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This week somehow passed without a single review.... Meanwhile Gakken just keeps releasing things!!! How the... too many releases guys!! But lets begin with the news that I discovered last week but that got left out of the news post due to post length restrictions:

Oujisama Ouritsu Gakuen
The series is getting a second season, titled Re:Fairy Tale, which takes place 25 years after the original one. We get a new set of princes based on the same fairytales, although it looks like they are keeping the same seiyuu for the same fairytale. They are starting with the 2nd year students again, although the roles have been switched around a bit.

Ibaraki Sou (CV: Terashima Takuma), who is based on Sleeping Beauty, Kanzaki Haru (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) who is based on The Princess and the Frog, and Shirase Yukiya (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) who is based on Snow White are the first ones to get a CD, with Ibaraki his CD being released on 2013.06.15. All three seiyuu are listed as cast for the first CD, so this probably means the CDs will follow the same pattern as the first series, with scenes with all three of them and scenes with just you and your prince charming.

As you can see they have taken one prince from each year in the first series and put those together. You might also have noticed that their last names are still similar to the the princes from the first series, which makes me wonder whether these are the 'children' of you x your prince charming of choice from the first series (if they are this gives me all kinds of complicated feelings).

Akogare Series
More CDs in the 'Akogare no Tenya-san CD'series have been announced: in the second this time you fall for someone working at a glasses shop. You meet a sweet glasses guy who is almost like a butler. At least that is what you thought, it turns out that his personality changes whenever he puts on a different pair of glasses! The CD will be voiced by Maeno Tomoaki, and is planned for a 2013.05.30 release.
In the third CD you have a childhood friend (CV: Shimono Hiro) with a aroma fetisch fixation. You usually think of him as somewhat weak spirited, but when it comes to aroma's he completely livens up. And so you end up making aroma candles together.

I didn't pay much attention to it when the first CD was announced, but the illustrator for this series is Kawato Yasutake (Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru, Storm Lover), which means that I now officially hope that this series will have many many more releases so that I can see more and more of his art. The release is planned for 2013.

There is another release in their 'Akogare no Shokugyou' series as well; this time you get the chance to be a lawyer. Just like before you get to work with a senpai (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)
 and a veteran in the field (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko).

And to make things even better they have started another Akogare series spin-off: Akogare no Date CD. Which basically means more dates for us, fufufu. full title is "憧れのデートCDシリーズ】vol.1 ツンデレ俺様と魅惑の海外旅行プランニング (akogare no date series vol.1 tsundere ore-sama to miwaku no kaigai ryokou planning, Vol.1 Planning an enchanting overseas trip together with a tsundere ore-sama). Which is a mouthful but it does describe exactly what the CD is about. The only confusing thing is that the product description says that your boyfriend is a tsundere koakuma (develish) type.... which makes me wonder which one it is because mixing all three together is almost im,possible if you ask me. Either way, your boyfriend will be voiced by Kishio Daisuke.

Sweets Danshi
The second CD for this series features another guy who loves sweets, this time voiced by Toriumi Kousuke. The official description doesn't give much more info, except for the fact that your boyfriend apparently thought of a date course full of sweet things to eat... The CD is planned for a 2013.06.26 release.

Futari de Issho ni
And another diet CD has been announced, this time the method is running. Nakai Kazuya will voice the CD and talk you through your excersises. (I seriously wish they'd give a bit more info). The release will be on 2013.06.26

Danshi Koukousei Time Travelers
The contents for the next CD in this series have been announced as well. Or at least the time era. This time we are traveling to the bakumatsu era, which obviously means we get to see the shinsengumi in action! Hirakawa Daisuke and Nakai kazuya join the cast for this CD. The release is planned for 2013.05.30

Kutsuya Glicine
Introducing: a dummy head CD about shoes. No just kidding. In Shoe Shop Glicine you just had your heartbroken 3 months ago, and to make things worse it suddenly starts raining when you are on your way home. While you hurry back your eye suddenly falls on that particular shoe shop you have always been curious about. According to the rumours flying around, it is being managed by a young man who recently came back from Italy. Hoping to raise your spirits a bit, you decide to enter the shop.

The shop manager is Fujisaki Akira (CV: Meano Tomoaki) who has indeed just returned from Italy. He is normally calm and sweet, but also has a passionate side. Always serious when it comes to love, he is determined to succeed once he falls for someone and will keep making advances until he does.

The official description says that it is an "slightly eroi?" CD. The term 深読み (fukayomi, which means "reading too much into [a situation]"). So maybe Akira will use some wording that could mean multiple things (ie: could be interpreted as eroi)? We'll have to wait for a sample to see what the CD will be like. At any rate it will make use of the dummy head mic and will be released on 2013.06.07.

Jiyuu Kenkyuu
Cineria announced a new Jiyuu Kenkyuu CD in their mail magazine. 先生(おれ)とおまえと自由研究……、忘れられない夏の恋愛日記  (ore to omae to jiyuu kenyuu.... wasurarenai natsu no renai nikki, You and I and the research project.... an unforgettable summer love diary). The first word is written as 'sensei' (teacher) and read as 'ore' (I) which probably means this will feature a love story between a teacher and student (the listener). Nakai Kazuya is listed as cast, and the CD is planned for a 2012.07.26 release.

Considering that the first Jiyuu Kenyuu CD had me crying rivers within 10 seconds, I expect this one to break my heart into a thousand little pieces all over again.

Inma Series
Frontierworks is releasing another interesting CD series.... 淫魔 (inma, incubus) is a series in which 2 incubi will visit you in your dreams. They look the same, sounds the same, but the words that they seduce you with are completely different.

In other words, the two characters look and sound the same(and will be voiced by the same seiyuu), but have a different personality. The first CD has a do-S and a sweet incubus. The do-S incubus hates women and looks down upon them. He loves to suck energy while looking at women as they drown in pleasure and have lost all reason. While the other incubus might be sweet, but he has no understanding of what "embarrassment" is and will say the most extreme things without realising what he is doing.

The official site announces the series as "extremer then anything [released] before" and says that it "describes the night you spend with the incubi until the end, without leaving anything out". The quotes from the characters description certainly back this up, and (not?) surprisingly the most extreme quote comes from the sweet type: "You look impatient.... as I thought, one finger isn't enough is it?".

Do me and my conscience a favour, and please please please stay away from this series if you have no idea what the above quote implies. 

I don't know what to think any more. Every next sentence on the official site makes me feel embarrassed just for reading it. This sounds more like a doujin work than something that is being released by a major label. Anyway, the first CD will be released on 2013.07.26. A second CD has also been announced, and it will feature a Maniac and a Naive/ Inexperienced incubus.

Sengoku Soine
More Soine CDs! And this time we get famous generals from the Sengoku Era to talk us to sleep. The first CD has Date Masamune (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki). As a lover of imported goods and good food, Masamune entertains you by giving a dinner with delicious wine and food. You drink too much and end up in a "bed" that is part of his collection. (Historically speaking Date Masamune encouraged trade, so it is not unthinkable he has a collection of imported goods. Thank you wikipedia).

Vol.1 is planned for release somewhere in June. Vol.2 and 3 have also been announced, they will feature Sanada Yukimura and Ishida Mitsunari respectively. The seiyuu for these two have not been announced yet though. A teaser site is online, but it hasn't fully opened yet.

Arcana Famiglia
I managed to miss one of the releases for this series in the last news post: Ash (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) is getting his own Guido Regalo CD. Just like before the CD will be like a guide tour of the Regalo Isle, and Felicita will be voiced by Noto Mamiko.

Corpse Party
Taking a step back from all of the otome CDs to report about Corpse Party Dead Patient getting a drama CD. The descriptions says that it will have a comedy scenario (as opposed to the game), but up to now I've been to scared of the series to actually give any of the CDs a try (even though I know the entire story). The CD is planned for a 2013.06.26 release.

Short News
- The voice sample for Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD Season 2 Vol.1 is crack as always. Yoshino uses an annoying voice as always as well. (Someone give me back my butler Yoshinoooooo)

- It has already been up for a while but there is a song sample up for Seventh Heaven Vol.1. It made me instantly interested in the series. Use head/earphones.

- Fujiwara Keiji will be in Cineria their Ojisan Paradise CD.


  1. OMG OMG... Too many awesome CD's are coming up! Thank you for sharing the information with us!

    I'm anticipating Glicine and Akogare with Maeno! The concept with different glasses -> different personalities is pretty interesting too. AND I LOVE MEGANE... SO YEAH. xDD

    Not sure, what to think of the Inma series. It might be too much of ero? xD But it sounds really promising to make us listeners die of embarrassment. LOLOLOL

  2. more embarrassing moments for us.. >___>
    I can't wait for April 24~

    oh, and can I get the link to Inma Series official site? OwO
    I'm really interested in that one.. LOL

    1. Inma series website: http://www.fwinc.co.jp/inma/
      I am somehow expecting to be disappointed when the seiyuu for this new series is announced, however, it won't stop me listening to this because I can't help it ;Orz

      And I will SO buy Ojisan Paradise when it's out...

  3. Seventh Heaven is interesting right? When I got addicted to drama CDs I was wishing for something exactly like Seventh Heaven... Thank you Rejet. :P

  4. OMG I wanna know more about Inma CDs *¬*

  5. thanks again for posting all these new release dram cd!!!!~~~Ohwahhhh it just makes our ears yearn more!!>///<

  6. EHH WHEN WAS YOSHINO A BUTLER??!!! lol sorry needed to get that out of my system, his Shukan Soine series was my favourite >.< Thanks so much for all the updates!

    1. In MomoGre their version of a Little Princess, he voices the butler Ramdas. I had to three-double check this before I actually believed it.