Aisaresugite xx Sarechau CD - Kichiku Joushi

愛されすぎて××されちゃうCD 『鬼畜上司 

Label: Melty Drop 
Based on: Original
Released: 2013.08.23
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Aisaresugite xx Sarechau is a CD series where you are ''loved too much by your'' boyfriend. There are two versions for each release – a sweet version and a more twisted version. Both versions start the same and have similar situations, but are slightly different. Vol.2 has Hirai Tatsuya (Hirakawa Daisuke) as your boss at work.

This version is titled Kichiku Joushi, which would mean something like Brutal Boss, as a Kichiku is someone who treats others in a cruel manner. So don’t expect another cute CD like the Gekiama version ;)

The start of the story is almost the same as the Gekiama version – one day you have to return to work in the evening because you forgot your phone, and meet your boss who is still working. You end up going out to drink together. While you are out drinking there is a fire your apartment building and because it is the middle of the night and you have nowhere else to go your boss offers you a spare room in his apartment.

You end up staying there for a while searching for your own place. When you've found one and tell him you will sign the contract soon he asks you whether you don’t want to stay at his place in stead and confesses his feeling for you (the way his voice almost breaks when he does is too precious).

In the this version you accept his feelings but tell him that you still want to live separately because you are worried about rumours at work, which triggers a jealousy switch in your now boyfriend. Unfortunately for you and fortunately for him, it seems there was a double booking and you are unable to get the new apartment, and end up staying at his place after all.

His jealousy behaviour continues; after finishing a deal with a customer he seems in a bad mood because  the customer was an old classmate of yours, and he is convinced that you were flirting with the guy. And thus you end up going straight to a hotel room where you have to be taught exactly who’s woman you are... and not in a gentle manner either

He orders you to strip, and makes it very clear that you shouldn’t try to disobey. He continues with what he is doing even though you are obviously afraid and crying.  Also introduction of the squelchy  sounds (>_<) ... He also appears to be carrying handcuffs with him. Well prepared indeed.

This time in the kouhai scene you didn’t mention that your kouhai had been helping you with overwork untill a few moments ago, and he discovers this (in fact, he ordered the guy to help you to test your loyalty). Obviously  „punishment“ ensues; he drags you into a meeting room and forces you to masturbate for him.

Not unexpectedly, you are upset about how you were treated, and tell him you want to leave his apartment the next day. But telling a yandere you want to leave is probably the worst thing you can do. I won’t be going into details but the next few scenes involve a photo album of when you were asleep or passed out after you slept together, a blindfold made out of the necktie you once gave him as a present, more squelchy sounds, and numerous implications that you will never be leaving this room again...

The first and second part of this CD are so different they could have been two different CDs. Which makes sense since this is basically the same story as the Gekiama version, except that things went very very wrong this time. He won’t go full yandere on you immediately (the first punishment scene has far less yandere vibes than the final scene for example) but the change in attitude is still pretty huge.

When mentioning that you want to move out we see the first glimpses of jealousy, and that this has the potential to escalate. Which it obviously does. While I do see the Kichiku (brutal) part at first (he is being incredibly rough and sadistic ) it switches into Yandere a little later. So much as looking at another guy or not mentioning someone was with you is considered betrayal, and is followed by sexual punishment, while he grows incredibly jealous and wants you “all to himself”. That room you were unable to get? That wasn't a coincidence.

Hirakawa-san has proved his skill in voicing yandere characters before, and lives up to that here. Honestly, that man can breathe in a way that is terrifying. It also reminded me that while he can sound adorable if he wants (the title call is the most adorable things ever), I really do love it when he uses his deeper voice. Even if the character happens to be a sadistic yandere.

Those who know me probably know that I love Yanderes and that I love Hirakawa-san, so obviously I am partial towards this CD. However it also reminded me that R18 is not really my thing. Especially if any H scenes are accompanied by gracious amounts of squelchy noises. I know the title says Kichiku, but if you ask me this is 95% Yandere.

While the Gekiama version really is a sweet CD that I can recommend to almost anyone (if you can stand R18, that is), this version should probably best be avoided if you don’t know what you are dealing with. It is definitely a bad CD to start with if you’re not familiar with either R18 or Yandere CDs, but if you like both; go for it!  So umm, yeah, listen at your own discretion ;)

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