this version you accept and you start living together.

The rest of the CD are three scenes of your life together. The first is when you return from a meeting, and he takes you into a different meeting room so that you can report the details. And so that you can be alone of course. You confront him about his relationship with a colleague, but he tells you that those are just rumours, and tells you how much he loves and trusts you instead.

The second scene is on a business trip together. Because this is your first business trip you are too conscious about everything and end up getting a fever because of the stress. Luckily you have the sweetest boyfriend in the world to take care of you.

The last scene also appears in the Kichiku version; You were working overtime in the weekend, and a kouhai was helping you. Your kouhai has already left by the time your boyfriend arrives with lunch (and feeds it to you xD). He worries that the kouhai might like you, and grows slightly jealous. He ends up taking you into a meeting room, saying that it might be his fault for not showing how much he loves you enough, and you end up doing it right there.

On the taxi ride home he falls asleep on your shoulder, which is probably the most adorable moment in the entire CD.

This CD is sweet! The story may not be very original – due to circumstances you end up living together with someone and end up falling in love, with an added bonus of the guy already falling in love long before that. The CD pays more attention to the time afterwards though, and those scenes are super sweet.
The effect of the dummy head mic is most obvious when he is whispering something close to you, and I literally mean whispering. My biggest problem with the H scenes are the squelchy sounds. I don’t know whether it is false modesty or that they tend to distract me, they make me uneasy. Besides that the H is somewhat subdued, despite being fairly desciptive. And they eventually do fade out.

Having listened to the Kichiku version first I never expected this CD to be this sweet. It feels like a completely different series. If you plan on listening to both it is probably best to listen to this one first, otherwise certain sentences might trigger flashbacks to the other version. Although I suppose there is something to be said for listening to this to heal any wounds the Kichiku version will might inflict.

If you’re not sure about listening to this one: give it a try, it is more sweet than anything else. You could always skip the H part if that really isn't your thing.

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